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Re: Take a look at the Artwork for my Album....

Well I guess if you heard the music, you would understand the cover.
Its psy trance, 80's pop, 80's metal, hip hop, house, dance and the use of 5.1 surround sound movie/tv samples all mixed into one genre... It's not a typical album.. Its experiemental,

Obviously you dont enjoy the cool side of the pillow. Cause I do, I love it when I flip the pillow over and its nice and cool.. oh and a bit of humour flows through the album... Cause music should never be taken seriously.... ever !!

Your more then welcome to have your opinions, and thanks for sharing.

Note to Jemsite members, PM me with your postal address and I will send you a free copy, I run a business online and its not a big deal for me to ship copies out for free (I can afford it )

I never made the album to sell, or become famous, its just an exercise in creativity, and communicate it to others.

Even you 6fingers, just send me your details and I will send you a copy...

Cheers !!
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