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Talking Cheap guitar review...

Guys I hope my review help somebody who's looking for a cheap guitar.
I needed a cheapier guitar to play with hair metal cover bands,I didn't want to walk around with my esp m2 or my prestige.So I bought it and believe me it's awesome!
I wouldn't believe if someone told me it's a really good guitar cause you know it's a chinese baby.Look at brazilian numbers:

Rg prestige and esp m2 = about 2200 dollars.
LTD = 600 dollars

It's pups believe it or not are a little better than the ones wich came with my prestige !!!
It's finishing is good,nothing bad to say about it.Always in tune and believe me(again) its neck is very very good ,I like very low action and it works without buzzes.If you need/want a cheapier guitar to play around and if you like its finishing GO FOR IT without a doubt.I have it for about 3.5 years and not even 1 problem till now.The only difference from that picture is it's darker,more like dark blue.
It's the bottom one.I prefer 2 humbuckers config but I can't stand that brown turd color fingerboard and its maple fingerboard is the way I like ,not yellow maple but like skin color,maybe salmon?
Anyway for its price it's an awesome guitar!


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