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My RG570

I have a 1999 RG570 that is actually a parts guitar that I have grown to love. It has a crack at the nut and is pretty beat, but I have owned about 10 other Ibanez guitars since I got it and I've slowly come to the conclusion that it is 'my' guitar. It is pretty 'Plain Jane' and if I tried to sell it, I probably wouldn't get anything out of it. But, it has some sort of Mojo.
So, anyway, I got a 2004 RG2570 in a trade deal thinking 'it's a Prestige and it'll definitely be my main guitar', but the neck is actually thicker than the one on my old 570 and I don't like the Edge Pro nearly as well as the regular Edge. I do have to say that the Dimarzio/IBZ pickups are smokin' though.
Does anyone else here prefer the older Ibanezs? Or do you have an old beater guitar that you always end up going back to? Are the newer Wizard necks thicker, or is this just an odd situation?
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