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Jack Secret's guitar porn - week 1

I've decided to start little threads of love to my collection (which hopefully will prevent me looking for new sources of affection of the stringed variety) and I've decided to begin with one of my faves, the Ibanez PGM90th!


There's DOTS on that there fretboard!!!

Yes, sadly, the mystery of the PGM90th with dot inlays (and with the Hoshino inlay at fret 24 and offset dots at fret 12) remains hidden. Rich put it best on the sales description so with the magic of copy/paste...

"This 90th comes with the story that it was one of Paul's clinic rig in 1998. He had 2 90th's, one modified with offset dots, and this one modified with centered dots. I have no reason not to believe this as this was the same owner I bought my LACS built PGM550, also bought through Paul. Paul has replied to inquires that it wasn't his, just for full disclosure. Again the source had bought several guitars directly from Paul so I still have no reason not to believe it, and there are several pictures around of Paul with the offset dot inlayed 90th."

Everything else is stock on this girl (The Tone Zones are SOOOOO sweet sounding) and she's plays like a dream (had the Ibanez Rules beyond awesome setup done) and looks it as well.

Was this one of PG's? Not sure I'll ever know. It wasn't the reason I bought this one. I was looking for a 90th and this one was what Rich had available at the time so I bit the bullet and it paid off well. Besides, ebony fretboard FTW!

Stay tuned next week for MORE Jack Secret guitar porn. 29 weeks to go!
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