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Originally Posted by Lordiesel View Post
When you need a specific part you'll be thankful for guys like bandamonium. If it wasn't for him and proaim I wouldn't have any parts to put together my guitars.

There's a huge difference. Proaim is a very cool, very helpful guy. He has helped me out on the phone on wiring issues and gone and dug up info for me even when I wasn't even buying parts from him. Bandamonium is a total jerk with an attitude that rips your head off on every part and overcharges by X3 on shipping. If you ask him questions you get nothing but attitude.

I don't care if he's dismantling worn Japanaese RG 550/560/570's. That's providing a needed service. When he's dismantling a super rare Silver Sparkle RG517, that pisses me off.
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