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DBK or VWH??? - Need help choosing which JEM

I'm stuck between buying the JEM7DBK and the JEM7VWH!
I know the VWH costs more, but other than looks, does it play better? *The DBK has more of a Wizard neck, whilst the VWH is a Jem neck. *I've not played a JEM yet, tried an RG550, which feels miles better than my Yamaha Pacifica, so I'm assuming the JEM will be even better!

Back to the topic, if money were no object (I wish!), would you choose the DBK or VWH?
JEM or Wiz neck?
Evo's or Breeds?
Phillips heads or vine inlay?
Ebony or rosewood?

I like the VWH, seems better spec, but not the gold hardware. *I'd rather it was black or chrome, or anything other than gold! *Gold makes it look too 80's!
However the textured black finish of the DBK does appeal to me, and the mirror pickguard looks cool too.

All in all, is the extra money for the VWH worth it? *Or should I save it and just go for the DBK?

All opinions welcome!
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DBK or VWH???

They're both exellent guitars, but the VWH is so much nice. *Of course, that's my opinion. *If you're going based on looks, you have to go with the vine. *It's just so different than many guitars. *I really like the EVO pickups too, and so, apparently, does Steve. *My friend just got a DBK. *I liked it, I really did. *I'm used to my VWH now though. *It's a very elegant looking and playing guitar...vine, gold hardware, ebony board, white body. *The DBK feels lighter. *The DBK also has that easy to smudge, yet super cool pickguard. It's all a matter of opinion though. *Play them both, see which sound you like better, see which feels better to play, make a list of likes and dislikes, and go for one. *Hell, buy them both. *The dbk is a good beater. *You can ding it and you could never tell the difference.

PS...When I looked, it was the DBK or the VWH. *I went for the VWH.

(Edited by Bew at 10:33 pm on April 26, 2001)
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DBK or VWH???

The 7VWH is the ultamate Jem.

hmm screw head dots or a really nice vine tough call NOT
Ebony or Rosewood I'd go for ebony too

Or you could wait for the new purple Jem that's meant to be coming out.
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DBK or VWH???

Hi Darth,

I know the feel, I was hesitating between the 2 of them and finally picked up a 7VWH last sunday. Both are incredible and if I could afford I'd have both...

Bew is right the DBK felt lighter (even if the difference may not be that big, it struck me).

In case it help I can give you my "progression" while evaluating both (but keep in mind that I've started playing guitar less than 6 months ago...).

Here we go:

I first tried the DBK. I had read (as you probably did) the people opinions and I must say the look was so "awefull" that without all the good "post" it got, I wouldn't have even tried it. Look is not THAT bad though. First thing I remarked while picking it up was the weight (so light) and the neck felt right at home the moment I touched it. I'd read about the Breed PU and I wasn't expecting to like them that much As a matter of fact after playing on it for quite while I thought the hell with the look this axe is GREAT. I was already thinking about returning home with it :biggrin:

Then I picked a 7VWH first thing I remarked on it (touch wise) was the neck the whole guitar seemed more solid (I know it must be only an impression) guess it's because of the ebony fretboard. If my finger felt right at home on the DBK they felt PARADISE on the neck of the 7VWH. It doesn't mean that the DBK neck is bad, just that I prefer the one on the 7VWH. I first played on it unplugged (NO BUZZ here) she was brand new from factory and even with the reputation of Ibanez factory setup (not that good) the action was pretty good... It's weird but even though I knew the fretwire on both were the same size they felt a bit bigger on the 7VWH (probably the hard ebony factor again) and I prefered that. Overall the 7VWH neck felt better for me, I was quicker on it than on the DBK. And of course beautiful :love:
Just a note about the screw inlay of the DBK: I had a nail that wasn't perfectly trimmed and while bending it got "stucked" well not stucked but it got into a ridge between the pastic of the inlay and the wood. This might have been just this particular DBK finition though but break the spell of the otherwise great feeling neck.

When I finally plugged in the 7VWH I realised that in the short term I was an "EVO" man... Powerfull yes but SO flexible. Those tone and volume knobs really shape the sound on the 7VWH! Harmonics OMG the 7VWH harmonics are simply out of this world. In my (limited) guitar exposure I have yet to see an axe with better harmonics.... The more I played the 7V the more I realised it would cost me 30% more than I my budget for the day :doh:

I finally got home with Eva (that's my 7VWH) and man its the honeymoon. arty:

Now this is my experience, yours may be totally different. If I could afford I'd run to get the DBK it really is and outstanding axe WAY better than the post let me think it would be. The 7VWH feel and sound just suits me better for now. But the Breed and the DBK are AWESOME.

Take your time and try them both, whichever you choose you can't go wrong.

Hope this help!
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DBK or VWH???

I'd buy a 7VWH. I love the Evo's high output, the ebony fingerboard, vine inlay and its neck.

I don't like gold hardware, either (I have it in one of my custom-made guitars and I hate it). In my opinion, it would be even better if there was a black 7V with mirror pickguard and chrome or cosmo black hardware (maybe my next custom )
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DBK or VWH???

