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Re: Technical Genius Required !

Hi mrrawrl

Thank you very much for tackling that and taking the time to explain it to me !!

I understand your explanation much better. So I guess he is right then but only in a theoretical / unnoticeable way ?

After your explanation am I right in thinking that the brass blocks do actually work (although not optimally) ?

If following your explanation further I wonder if having 5 springs (more mass) but slacker would help sustain better than 3 springs set tighter ?

Another thought would be to somehow try to stop the springs transferring energy to the body. With Hi Fi speakers some have feet on them where they are titanium cones going to a very fine point. This is to stop vibration transferring to the floor or shelves the speakers are stood on.

I wonder if this principle could be used to attach the springs to the guitar body. I appreciate that the claw only has 2 reasonably small screws holding it in place but if these are transferring energy to the body we are loosing sustain.

I wonder if the claw was mounted flat to the body onto maybe a steel plate this might help ? Instead of pulling inline it would be at right-angles to it. Probably a better idea anyway.

Oh and to answer your question, my boat is soooo floated it is out of the water !
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