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Originally Posted by Poiyda View Post
I was under the impression for a long time that the entire S Series were MIK, but I recently got an S1520 off a mate and that's MIJ from 2003. Rich's NAMM report says that there will be no more MIK guitars so I guess they are either being moved to Indo or China.

The SZ Prestige were also MIK from memory, and rather nice guitars aswell.
All prestige models are now being made in japan.

Anything that was MIK, but isn't prestige, or that was MII, is now being produced in indonesia, since Cort have apparently closed shop as a ghostbuilder, if not as a company in general.

I was led to believe as long as 6 months ago in fact, that Cort have gone out of business, by a local guitar store salesman. Rich has since echoed this so I can only assume this has been in the works for some time.
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