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Re: how do you get a better tone?

Some general tips for keeping a useable tone:

1)Don't swamp out your guitar sound with effects. Cranking the delay, reverb, chorus and flanger all at once might sound cool for a few minutes but for a useable sound all you really need is distortion. Even players that seem like they use a lot of effects usually don't. I only use delay for leads and reverb for cleans.

2)In general if you don't know what do with your EQ keeping it somewhat flat near the 12'o clock range will always do. You don't need as extreme settings as you may think. Generally all my settings are in within 3-7 range, and I could probably go a little flatter than that.

3)Use less gain. Depending on your amp/tone you want this suggestion may be null and void, but you probably need less than your maxed out setting. A great example is Slayer, they're some heavy stuff but they use a surprisingly little amount of gain, at least I think. To set it, what you can do is put the knob to 0, and very slowly turn it up until you get a rock crunch, then a little more until that it's saturated to get the point that you want, then maybe lower it just a tad. I personally only do this to get less excess noise from the amp, but whatever gets you what you want. Unless you have a low gain amp or your just playing around there's really no point in cranking the gain, even it's for drop-heavy metalcore riffage.

So overall, less is more! Less pedals, less effects, less gain, less garbage.

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