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Knife edge replacment.

Hey guys, I recently brought a Jem and the knife edges are worn so I took it to my local music store to get the bridge fixed until now I didnt realise it was the knife edges but now im 99% shore it is, and I recently rang them up to find out that, no they didnt replace the knife edges and there for the trem wasnt fixed, in finding this out I asked them how much it would cost to replace the knife edges in my standard 2004 edge pro trem, and they said over $600 AUS so about $340 US, they said that you CANT replace knife edges but instead the hole trem has to be replaced is this true? Living in Australia its a pain and living in a small local town makes it worse anyone no any Australian techs I could contact to get my knife edges fixed? Maybe Eddie from ET?

Thanks guys!

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