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10 Rules For Parents

If you're a parent, or you're GOING to be one someday, how about you take experience from when YOU were a child and apply it to your parenting skills? Hmmm...

1. Sit down together for dinner every night. Even if it's not the greatest food in the world, or even if it IS, dinner is the best time to communicate. Talk about your day. Know who your kid's best friends are, know what their favorite class is, what they want for Christmas that year. Find out things by watching them at that dinner table that they will NEVER "verbalize" to you.

2. Even though we're telling the truth when we say we WANT to grow up, what we really NEED is you to watch us even when we dont' know you're there. We need you make sure we're doing everything RIGHT. We need you to force us to go to bed before 10:00 on school nights. We need you to force us to eat fruit when we get home from school, to do our homework before we get on Jemsite, (or play video games, etc...)

3. Even though as a family, we'll need money, we need YOU more than we need MATERIAL things. Please don't try and replace conversations with guitar picks, or failed YEARS as a parent with money and clothes and shoes. "Money can't buy me love"... Couldn't be more true. Also, don't try and OVERWORK yourself into thinking that making money is more important than being at home with us. As long as we have food, clothes, a roof over our heads, and we're still A FAMILY, we have everything we need!!

4. Don't get us everything we want. Don't buy your daughter some lacy bra or whatever, don't buy your son those shirts that make all the girls think he's "sexy".... We need to grow up before we can handle ourselves that way!!!

5. If you're a dad, don't EVER tell you're daughter something along the lines of, "You're blossoming into a beautiful young woman." It only makes us think of the boobs we WISH we had, the thighs that still feel too big, whatever. I would imagine it's the same for moms and sons.... Don't tell your son, "You're growing into such a handsome young man!!" Ew. Just.. *shudders* EW.

6. Please don't convince us into thinking that alcohol, the television, work, and sleep are more important to you than we are. That's what makes so many kids turn into alcoholics, lazy bums, workaholics... *sigh*

7. FORCE us to get good grades! And don't BARGAIN with us on them, either! I don't give a care if I get ten bucks for every "A" I get on my report card! I care about GETTING THE A!!!

8. Tuck us into bed every night, even if we're fifteen (going on sixteen!!). It feels good to know that you still care.

9. Don't only tell us you love us, ACT like it too. If you're a jerk and never pay attention to us but still say "I love you" before we go to bed, we'll start cringing from hearing it, and we'll never EVER want to say it anyone else!!

10. Attempt to make home-cooked meals, even if you end up burning something as simple as macaroni and cheese. I'd rather have burned food every night than something that a chef made at some fancy restaurant.


~ Katrina
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Re: 10 Rules For Parents

Still, cool advice for parents out there, never did my parents do anything from that list of yours
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Re: 10 Rules For Parents

One of my parents is doing it all, one of them is doing nothing.

Best of both worlds? .. Hmm.. I don't think so.

Sorry buddy. Hopefully when you're a parent you'll take what you learned from your PARENTS and do the exact OPPOSITE. :lol;

~ Katrina
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Re: 10 Rules For Parents

Seems like some good advice for Britney .



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Re: 10 Rules For Parents

GOD DAMN !, Katrina. don't you have homework to do ?!?!?!?
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Re: 10 Rules For Parents

Yup, I'm going to the library in about twenty minutes and I'm going to spend FOUR HOURS there.

But I'm a fast typer, so that only took me about three minutes. I already had all the info stored in my head for the past few years, sooo.. Yeah.

~ Katrina
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Re: 10 Rules For Parents

Parenting advice form a 15 year old, whatever next?
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Re: 10 Rules For Parents

You sure are unique!! And i don't mean that in a derogatory way.You have strange ways of getting things off your chest.Obviously all is not well,but hopefully your jemsite family can bring something positive to you,but before you jump down my throat i KNOW thats no substitute.I wish you all the best.I live on a crappy housing estate in Greater London and most of the parents round here couldn't seem to give a crap about what their kids get up to.Just a bunch of slappers opening their legs at a young age to a bunch of yobs producing children that will grow up be even lower class than their already classless selves,no-one really gives a crap about much
Thats why i can't buy into the argument people give when they just say "lifes short,lifes cool,be happy". Life ain't the same for everyone! You sound like you deserve much better than what you have.
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Re: 10 Rules For Parents

A lot of sound advice there Kat. Definetally worth restating that you should make sure that the kid WANTS to do well and does it for themselves, not because their parents want to. Sounds like you could be a damn fine parent one day

wishing you the best
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Re: 10 Rules For Parents

Originally Posted by dex View Post
Parenting advice form a 15 year old, whatever next?

x2 Your still a child and giving advise on parenting?
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Re: 10 Rules For Parents

Well, wouldn't you do the exact opposite of what YOUR parents did if they were crappy to you?? Most people wouldn't be smart enough to learn from their parents' mistakes, that's why I posted this.

My mom does EVERYTHING right! She's perfect!

I'm lucky enough to be able to see that my dad doesn't, and I won't follow that path!!

~ Katrina
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Re: 10 Rules For Parents

wow, over 1000 posts in less than 3 months.
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Re: 10 Rules For Parents

Originally Posted by ibanezcollector View Post
x2 Your still a child and giving advise on parenting?
Well, she may not be a parent, but she has a pretty good idea of what kind of
parenting she needs. There's nothing wrong with that, or her. And her
10 points seem basically right on to me.

Katrina- My childhood + teen-hood was
pretty good, I have no complaints, parent-wise. I'm not a parent myself,
but if I can give you some advice, some of those things you're talking about
are things you might be able to actively participate in. Take advantage of
whatever parenting you can get -- if your mom's the one, then ask her to
cook meals with you once in a while, tell her you expect her to be a hard-a**
about your grades, etc.
- bill
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Re: 10 Rules For Parents

Katrina can I just say,

I've got an 11 month old daughter and reading something like that from you is very important to me. I personaly think that at your age you are in the perfect position to give out advise on the subject as you have not yet had the time for those memories and feelings fade from your mind. Thank you and I'll think carefully about what you said.

It's ten past one in the morning here in England and my aiport taxi arrives at 6am to whisk me on my journy to Vegas. I hope to bump into you and your pals in the next few days.

Best wishes
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Re: 10 Rules For Parents

Hope we get to get together with you Ben!

i share a similar life with katrina. my mom is the best person in the world. but i go to my dad's house and i'm ignored. most of the time, i walk into my dad's room to hang out. just thursday, i tried not going into his room after school just to see if he would come to me instead. not a sign of him....

simply put, we like to have our existence aknowledged.
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