Oups I forgot!

In answer to your question whether the 7VWH is really "worth" the extra cash over the 7DBK I've got an answer:

"Listen to your ears and your hands. THEY will tell you if she's worth the extra or if the DBK should be more expansive

I was wondering the same thing. *and "they" answered me... I didn't picked up the 7VWH for the look (even if I do prefer it a lot) but because of its feel and sound.

Good luck choosing!
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DBK or VWH???

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DBK or VWH???

Well as the guy who just bought the DBK Bew played, I figured I should chime in.

I had my choice of both, played both, and bought the DBK. *But keep in mind that I already have a lot of other guitars, including an Evo-loaded BSB and a vine-inlaid VSK swirl. *If I had to have only one, my choice may very well have been different.

I don't much care for the looks of the VWH. * I won't go into why as I'm sure I've just alienated most of the forum. *But that's just personal preference. *That aside, let's take a look at the other features:

Woods - VWH is ebony FB, alder body, DBK is rosewood/basswood. *If you asked me to pick one combo over the other on paper, I'd pick the ebony/alder for sure. *But having played both, it didn't really make a decisive difference to me. *The DBK is almost freakishly light though.

Necks - VWH is the thicker Jem, DBK is the thinner Wizard. *This is highly subjective. *I own many guitars with necks ranging from the fat (for an Ibanez) JCM neck to the super-skinny Wizard. *As long as they're well-made, they're all great. *Some days i like one better, the next day it may be the opposite. *That's why I own all these guitars (or so I keep telling myself ). *You'll really have to decide for yourself which you prefer. *I've owned two Pacificas, they had decent necks. *The 550 also has a nice neck. *The neck on any Jem is a clear step up.

Pickups - VWH has Evos, DBK has Breeds. *Both are outstanding pickups. *Simplified, I find the Evo has more of a high end punch, while the Breeds have more of a low end punch. *Overall, i find the Evos more versatile though.

The other thing I really like about the DBK is that it is the 'affordable' Jem. *I'm not in the habit of abusing my guitars, but it's nice to know that I don't have to be paranoid about the occasional bump, or all the coating falling off the bridge if I rest my hand there one too many times.

All that being said, both are superb guitars. *The beauty part of having to make this tough choice is that you can't choose wrong!
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DBK or VWH???


DBK Advantages over the VWH
+ Great Price (even new)
+ Breed pickups
+ Rosweood board (tone not looks)
+ You'll look less like a "vai clone" playing it

VWH Advantages over the DBK
+ neck slightly more JEM-like
+ Evo's - if you prefer these (I don't)
+ many available used
+ little sturdier/heavier feel

Neither neck has the original "real" JEM neck which is seen on the 777DY, SK and LNGs. Those are the ultimate JEM necks and sadly no AANJ JEM comes close.
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DBK or VWH???

Glen...If you were going to buy a JEM, would you look at the older ones for the necks or would get the newer models just because there shiney and new. I guess what i'm trying to say are the old JEM necks that good that it would be worth buying an older guitar that may not be in the greatest of shape.
Not exactly sure this is the right place to post this or not.... but i'm just itchin' to buy a JEM or a Universe:loco: and and the last JEM i seen in these parts at a guitar shop was a BFP and that wasn't yesterday....or the day before:biggrin: so goping and playing one is not an option unfortunately
Any comments would be appreciated.
Thanx *
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DBK or VWH???

OK, First, you really must decide if you NEED or want a JEM with the AANJ (all-access neck). If in fact you do, then your choices are greatly limited to new(er) JEMs. To some this is the real decision maker. If an AANJ is not a pre-requisite, then I would certainly look to the past.

I pretty much prefer buying used guitars. I've stated that quite often, but I should clarify anyways. Even 'played' guitars with some marks and wear are welcome, as long as there is no substantive damage (fretwear, tremolo, etc.) to it.

From my experience, used guitars seem to play better and don't require the break-in of a new guitar, which typically feel "stiff" for lack of a better term. I don't much care about having a pristine looking axe if it's a player.

With each 'used' new guitar i obtain, i will pretty much spend an evening (or two) taking it apart, cleaning, setting it up and replacing parts as needed (trem studs, rusted parts, etc). If you don't or cannot do that, problems can arise. Good luck... glen
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DBK or VWH???

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DBK or VWH???

after researching both I plan on buying a VWH...saving up the $$ for one now

the defining reasons were the EVO pickups, the all-access neck joint, the ebony/alder combination, and the general overall vibe (just a gut feeling about it)

(edited spelling errors)

(Edited by AJ Love at 3:30 pm on Aug. 6, 2001)
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DBK or VWH???

well actually I changed my mind...its the DBK I'm gonna get

I like the fact that the neck is slightly thinner on the DBK and I like the price....I can always change out the Breeds for Evos if I want, though the Breeds are cool too
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post #15 of 19 (permalink) Old 01-03-2003, 03:56 AM
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well dude.............how did you like it? Did you go with the DBK? Let us know.
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