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A cool thing with a new job

With my job being up in the air with the merger (buyout) this summer and no one knowing what will happen, I started the tedious task of surfing for a new job while recovering from the ankle surgery. Still not returned to work yet, had surgery on 2/23. I'm starting to walk on my own however, without crutches or the cane. Aircast was taken off a week ago. I can walk on my own, with a limp, for now. Physical therapy just started. Am I bored at home? uhhhh, NO WAY MAN! If I won the lottery, I would sit on the couch for 12 more months with my guitars and the dogs. Bored? Yeah right.

In any case, I had an interview with a large company a couple days ago, wednesday. I drove there on my own and it was alright, kinda far though. Barely able to squeeze my swollen foot into the dress shoe. I felt a good vibe with the supervisor and his boss, and then the head of IT. I have been wanting to change careers by the way, but I need to pay the bills until my photo / video / recording studio biz takes off. They said they would let me know next week. The drive is far and the hours are longer, but I need something else. I need to move on, especially with all the uncertainty in the air, and my boss being a beotch.

Less than 24 hours later, yesterday, I get a call offering me the job. After my interview the lady in HR said they walked into her office and said to cancel the other interviews.....they want me. WOAH.....what a great feeling. Now i'm more nervous.......but i'm sure it will be ok. I hate being the new guy!

Another cool thing....I emailed my future boss to say thank you and he called me right away. He said we also have something in common...guitar. I asked him how he knew I played. He surfed my site (which still has the long hair picks even though it is short now.) He said he loves my guitars....the Jems. We talked about Vai and Ry Cooder and Crossroads and the blues for about an hour and then he said he looks forward to me coming aboard. This is really cool.

Now I face the uncomfortable feeling of telling my current job (after being off work for 5 weeks) that I have to go. This is something I don't want to do. My brother, being screwed by the man, and me as well, many times, said I should just never go in again and say thanks. I can't do that. I will give my 2 weeks. My new boss doesn't want me to start for 3 weeks; he wants my ankle to be closer to fully healed so he gave me an extra week.

Just wanted to share with you since good news job-wise isn't that common. Now I feel more comfortable with the building of our new home.

This co. found me through careerbuilder.com and another great resource is simplyhired.com in case any of you are looking.

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Re: A cool thing with a new job

Congratz Steve

My philosophy is that as you spend so much time at work you have to enjoy what you do. There's a buzz about a new job. I hope it works out for you.

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Re: A cool thing with a new job

Awesome man. I remember that thread where you were telling us how much your job sucked (I think that was you, right?)

I hope some of your mojo rubs off on me. I'm hurting for employment right now.

BTW, that's got to be a damn good feeling to find out they canceled all the other interviews after they met you. You must've had the biggest, sh*t eating grin on your face when you heard it. I know I would. That's also cool that your boss plays guitar too. Good luck dude, hope it all works out for you.
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Re: A cool thing with a new job

That's great news! And it's always nice to have something in common with the boss. That will help build rapport with him on may levels. Good for you!
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Re: A cool thing with a new job

Wow great Steve!!!! that's awesome and damn straight you feel good impressing them like that

Thanks for your tips on looking as well

Originally Posted by sick-boy View Post
I hope some of your mojo rubs off on me. I'm hurting for employment right now.
Unfortunetly, I can relate with your pain
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Re: A cool thing with a new job

Congratz Steve. Always good to hear a happy story

Good luck with it all
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Re: A cool thing with a new job

Congrats on the new job. I'd like to say put your best foot forward, but I wouldnt want anything bad to happen to your good one.
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Re: A cool thing with a new job


Congratulations on getting a new job! I'm sort of on the same boat minus the surgery. I was working in a 5 yr contract but, there were budget cuts and 6 people from my team got cut, including me. Unfortunately for me and the others, the cuts were solely based on salaries and not performance/seniority. Long story short, my company (the contractee in the 5 year contract) offered me a severance and gave me 2 options..

