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Re: J custom vs RG550

IMO there is a day and night difference in the tone, playability and quality/finish between the 2010 J-Customs and any other Ibanez RG I have ever played. Iíve just received two purple 2010 JCís and I am absolutely blown away by them. To my fingers, ears and eyes these are perfect guitars.

Compared to the 550 and most other RGís, the tone is much fuller. The sustain and tone of my JCís for example is just incredible when compared to my Jem and all the other Ibanezís Iíve owned. The neck and fret finish is also unlike anything I have seen or played. They sing with very little effort and input! They resonate and have a beautiful voice. You need a decent amp to fully appreciate how brilliant they are.

If you need a decent amp first, I would look at one of the following guitars +cash for the amp Ibanez RG1570 or RG3770Z (super wizard and decent pups standard) Ėespecially if you prefer a brighter tone. Personally I love the tone of a mahogany bodied RGÖ

You could always get a JC later when your rig is set up. Youíll probably appreciate it even more then. Even a RG1570 prestige with decent pups can take you all the way. (I like the RG1570LMR: durable red finish that wonít show fingerprints.)

The voice my JC produce and the feeling I get from playing her is worth every cent imoÖ

All of the best!
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