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Re: Any Carvin fans in here?

Yeah! I used to have a rare neck thru 25.5" scale with Koa neck and sides( Carvin LS-175 H-S-H) that was very versatile- did lots of Strat and other tones with awesome sustain.

I now have a Koa body Bolt with Maple neck which is extremely resonant and very good sustain-more than I expected from a Bolt on guitar.

The tones and finish and fretwork are on par with the very top boutique Strat builders and the thing rings very loud unplugged like a thin semi hollow- does great fatter Strat tones and more with H-S-S.

The profile on the neck is a medium C( larger than an "Even C Slim " from Suhr )- I have the 14" radius and it's sooo nice- no deadspots on the ebony board - etc.

Carvin has Improved the neck joints on the Bolt ons lately( rounded joint for better upper fret access) and they've always been super precise in construction and fretwork.( look at the pictures- they are ALL this precise).

Judging from the pictures I see they are still improving the wood that they use which was already excellent before!Upgrading to a Mahogany or Koa body is really cheap as well-

I haven't played Fenders lately but the Carvin nut width is comparable to the Strats that are 1.6875 "
wide at the nut- a bit wider than the EJ for example which is 1.650"- the strings always align on Carvins and there's NO ROOM for a shim in the neck pocket on their Bolt ons , they are tight.

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