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My first Ibanez

So, few weeks ago I posted here my dilemma between RG1570 and Charvel So Cal/San Dimas. I have decided to go with Ibanez.
First of all, I would like to say that you guys are really lucky to have a guy like Rich and his shop. Fantastic service and communication.

It took 2 weeks (give or take a day), for shipment from US to Germany. I suspect it was here earlier but fine customs people can not be bothered eh?

I played it only for 4-5 hours so far and oh boy . . . Having played all my life Fender Stratocaster (still love them), first thing that I noticed was the neck of course. I am more accustomed to baseball bat necks and this was all sharp/less rounded, somehow edgy, but smooooooth . . . I would never though that transition could be so easy. No discomfort at all. I had more of a issue even when I was switching between some strat. I read some sites where people were complaining on fatigue due to the neck. Not the case here. You can shred and shred and shred . . . It just wants to be played.

Now quality . . . I had an US standard Strat and Mark Knopfler Strat and I would put it on par with MK Strat (Standard is IMO also good but not as RG or MK Strat). That is the only benchmark I can compare this and I never had floating bridge guitar before. Played some but never had any so I can not compare. Having said that, it is important how it feels to me for playing and from that side I am super happy with the purchase. Edge Pro stays in tune, and was in tume when guitar was delivered. I am not planning to abuse it but I have no doubt it will serve me well. I know you guys are bashing sometimes Ibanez for black color but I picked that one, because previous guitars were Red and White and all these candy colors. So first "serious" color purchase here :-).

Also having in mind the price I must say that this is for me best price/quality guitar in its price range.

Now the pickups . . . they sound good. I know lot of players swap them but they still sound very good. It is nice to know you can have Fenderish cleans, well almost, and heavier growl when you need it or vice versa. I can really dial some nice tones with another new purchase - Jemini. I might change pickups, but not in a hurry.

I must admit that I had a chance to buy an Ibanez in 90's several times, and when reading this forum, now I see how stupid I was for not buying one or more then. But I had this prejudice that they are for metal heads. Ah, we do not listen when we are young don't we, lol . . .? But it is never too late and must say this is not my last Ibanez.

Setup - if bronze level is this good, and IMO this is way more that any shop would offer at least here, then I can't wait to have one with Platinum level. I am totally in awe. Definately no need to shop for an Ibby anywhere but at Ibanez Rules.

i cant post photos due to low number of my posts, but if somebody is willing I can mail them and he/she can put them up.
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