1. I take the severance and I part ways

2. Because my skills and background were recognized, they offered to keep me at their headquarters helping out with their billing until they found me something or I found something myself, and I would still get the severance if I found something.

Needless to say, I took option #2 for the time being. It's been a couple of months already and of course I've been interviewing and such while working at the headquarters.

As I read your post, I figured sharing my story w/you and a little advice can't hurt. For what is worth, don't take your brother's advice this time. Quitting a job with an employer is a big no-no career wise. The saddest part of this is not the fact that, although the company may deserve it, you may need them someday for something. Ever since I started working at the age of 15, I've always left a company on good terms. Whether you worked at McDonalds or Intel, giving a 2 week notice is the professional thing to do. The world takes many turns and you never know when you're going to find yourself needing a reference. Let's say the HR manager tells you that the last thing they need to do before they send you your offer letter is check your references, right? What do you think would happen if they decide to call your current boss and and he tells the HR manager that you like to quit jobs on the spot.. Think of the "Soup Nazi" in Seinfeld calling you and saying "No job for you!"

Don't feel uncomfortable about turning in your notice. It can be a burden to tell your employer that you're leaving but, they will be alright.

Here's how you can do it:

Arrange a meeting with your supervisor. You don't have to let him/her know what you want to talk about, just let him/her know that you need to meet up with him/her. He/she may/will ask why and just let him/her know that it's related to your surgery and leave it at that, that way he/she won't know what's coming. The element of surprise is a nice thing

If you still want to F'em, you gotta do it in style and this is how you go about it... Try and schedule your meeting either first thing on a Monday morning or first thing Friday morning. The nice thing about these is that you're bound to ruin his/her day and the rest of the week if you do it on a Monday or you can screw his/her entire day and weekend if you do it on a friday.

Now, as far as the letter goes, you can pretty much get one from the net and customize it to your situation. Carry it with you to the meeting and put it somewhere where he/she won't notice it when you walk into the meeting place. As soon as he/she says "so, what did you want to discuss?" hand him/her the letter and say something like "I need to give this to you". He/she will read it and might ask you why you want to leave if they want you as an employee. Some companies will try to offer you more $ as an incentive, and if the situation was bad to begin with, they will simply accept it and move on.

Here's the interesting part...Once you hand your letter, most supervisors will completely change their behavior towards you and will treat you as if you were the new guy because you're leaving.

There's one thing for certain, you will feel like a new man once you walk out of that office.

Sorry for the long post, I hope this helps.


P.S.: Don't forget to get anything that is personal out of their systems BEFORE you hand in your letter.
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Re: A cool thing with a new job

Nice to hear it worked out.
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Re: A cool thing with a new job

Thanks guys. I know there are a lot of you with bad luck on the job front and I was one of those stories as well. I felt a little bad posting since I know you are having trouble getting a job and i lucked into one. But there is hope. this came from out of nowhere. i had no calls, no emails....and i was sending out 20 resumes a day. all of a sudden.....an email comes through.

I have bounced from job to job due to mergers and buyouts....this is the 4th one in my life. Just when i get settled and start to get my head above water, BAM! something happens and we are laid off again! Then i'm stuck another 6 months or whatever until i get something else...and it happens again 2 years later. That is one of the driving forces behind me trying to get my photography out there and video work, as well as the recording studio (once the new home is built.) I have been doing all 3 for so many years, and went to college for them as well, that i want to make money doing what i LOVE outside of the guitar. I have been fighting tooth and nail lately to get clients these last 5 weeks while out of work....website enhancements, more marketing online and in magazines, dropping most of my savings to do it.....and i got 2 clients out of it.....pressing on.

that being said, this is something that is a long time coming luck-wise. murphy's law tends to run my life and that is why i'm nervous about this new job. and it's also surreal to me as well.

