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Floyd Rose arm lock

Hey Guys,
Got a question I thought I would post to get some of your thoughts. I am a guitarist/hack machinist that has an idea for a Floyd Rose arm locking device that has been kicking around in my head for a while now. It would be a piece in the that would lock the arm in place (down position), and allow the tremolo to be just like a hardtail bridge. In the other positions, it would just act a standard Floyd, with no loss of feel.You could do flutter effects and stuff like that. The only thing is the tremolo arm would only have 90 degrees of rotation, not the 360 degrees possible now. If you had something that limited rotation but fixed all the tuning problems, is that something you could live with, or do people just not care that the rotation would be limited? By the way, this is not a remake of the Autolatch, which was a disaster. Any input would be appreciated.

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