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Ghost thread

I'm always up for interesting stories, as ghosts have always intrigued me. I've researched, watched many shows, interviews, etc. I'm not too scared by it, as I will watch documentaries at night, then go to the basement to work on music before bed. I have always been able to sense things, but have never seen anything with my own eyes yet.

Recently ...this weekend... my soon-to-be 3 year old son has been saying GHOST...SPOOKY. Last week he started saying PAPA...GHOST. my father-in-law, who I was very close with, unfortunately passed away a few years ago unexpectedly. Neither I, nor my wife, have ever told him about papa. Friday night he kept saying to me, papa ghost. I asked him where? show me. We stand at the bottom of the stairs as he points up the staircase, looking into the 2nd level darkness. I say, let's go look. Once at the top of the stairs I ask him where. He points down the hall into the master bedroom. GREAT! the master bedroom! Yesterday morning I showed him a photo with my wife, her mom and dad (papa) in it. He pointed to my father-in-law and said papa. There is a photo of my wife and I with our son in the hospital the day he was born. Last week my son starts staring at the photo and says mommy, daddy. A few seconds later the picture fell. It happened again 2 days later after he looked at the photo. It intrigues me.

I have a friend with terrible poltergeist activity. I have never visited their house and never helps they live far away... A quick story on that one...she was home alone watching tv. She goes into the kitchen to get a snack. After returning to the living room she decides she wants something to drink too. She goes back in the kitchen and every cabinet door and drawer are open.

I understand some people may not believe, and that's cool. There are too many things I have witnessed, researched and felt, that prove otherwise. I really love the show Ghost adventures on the travel channel. Check it out...they are cool and do a really good job.

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Re: Ghost thread

I've always been a skeptic. My psych teacher once said that its a possibility. He said that in Physics that energy can not be destroyed. So where does the energy from our bodies go?

. I remember when I was young there where times when I thought I saw disfigured figures and what not. I wouldn't be surprised if our place is haunted. We own a small graveyard. Out in our pasture there used to be a house there and three young kids where killed in the fire. Now we have three Morton buildings there.

My brother claimed of supernatural events while he was out there at night working on motorcycles and what not. He always said that tools would move on him. He'll set it down for a second and once he goes back to pickup it's not there and he will find it in odd places like a bucket or something.

Now, my father passed away about a year ago and I think I still feel his presence in the house. When it happen he was in the main bathroom. On the one year mark of his passing. I was getting ready for school and I was taking a shower. The room was full of steam. When I was done taking the shower and the steam cleared there was something on the mirror. It looked liked the number 12. What was creepy about this was the year before on the same day I was living in Iowa at the time and I gave my parents a call. My mom was gone and my Dad was home by himself. Now, this was at noon and he passed away around 1:30.

Also my mom used to smell cigarette smoke in the house a few months after that. My dad did smoke but he never smoked in the house because of the kids.

One more...

I work for Walmart and I helped open our store. About a year later our store manager passed away in the store the day after Christmas. I knew he was a smoker too and one night a few months after it happen I was working a late shift and could smell smoke. So, I went up and down the aisle to make sure know one was smoking. There wasn't anyone for at least 3-4 aisles each way. So, I always wondered if it was him.
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Re: Ghost thread

I believe in the Supernatural as I've seen it first hand. The below story is true...hand on heart!!

When I was young a mate of mine and I were walking close to a local graveyard near my home at around 8pm one night. It was wintertime and dark. I was 14 years old and my mate was 15. We turned a corner during the walk to come across what we thought was a small female figure on her knees wearing a black hooded shawl type garment. We could hear the figure weeping but it's back was turned to us. We approached with a degree of caution and my initial reaction was that the girl or woman may have been attacked. I was about 6 to 8 feet away and asked if everything was okay. Then whatever it was turned it's head towards us. I swear to you it was not of this earth. The female face had a translucent quality to it and it was glowing white/neon, but with black holes where the eyes should have been. The face seemed to move and shimmer with glowing colour.

That was enough for us and we took off running and didn't stop for some considerable time. Now we believed what we had seen was a banshee. Here in Ireland a Banshee is an ancient feminine spirit who is an omen of death and appears to people who are about to lose a family member. Sure enough soon after both my mate's Father and my own Mother were dead.

Nobody ever believed us but I saw what I saw, pretty close up too and no mistaking it and I will never be able to explain it.

Wikpedia: Banshee
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Re: Ghost thread

I've never had a ghostly experience, but 5 years ago my grand father passed away. I loved the guy and I was very close to him. It wasn't until years after his death that I started having vivid dreams involving him. The first one I had he gave me a hug and it felt so real, I could feel his body heat and the texture of his old wool sweater. He was very sick before he died and I didn't get a chance to say good bye. The second dream was the one that really made me believe something else was going on. In the dream I am in the back seat of my fathers SUV and my dad is driving with my pop in the passenger seat. We are driving up the street that my grandfather lived on and the one where my mom grew up. He points to an area on the street and says "that's where your mother went skating".

