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Re: Suhr Pro Series S4 review

Originally Posted by Jacob K View Post
Hi Michael,

I guess you got married since you mentioned the honeymoon period - congratulations with that! And congratulations with the guitar too.
It's late where I am and I'm heading to bed, so I didn't read the whole review throughoutly, but I listened to the recordings which you made. Very crisp tone you got there, and decent playing too! I agree with the others that it's a little cold, but it is definetly singing like it should be. I never heard a Suhr before, but I have a friend who wants one really badly - I can understand why

Thanks for the review, keep enjoying your new mojo and misses,

Lol, i meant the honeymoon period with the guitar!!! One marriage was enough for me, i was lucky to get out alive...
But back OT, thanks for checking out the clips and commenting. Not sure if you meant my playing was a little cold or the sound was lol, but as i said in the review, the FL pickups are definitely not the warmest SC pickups i've ever played.
Thanks again
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