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Re: Technical Genius Required !

Hi buddroyce

As you use these blocks I wonder if you could confirm or deny a few things please ?

The following is assuming no ESP AA is installed.

Would someone fitting one of these blocks to a Jem with an Edge trem lose any trem travel ? Up or down and if so how much ? If you are not certain about this please could you provide the dimensions and I will try to measure it.

Do you notice the guitar going out of tune when leaning forward, backwards or moving the guitar off centre at all ?

When you say “Thickens” the tone could this also be described as darkening it ?

Have you or anyone else ever made a demo of this block working ? Perhaps a guitar fitted with a standard trem block, pluck the string then time it and then the same guitar, amp etc but with just the block changed (No ESPAA) and then perform the same test ? I really think this will help your sales more than anything else. If people can hear the difference and take note of just how much more sustain this block delivers then we won’t be seeing these sorts of threads on forums !!

As for the ESP Arming Adjuster I can instantly see the benefits of this. I would be very interested in one of these but there is no UK dealer.

Also do you sell those “Noiseless Tension Springs” with the polymer coating ?

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