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Originally Posted by jemsite
I know you are trying to propegate the faith in J-Custom, but in fact your religious fervor is only going to create negative publicity overall.
Holy projection, Batman!
You've done nothing but bash JC's since they came off the boat in 1996. You've done the same thing with 555's and I have faith that you'll do it with the 333's as well.
If *ANYONE* is creating negative publicity about the JC line(and/or negative "hype", as you so like to say), it would be you, Glen. Examples abound in this topic and all over the rest of the site (For a good time, compare the USAC FAQ to the JC FAQ), and the entire Forum knows about it. Don't try to pawn it off on me being a zealot or some sort of religious follower. Facts are facts, and "word from the manufacturer" is as close as you or I are going to get. Stop trying to twist it around, or wiggle out of being wrong. Accept it. It's over.

Just admit that you were wrong, and apologize. Be done with it.

Greg- When I first read Jay13's post I thought, "Oh great...Glen will immediately think that's me." Guess I wasn't too far off. The truth is, it's not me. Sorry folks- pay your bets. :-)
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