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New members - introduce yourself here.

Hello all & welcome. Any new, regular or returning member can feel free to introduce themselves here .. glen

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Re: New members - introduce yourself here.

My name is Mark, I am from the UK currently doing a degree in music. I have a number of guitars, but my main 3 are a PRS CE24, an ESP Mirage, and a Ibanez JEM555. I guess all of those guitars are like dirty words on this board, but I am looking into buying a JEM7V... Honest!
Jemsite is a great resource for the instrument, and I look forward to participating on the board.
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Re: New members - introduce yourself here.

My name is Eric. I've been snooping around the forum for awhile and decided to register. I've been playing for almost ten years and it's nice to find a forum populated by open-minded guitar players and not trolls, flooders and other types of cretins that pollute most music-related boards. Okay, so I don't own a Jem or even a complete Ibanez yet (I have an RG neck on one of my guitars), but this looks like a good board to learn about them at.
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Re: New members - introduce yourself here.

Okay HI!

I have a 2004 PGM301WH, a black 2002 RG-421 (I put in an 81 & 85), and a black 2003 RG-1521.

I spend most of my time with the 421.

My amp is a Boogie Rect-O-Verb.

Um, no effects except for the amps built-in distortion.
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Re: New members - introduce yourself here.


my name is Tornique (shortly: Toto)
i'm from Georgia, (not State but Republic)
i'm using Strat Clone Guitar with SD pick-ups (HSH)
in may will have Boss GT-8. now i'm playing in Computer+PA.

I really want to buy JEM or RG but ...... $$$ hehe!

Jemsite is great. I'm Jem and RG (also VAI ) fan so i like this forum mutch!

ps. i registered in april but i'm reading this forum for 6 month.
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Re: New members - introduce yourself here.

I've been here about a month, so I'm still new.

My name is Craig, I'm 31, from Columbus, Ohio, USA. Been playing since I was about 7.

guitars: RG321 Mahogany Oil finish with Duncan pickups
RG7420 that needs a paint job, but plays great
Artcore AS73

amps: Ampeg 2x12 combo, sounds awesome
Fender M-80 Pro head that I'm selling
Carvin MTS 3200 tube head that will be here in a few days
Marshall 1960 cabinet

effects: Boss GT-6 multieffects pedal

Dean Markley strings

Pickboy carbon nylon picks
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Re: New members - introduce yourself here.

I've been on the forum for probably about 2 months, maybe a month and a half. I first joined the forum so I could ask some of the guys on the forum about LGM guitars. You guys of course gave them a glowing review. I'm currently attending Berklee college of music. My guitars are a Jem 7vwh, a fender FMT limited edition telecaster with seymour duncans, and an ibanez AW100, at least i think it's the 100, it might be a 150, i'd have to look but don't feel like it. I also have a fender jaguar with a mini JB in the bridge, and an epiphone sheraton. I don't use those that often at the moment because my space is limited living here on campus. my amp is also regrettably at home in rochester NY, so i'm forced to use a crappy marshall practice amp. I'm pretty good at theory and technique things so if anyone has any questions feel free to ask.
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Re: New members - introduce yourself here.

Hello, my name is Christopher and I am a full time musician and have been using Ibanez guitars since the beginning. Currently I employ a couple of Sseries 7 and 6 string models as well as a few custom Ibanez's. My collection continues to grow and my Ibanez addiction shows no signs of slowing down!!
I teach and perform full time as well as hold the Director of Music position at a music school here in Wilmington. Currently I am looking for a real versitile combo amp to utilize...if anyone here has any suggestions.
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Re: New members - introduce yourself here.

I'm Kevin and I live in Lincoln, Nebraska.
On May 10th, I'll have been playing 21 years. I own 5 guitars.
A Jem 7VSBL, A Jem 7D , a Fender Lonestar Strat and A Ibanez RG 570 which I bastardized. Also, I own a Takamine acoustic.
I recently got back into playing again after 4 1/2 years off.
I work two jobs. One to make a living and the other to support my G.A.S.
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Re: New members - introduce yourself here.


i'm damien. a year ago i moved from australia to canada. still looking for guitar freaks in my area. been playing since 15, which makes it about 17 years now. yikes! i should be half decent by now, especially as i don't work anymore. but...

guitars: ibanez rgt42fmdr, epi lp custom, fender strat, fender tele, yamaha apx7a, maton strat, and a pieced together tele.

amp: fender hot rod deville 4x10", effects: boss gt6, boss cs3, dunlop crybaby.

