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Which Ibanez to get??

I was hoping to get some advise from other Ibanez guitar owners here...I have an S470 that I will probably be selling and I want to get another Ibanez guitar. The only real thing I want in my new guitar is a 2 humbucker (HH) set up. Right now I have my eye on the RGT42DXFM. I liked the bridge and Trem of the S470 so thats why I'm leaning to this new model. But I see plenty of other Ibanez guitars that have a (HH) set up, and are cheaper. Mostly they have a fixed / locked bridge (non trem). The trem is not a real need I I could be persueded to change. I just want the most guitar for less that $800.00. I will most likely swap out the stock pups eventually.

Although I did see a Ibanez model that cam with EMG's in my price range with a fixed Bridge.

Any advice is really appreciated.


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