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So I wanna buy a new guitar , help me out here.

Hi guys,

I think about selling my Jem 7DBK for another guitar close to the 1500 $ line. I was thinking about an Ibanez S5470

But I dont know where to look for other ones. The Prestige Rg's are a bit too expensive and I dont know if these guitars are equal or better then my jem. ( Can any of you guys help me on this subject ? )

If anyone here got another guitar that's in that price range pls post it.

I want a :

-24 fret
- Good Good tremelo system. ( I dont want any strings to break easily, good adjustment, stays in tune )

I also wanted to know if any of you have expierience with the guitar mentioned above ? How is this new tremolo system ( I never played it , only the old system on my Jem and JCRG 5-VV )

Thx for the input !
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