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Re: Practicing on different guitars: Help or Hindrance?

Originally Posted by IbanezFreak777 View Post
Thats kind of saying that if your at a party and someone asks you to play for fun and you get up on stage, and there happens to be a 6 string of a brand or style of guitar you have never played before, that you wont be able to play it.. As long as there is 6 strings, you as a good guitarists will be able to quickly adapt to the size of the neck and just play.
If you spend all your time practising melodic-death-emo-metal-core sweep arpeggios at the top of the neck on a beautifully set up J-Custom, you might have some issues playing open chord strum along pop songs on an old acoustic with strings the size of telephone cables and an action as high as the Empire State building.

Practising on your own guitar is fine for playing your own guitar, but if you want to play any guitar well, you've got to at least have experienced the differences between the diferent types.

It's a matter of knowing what you want to do, and preparing for it.
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