**i am currently waiting on delivery of my new jem7vwh from ibanezrules!**

(...waiting sucks)

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Hey All,

I'm Michael, and I'm currently living near Savannah, GA. My work takes me all around the country, but I'm hoping to stay here, as my family and l like it here a lot. By most counts, I'm an 'old fart,' having played a VOX Super Lynx through a blonde Fender Tremolux amp in my band in the early 60s and 70s. It helped me with income while going to college. Many of you probably don't even know what a VOX Super Lynx is, and you may have never even seen a true blonde Fender amp. Unfortunately, I sold the guitar many years ago. I wished I still had it - both for the sentimental value, as well as the fact that it was a nice playing guitar with nice tonal range.
I've been playing off and on for the last 30+ years, and have owned a few guitars... two Tele's, a Strat, an LP, plus some different amps... Fender, Peavy, Rogue, and Marshall. I don't really care about performing anymore, but I do like jamming with a few friends, and making some recordings and so on.
For some reason, my musical button recently got pushed again, and I'm finding myself wanting to collect some 'favorite' guitars (as well as playing them, of course!). I'm selling my LP, as it's just not a "right" guitar for me. A keyboard friend in our group is buying it from me, as he's wanting to learn some guitar. It will be replaced right away with a new Ibanez SZ520QM, as after much research, I think will be a honey - giving me the chunk, sustain, and playability that I'm after. Down the road, I have my sights set on a Gibson Faded SG, a MusicMan Silhouette Non-Temelo, and of course, a JEM7V, just to name a few. I've played the first two, but never had the privledge to play a JEM.
I want the SG just for the all-mahogany tone, and the looks, feel and smell of unpainted wood. I want the MM cause they are fine-playing, well-balanced little guitars. I want the Jem, well, because it's a JEM! It's probably the epitomy of guitars, and the prize jewel of any player/collector.
This is probably like asking a Harley guy which bike he thinks you should by first, but here goes anyway! So, which of the three do you think I should go for first? lol Yes, money IS an issue, but I'm 'relatively' patient.
Anyway, I'm glad to have found this site, and I look forward to talking with many of you in the future. Keep playin'!
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Re: New members - introduce yourself here.

Hi! My name is Chad, I am 33. I live in Florida. I started playing guitar when I was 13 and played until I was 18. From the time I was 18 I played on and off until I was about 23, since then I have been a full time player.

My guitars are: Ibanez Jem7VWV, a Jem BRMR, Peavey Wolfgang standard flame top, Peavey Wolfgang custom shop standard and a Fernandes with the sustainer. My amp is a Marshall JSM. I have a Bad Horsie2 and a Phase 90. That is pretty much it. I have come here off and on for about a year. It is nice to have a website like this.

It is nice to meet all of you.
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Re: New members - introduce yourself here.

Hullo there. I'm Gurj, a 31 yr old metalhead living in a town no-one seems to have heard of in the middle of England. Picked up my guitar last year after five years of, er, well not playing!!! Went a little crazy since and spent ALL my money (and some) on new gear. I think this is what they call a mid-life crisis
JEM77PMC (thanks Rich, love it dude - you can see it on Jemsite pg2 of the PMC gallery, right at the bottom)
555 jr - selling on that site at the moment. bye bye. And stop laughing, it was a moment of madness.
Jackson SL2H Snakeskin
Jackson SL1 EDS WITH a lo-pro Yes, i know it'll annoy the jackson dudes, but its MY guitar I won't disclose who did this as he may be known to you and i'm sure he don't want the Jackson Forum guys hounding him!!!!
Jackson Professional Rhandy Rhodes
Kramer Pacer (80's) in Floroscent Pink
Washburn MG42
Axe - This was my first guitar. It's worth jack**** to you, but worth more than all my other guitars put together to me.
Crafter acoustic.

Amps + Effects:
Peavey XXX Head + Slant Cab
Peavey Bandit
Boogie Triaxis
Boogie 2:90
Lexicon LPX-15 II
Bad Horsie Wah 2
Boss DD-6

Anyway, looking forward to chatting with ya all in the future.
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Re: New members - introduce yourself here.

Welcome Newb's Have fun and you'll learn tons here, I did and kinda got stuck in here lol

Alright Gurj, And yes it was i whom sorted the lo-pro on the Eerie Dess, IMHO a much easier job and If i ever get a jackson in future it will be my first job !!!

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Re: New members - introduce yourself here.

Hey Gurj

You got a pic of that SL-1 with the lo pro?



PS. Welcome to all , have fun!

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