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Re: ibanez fgm100 for sale?

Originally Posted by IbanezDaemon View Post
That's a beautiful guitar mate. So are you looking a valuation in Dollars? Pounds? Euros? Best to let people know where you are located as prices to vary depending on location. Thanks!! I'd buy that guitar no probs.

oh yer sorry, im from wales in the possibley swap the guitar depending if someone is close enough to try eachothers guitar.Yer but like i said, i cant find any thats been sold used, infact after googling there isnt much on these guitars on the internet which is a shame as its fantastic, but at the age of 32 i think i need to tame the look down hehe.
Also id rather not put the guitar on the DEVIL-bay unless i have a buyer for it who wishes to do any transaction safely...But anyway if anyone has owned one of these please advise on an estimated price.
Anyhow if anyone is interested then the guitar is 1993 i think, the heel of the neck is stamped fgm100, condition is very good, a few light scrapes but no paint broken.Action is super low without buzzing or choking,basically the guitar plays itself.Everything is original with no tinkering to the electrics.Hardware has been changed but i still have the original stuff.Also comes with hard case.Zero fretware as its had a fretdress and set up spot on.Think thats it.
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