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Basically I think he's saying you want your system to be out of phase so that it causes destructive interference so that your bridge isn't vibrating in sync with the strings and if it were perfectly out of phase then your trem system would act basically like a through body hard tail bridge. He's saying that if the entire system were in phase then the vibrating motion of the strings will make the bridge move like it (in miniscule amounts) making it act as a dampner due to the springs... however if I'm correct in my thinking, it'll just store the "loss energy" inside the springs which will then continue moving the bridge back and forth prolonging the sustain... in which case the only difference of the system being in/out of tune is the energy due to the inefficency in the springs which causes energy loss through heat and energy transfer with the guitar body... which is neglible. Basically he's absolutely right in saying that more mass =/= more sustain... but it's impossible to calibrate your guitar to be completely out of phase due to the change in string tension when you play higher frets... what more mass will do however is keep more of the energy inside the string/bridge system rather than transfering more of it into the spring/body... honestly I think all of this is neglible but whatever floats your boat ;D
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