Jimmy, I was in the same boat as you back in 2002 or so. I was contract to hire...3 month contract then hire. never got hired on but the contract went for 2 years. they kept renewing it. don't you know, they ran out of money and the co. was failing. they were letting their own people go! i lasted 3 months after they wiped 20% of the co. out. job to job, etc etc. so many friends lose jobs this way. my last job was outsourced to India....i left before it hit me and my crew. so i started at the stock exchange.....what are the odds they get bought out? well as soon as Steve walks in the door, it happens!

sick-boy, you are correct. there was a thread about my boss. she is a real beotch at times and she plays favorites. always going out for coffee with her boy, some devry nerd, worshipping the ground he walks on....just being stupid together all day long. he's smart and does programming...not my cup of tea...but his answer to any pc issue is mostly....reimage the machine! what! i'm so sick of it, and the others are sick of their banter as well. she can be ok but 80% of the time it's bad. i have had 2 talking-to's from her because i need to step up! step up? i resolve my tickets same day...what does he do? he has tickets in the que that are 2 months old!

i'm supposed to get back to work on 4/7. my current boss wants me to work friday-mon, which includes saturday and sunday. being that next friday is good friday i will start on 4/7, saturday. i will see her for the first time on 4/9, monday, and i wanted to tell her then but i have to start with the new place on 4/16. i may have to do this over the phone since i won't see her before 4/9. this sux.

all in all, i have to keep in mind that they wouldn't care about me if they were letting me go BUT i know about the 2 weeks and i have always done that.

thanks for the advice and sorry for the longer post here. keep your heads up and surf those 2 sites for work. something will come along when you don't expect it....even if it doesn't seem like it.

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Re: A cool thing with a new job

Hey Steve....is this still the same female boss that was giving you trouble?? If so, AFTER you have handed her your notice give her a large photo of your @rse and say "kiss this, bitch"

(just an idea might be better to not try it )
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Re: A cool thing with a new job

Good deal, lets hope it all works out!
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Re: A cool thing with a new job

Congrats and good luck in your future undertakings
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Re: A cool thing with a new job

Congrats on the new job Steve! I wouldn't feel guilty or bad about turning in your two weeks. They should expect these things happen and IMHO, you (and your family's needs) are more important that that ol' job.

At least your new boss will understand why you need a high pay rate... paying for more guitars! Good luck with the new job.
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Re: A cool thing with a new job

no new job for me. today was terrible. i got a call from the head of HR at corporate saying there were issues with giving me the job. they apparently thought i had an associates degree in film. this job is for senior pc tech support mind you, not in film. anyway, there was a mistake on my resume. i had used my resume as a template to help a good friend with his resume. he doesn't know how to compose a resume so i did it for him. we went to film school together. he got his associates, i decided to stop going to school before getting mine, wanting to join the work force in pc's. this was 1994. i forgot to remove that one sentence from my resume when i interviewed....it should have said, working on Associates degree in film but it just said Associates degree in film. i was given the job after multiple people saw my resume and i interviewed. this was last week.

when the job checked everything out, the school said i didn't graduate, now i'm a liar...but it was a mistake and i explained this to her today. she seemed to be ok with it but the IT manager was not. i passed the drug test of course, passed the interviews with flying colors and they loved my experience, and yet....it doesn't matter.

i asked the woman nicely, doesn't my 10 years with large companies such as the stock exchange say anything about my performance? she said sorry Steve, but that is why they wanted you but with this discrepancy, that is an issue. it's not like i blatantly lied and said i have my MCSE...this is an unrelated associates degree in film from 12 years ago! i can understand their side to a point but then again, i just can't.

now i'm back where i started.

i'm so beside myself, i just can't believe this. my brother said everything happens for a reason......and i told you guys....f'm murphy's law!!!! i just can't even think. this is unreal. i really wanted this job. i did email the supervisor to explain to him the situation. i didn't go at it for him to help, i just wanted him to know what the deal is. no response.

and this news came while i waited for my car to be fixed while i was in the waiting room for 11 hours today...that's right...from 730am till 6pm. unreal. BS day.

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