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ET has done a few tree-of-life inlays according to their website. (tree-of-life = same as the one on the 7vwh). But it's just more cost to what you're getting, and only adds to the look of the guitar, won't change the way it plays.

The Dimarzio's are passive. I don't think Dimarzio have ever had an active pickup, but I could be wrong.

If you want active-like pickups that are passive get Dimarzio Evo's. High output, and no stupid battery to worry about. But try the ones it comes with before thinking about changing out your pups. No use spending money that you don't have to spend.

I saw one of these at Allans music in Alexandria. Don't know if they still have one in stock. Looked good, even with the standard pickguard. That said, I'd probably change the pickguard to a standard black one, or black mirror.

Just make sure you play one before you buy it, and preferably play one that's actually been setup first (not many stores in Aus set them up before putting them out for display).
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