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DiMarzio strap lock - Them damn little screws :)

Need to know what others are doing with these straps.
It appears that the Jems and Uni's all have been using larger screws for some time now on the strap buttons that come stock on Jem/Uvi's. *The DiMarzio strap locks come with smaller screws, brass bushing and plastic washers. *Obviously these screws from DiMarzio are to small for the hole drilled by the factory. *The stock Ibanez screw will not fit in the bushing. *Now in the past I just wood glued into the hole a toothpick ( top quality ones at that) *
I really don't want to have to start the wood glueing thing on my DNA,,,but it appears I really have little choice. *I am seeing alot of pictures of guitars from this sight that are sporting the strap locks. *I was just wondering if any of you have come up with a better solution.
I have talked to DiMarzio and they tell me that they weren't aware that Ibanez had gone to a larger screw diameter. *I find that kind of hard to beleive,,,but then again.....
They went on to tell me that they don't make a larger bushing nor do they plan to specialize for one manufacturer,,,they claim to go by industry standard,,so until every make of guitar is using the heavier duty screws it don't sound like anytime soon will they be changing. *Strap lock, straps are by far my favorite, I would love to keep using them. *
I even tried to use the planet wave on my uni' and had to route out the opening on the straps locking mechanism in order to get it over the big ass strap buttons. *Any suggestions?

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DiMarzio strap lock

Unless you can go to Home Depot and find some longer screws of the same diameter, you're probably left with the toothpick fix.

I've done this to a dozen guitars and never had any problems with the screws coming out (or even coming loose, for the matter). And believe me, if one screw fell out, you all would be the first to hear me [email protected]#$%/cry about it.

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DiMarzio strap lock

Hmmm that is odd. My last few JEMs all had standard sized strap buttons (90, UV777BK, DBK) and the DiMarzio straplocks worked great. I use the DiMarzio screws that come with the strap, not the Ibanez screws. Those NEVER fit, going back to my '88 DSY, since they are wider than the bushing as you said. Unless Ibanez overdrilled the body (or stripped the wood installing them w/ power tools), the DiMarzio screw should work just fine.

Either way if the DiMarzio screw is too loose (or doesn't fit snugly) you should fill the hole w/ epoxy, & redrill it smaller to accomidate the DiMarzio screw/straps. See the topic in the TECH forum for recent discussion about this. Good luck... glen
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DiMarzio strap lock

First off...let me say....I FEEL YOUR PAIN!!!! *Been there done that!!! *Personally I think someone dropped the ball here...and it sounds like it was probably Ibanez...they switched to a larger screw....and DiMarzio didn't even notice...(and apparently don't seem to care that much...which is pretty weak...I would imagine that probably 85% of their ClipLock straps are on Ibanez')....anyhow...I had the exact same problem with my DNA....what did I do....toothpicks....nah, epoxy....nah.....I just used the larger screws that came with the DNA and put the ClipLock on with that....minus, the brass bushing....I DID use the plastic washer that comes with the brass bushing...but just put the thing on with the oringinal screws...minus the brass bushing (of which the larger screws won't fit through). * So far so good....I of course questioned this move....but it's been that way for about 3 months now...maybe a little longer...and the plastic is holding up just fine. *I'm taking a watch, wait, and see approach...but I really think it's pretty stable. *It's going to take a lot to wear through that plastic...and the screw is not going to wear through that nylon strap. *Anyhow....that was my fix....you could go to the hardward store and maybe find another washer (metal) and help secure the strap with that....but really, I think with just the plastic...you will be good for years to come. *P.S. I'm not just some idiot...I actually am a Mechanical Engineer.
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DiMarzio strap lock

Just drill the hole bigger in the brass washer and use as was originally intended.
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DiMarzio strap lock

Has anyone though to open the hole in the brass? Easily done with a pair of vise-grips and a drill.

As for DiMarzio not careing(sp), these are after market parts installed by owners. Granted, strap-locks are very popular with Ibanez players, the screw provided fits snugley on just about every other guitar out there. Maybe it is that Ibanez is using a different (larger) screw, it's an easy work around and nothhing to get in a twist over.

Personally, I have had no problems with the screws on any of my Jems or RGs.

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DiMarzio strap lock

I said it before, I'll say it again....
Why would you modify a thousand dolar guitar for a twenty dollar strap? *Simply bore a bigger whole in the brass gromet and use the original strap button screw that came with your guitar.

Also, these straps tend to scratch the butt-end of the gtr so you may want to use some cloth tape over the plastic clips to keep this down to a minimum.
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DiMarzio strap lock

Here is what I do with all my Ibanez's. *I take the screw that comes with the clip lock and I put a very thin coating of vaseline on it. *Then I mix up a small batch of 5 minute epoxy (available from hobby stores and most hardware stores) and mix in to it a bit of microballons (microscopic glass beads also available from a hobby store) *until it is the consistency of pudding. *Fill the screw hole about 1/3 of the way with the epoxy mixture and put a piece of scotch tape over the hole (this keeps any epoxy that squeezes out off the finish) and insert the screw (not in the strap) and screw it in at least as far as necessary to hold the strap. *In about 20 minutes unscrew the screws. *If they stick really bad you didn't put on enough vaseline! *If they are stuck you can just heat the end with an iron and they will pop.
These threads are now plastic and very hard to strip out. * If a screw comes out it is only because you took it out or the wood broke.
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DiMarzio strap lock

Hey guys,,,thanks for the information. *I may try drilling out the brass bushing. *My only concern about that is, having built parts for aircraft for years and having to deal with similar bushings and inserts and high tolerence sh#t for years,,,I didn't even really except that as being an option. *Now that I have thought about it, that does sound reasonable. *I guess if worse come to worse I could just put on a "hooting annie" strap that ties at the head stock. *Sure.....that would be cool,,,,be a trend setter right? *

Thanks again.
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DiMarzio strap lock

I thought I was the only one when the screws didn't fit on my JEM90HAM (come to think of it, they didn't fit on my RG eighter)!! The screws were much to small for the holes drilled. The solution I came up with was to glue the screws tight. I regret doing so when I read about the drilling idea. Oh well, at least it looks nice.

Joel Lindgard
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DiMarzio strap lock

Definately bore out the brass bushing. It's dead easy. I have these straps on all of my guitars and it takes me about 2 minutes to bore out a new strap and use the original screws.

Don't risk having a smaller screw pull out, especially in softer woods like Alder and Basswood.
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DiMarzio strap lock

I have to agree with the majority here.

DONT modify a (in my case 1700 pound) guitar for a 14 pound strap!! lol

YES just drill the brass. I must admit getting my JEM home from the shop along with my shiny white strap was confusing when it didn't fit. BUt nothing that my old mans power tools on THE BRASS wouldn't sort out!
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DiMarzio strap lock

Glen, am I getting carried away?

I say use toothpicks in the hole. *If you go back to the original strap buttons, the screws wil still go into the holes without any negative repercussions. *

If ya drill the brass ring, you may put your eye out. *

(Edited by kirk at 10:09 pm on Jan. 29, 2001)
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DiMarzio strap lock

Wear safety glasses dude!
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