I called my mom the next day and asked her if she ever went skating near her old home... And sure enough she did, exactly where
My pop said she did!
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Re: Ghost thread

I was friends with George Lutz.... the REAL George Lutz...(before he passed a few years ago). You know, the guy whose family moved into the house in Amityville. He was the first to say that a lot of "creativity" went into the book, and the movie version of "The Amityville Horror" was just Hollywood fiction. He told me what really happened, and I believe him 100%. I could just tell by looking into his eye, and listening to the tone in his voice. Some say it was a money making hoax. I say no way.
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Re: Ghost thread

I've had what I would imply are other-worldly dreams when each of my Grandmothers died. They were very close up and personal discussions, which I can only remember we were talking, but not the conversation. It was my Grandma as I remembered her (only a few days after she passed) and she was talking to me with a backdrop of what just looked like a black field with stars in it.
I haven't had dreams about anyone else that passed that way, but generally I don't really buy into the whole ghost thing, I've had a few weird things happen where stuff seemed to jump off the wall, but the further you investigate, you find out the nail on the wall was bent or something was half propped up and gravity just eventually had its way. I've never seen anything like what has been discussed here, and part of me wonders if that is good or bad. I'd like to get a sense of a hereafter and i would LOVE to see a kinetic display of ghostly influence, but then you watch a movie like Paranormal Activity, and then, maybe I don't need anything in my life like that.
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Re: Ghost thread

Didn't George Lutz admit that it was a hoax?

I do like watching the shows. There's one with some Australian folks who wear these elaborate camera things and walk alone around a supposedly haunted place while sensors and cameras record them. This is/was my favourite ghost show. Then there's Ghost Hunters International which rarely produces photos. Still quite entertaining though.

I don't know if I believe in ghosts, but then again, why not?
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Re: Ghost thread

My 2 nephews (almost 2 yr olds at the time) used to play catch with my father using a nerf ball. My father passed away at the hospital. That day, we were all at the house, obvious slammed by his passing. Even my nephews were extremely sad, even though I'm not sure they completely comprehended what occurred earlier that day.

All of a sudden, they both looked up over a lamp, started smiling and laughing. One ran for the ball and threw it over the lamp, not once, but twice. There is no doubt in my mind, or anyone else that was there, it was my father. I had solid beliefs before that, but even if I didn't that experience would have squashed any doubts.
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Re: Ghost thread

NOOOO... Lutz never admitted it was a hoax, just that Hollywood juiced up the story for the movie.
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Re: Ghost thread

i have 3.

the 1st is when i was a little younger i used to like AC/DC (my tastes were very different haha) and i went to bed and at around midnightish i woke up to a slight bang. nothing massive, just enough to wake me up and when i looked to see what it was i saw my "highway to hell" album laying in the middle of the floor. now as we all know, CD cases are flat and cant roll. and this was on a flat surface, i know because i put it right on my dresser before i was done sleeping (i was listening to it).

now the 2nd is short. i just keep finding my guitars pickup selectors in the neck position. it even happened today about an hour ago (which inspired me to post). weird, i think i have a shredding ghost who likes AC/DC in my house hahaha

and number 3 is when i was at my dads house. now this is an older little house where apparently a lot happens (as well as in other houses as its an older neighborhood) and one night i was looking into the living room and saw someone standing there. i assumed it was dad so i thought nothing of it but the next morning i heard everyone talking. my sister was saying how she saw someones head look into her room and there was talk of everyone having a bad feeling that night. and i was 100% oblivious to all of this until i got a straight forward explanation. im a bit slow sometimes

i think thats all i got
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Re: Ghost thread

since it's right before bed with a thunderstorm brewing outside, seems like the perfect time to add something. I will have to find the link to this story, but it takes place in St. Charles, IL, I believe. My brother told me this story of a friend of his, X-boss, who bought this really old house, one of the original homes. Goes way back to early 1800s. The realtor said it was haunted, which of course is what made the guy buy it. Anyway, it started out as a farm house where the family members were killed I believe, then it became a house where a murderer lived, and then witches lived, and then it was where a mortician lived and worked in the early 1900s. The guy lives alone and is single, in his 30s at the time, and this was back about 10 years ago? Anyway, his master bedroom on the first floor is where the mortician once worked. Furniture grinds against the wood floors on the 2nd level while he sleeps...yes he checks on it and it is moved all into one corner. That's the freaky stuff. It isn't stuff just falling down due to gravity. There are noises and dishes crashing in the kitchen, and yet, nothing broken. There is sightings of an old woman who is seen just standing on the front porch looking into the front door. There are no homes for miles by the way. His closest neighbor is about 5 miles away. Many other things happened but I forget what they were. I have to find that link. Each city in most areas is very rich in activity. Chicago is HUGE, and has been very interesting. There are so many other countless areas. London is huge and so is Gettysburg...very interesting that one!
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Re: Ghost thread

I haven't experienced anything personally, however....Where I grew up there was a section of a road I traveled that I swear something was amiss.
There was a sharp curve on this road where a teacher drove straight through into the woods and was killed.
Maybe a year later a house near that same curve was having a party and a jealous boyfriend killed his girl and himself in front of everyone. I had driven by just prior to that and within minutes watched as police units flew by to help. (I remember at the time thinking the party had gotten out of control and they were breaking it up)
Then that same winter a guy I knew (worked at a local auto parts store) hit some ice and flipped his Jeep in front of that same house on his way to work. He was ejected and died on the spot. (I actually drove by as they were attempting CPR)

The house we live in now was owned by my wife's grandparents. Her Grandmother was the last to pass away a few years ago, and my wife swears to me she has seen her Grandma walk through the hallway on two different occasions.
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