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Re: New members - introduce yourself here.

Hi Andre

I've tried to post a picture of the SL1, but can't get the file size small enough! If you send me your e-mail address, I'll send you a couple of pictures dude.
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Re: New members - introduce yourself here.

Hi again

Think I may have sorted it out . Here goes.
Attached Images
File Type: jpg DSC00452a.JPG (36.0 KB, 2311 views)
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Re: New members - introduce yourself here.

Looks like an Ibanez now, SWEET !



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Re: New members - introduce yourself here.

lets stay on topic ...glen
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Re: New members - introduce yourself here.

Good day all'i have been cruising this site and would like to thank all of you for such informative articles ,the best i have seen on the net so far,excellent [email protected]'s,links and so much talent ,reviews,info on all topics,just want to say glad to be here.
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Re: New members - introduce yourself here.

Hello.. My names Ryan. I've been looking at the site alot recently and found lots and lots of information i was looking for. I recently purchased a jem7vwh, and someone recommended me to this site. It's nice to be able to share my passion with so many. I have an old artist series peavey and a digitech effects pedal. Im currently trying to build a studio, alls i need is the new computer components and im set.

Later, Ryan
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Re: New members - introduce yourself here.

Hi, my name is Chris, and I'm a junkie for the Prestige series guitars.
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Re: New members - introduce yourself here.

Hey all!
Simon Persson here,
im Lead guitarist for a band that has only played once.. pretty sad.. but its cool having the novelty to say "im in a band".
my current setup isas follows:
Ibanez UV777BK
Ashton 12-string Semi-acoustic
Hohner Classical Acoustic
B C Rich NJ Series Beast(before those stupid speed loaders)
Epiphone Les Pauls Special Editition
Marshall Valvestate 100V
2 x Marshall quads at 140W RMS WooHoo!!!
and lastly.. my ToneLabs SE effects unit.

Im currently saving up furiously to try and get a JEM7vSBL in really good almost new condition before the end of the year. :-) then im onto building my own guitar :-D


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Re: New members - introduce yourself here.

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Re: New members - introduce yourself here.

hi my name is angel im 22 and i play 2 Ibanez 7-strings a rg7420 black pearl with a black pearl pickgarde and a ax7221 gray pewter I enjoy customizing my guitar and recording
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Re: New members - introduce yourself here.

Hey all, I'm here by way of the Petrucci Forum. Guitaris include: RG7420 custom, RG7321 custom, UV7bk, and a low end JS model.
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Re: New members - introduce yourself here.

Hey guys!
haven't registered myself since the hack in December, but I'm back again.
I'm especially a big Satriani fan, and the proud owner of a JS10 (aka the Chromeboy!). Furthermore, I own a Burns Brian May (a very good specimen, a stringless Epiphone LP100, a maravilla classical guitar and a boss GT-6.

I also want to tell you about my newest creation, please give it a fair chance. Feedback is always welcome:

or the non-redirected address:

register now and make this the biggest Satriani Community online

remark: since it was created yesterday, there might be minor flaws in the forum, I think I've covered them all, but (small) changes are always possible!
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Re: New members - introduce yourself here.

The name's Geoff. I'm 34 from Houston. I've been playing since I was 15 but that took a long back seat from 19 to 32 as I was busting my ass trying to raise a child (hard as hell to play with kids around) Anyways, she's 15 now and starting to pluck away on the guitar and I've found renewd interest in playing (never really left, it was just hard to eek in some time).

I've got two guitars, an '87 Jem 777DY (775th off the line) and an early 90's RG550.

Amps: A Marshall JCM800 2210 w 2 1980 4X12 cabs ands a recently aquired Marshall AVT20.

Effects: Dunlop Cry-Baby Wah and a Digitech GSP21.

I found this site lurking for some information on my Jem and have been reading for a while. Figured it was about time to say Hello!
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Re: New members - introduce yourself here.

Hi I'm Ben! I'm 29 and have been playing for 21yrs of that. I got a JEM77DY about 5 months ago and havn't put it down since.
I'm heavily involved with the guitarists community (I make the videos etc) and through that got to interview Paul Gilbert recently (Yippee!!!).
I do a lot of work on that website and come here to relax (so do more reading than posting).
I think it's a fantastic site and everyone is very freindly.
Long live Jemsite!!!

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Re: New members - introduce yourself here.

Hi! My name is Sam . living in California. I started playing guitar when I was 17.
I have a ibanez S series custom in purple flame top, it is pretty cool.Another of my gears is Ibanez RG USA Costom of 1991 . It is really nice .
My favorite guitarists are Paul gilbert , Brian May , Slash , Jimmy Page ...etc.
It is nice to meet all of you.
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