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Unhappy OH NO!! Not again:O(

Um.....I'm in shocK!

I just found out that I'm Out of Work!!!!

I'm still not sure I believe it!

I was Canned AGAIN..........second time in 5 months!!

Or in the case of company downsizing, LAID OFF is the term they use!!


:O( I guess I should have seen it coming. I mean...it's not like I've been very busy. Hell, it's not like I've been a stranger during the day to Jemsite the last couple months (much to the chagrin of a lot of you, lol)

When I first started it seemed like such a great oppurtunity and solid company! What the hell happened??

I REALLY hate the trends I see developing in this country I love so much, but we can't go there so ya'll just didn't see me type that:O(

I have been asking about lack of workload because I've been having this gut feeling, but they just kept telling me this time of year was the slow season and that it picks up.

Jim: "Mr. President, I'm all caught up. Too caught up. Anything I can do???"

President: "Don't worry Jim, it'll pick up. It's always slow this time of year."

I asked them again yesterday if they had more for me to do. So they gave me more work (like double) starting today and I was like cool! Job security! YAY! I wasn't around here much today because I actually had work to do

So they let me work my ass of today and then conveniently let me go at the end of the day Theres' 40 employees and supposedly they are cutting down to 20. They are sorry but they have to go by seniority............AND because I was too expensive.

What a dumbass I am! (DOH)

Ughhh! It's soooo damn hard to get a job in this day and age! F*ck!!!!!!

Hey Glen......how about a salary package with bennies for your problem child Mod???

Whoa....I just realized I actually found a cure for my GAS!
THAT in itself is an Incredible feat and Just in time for Ibanez 2007

Actually, that's not even funny:O( Though suddenly, a new guitar is the least of my worries!!!

Life NEVER seems to get easier. Always harder!

It really sux sometimes (a LOT of times)

Anybody got a beer????
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Re: OH NO!! Not again:O(

i think its cos u spend all day on Jemsite and not working :P:P:P
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Re: OH NO!! Not again:O(

Well, if you lived in Houston. I'd hire you tomorrow.

That is, if you could pass a DRUG SCREEN.
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Re: OH NO!! Not again:O(

Damn, that sucks, man.

Trust me, the world is going to sh!t.
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Re: OH NO!! Not again:O(

What field do you keep getting laid off from? And remember, atleast you got laid. Lemons into lemonade my friend.
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Re: OH NO!! Not again:O(

I'm sorry to hear that Jim Hope you'll get a new job soon
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Re: OH NO!! Not again:O(

Man, that sucks
I too lost my job today, well in a way
I was happily making the new 2007 Taylor Acoustic line models, since the 100 and 200 series are being cut back in production, and I see the boss (not bob) come by and ask me for a little bit of my time, so we went into the office, I sit down and he starts saying that work production has been cut back, fewer guitars are going to be made.....so he says hes taking me off the body department, my heart dropped to the floor, I said to myself, I can't afford to lose this job, and the fact that I'm not good at anything else leaves me screwed, so I said, "is there any good news?" and he said "actually yes" turns out that he had moved me to the shipping department where they did need people, hours are alittle differenent, but it was better than no job at all. I was very relieved that I still was with the company and the shipping job looks sweet (I actually get to handle and case finished Taylors!), but kinda pissed about the fact that I won't be making them....

Just remember man, I know you have been told this alot of times, but when one door closes, another opens, keep your hopes up, jam alot with your axe to keep the stress off and sooner or later, youll find a better job than the one you had.

sorry for the long topic, I just had to rant about my job situation, whew, I feel relieved now,
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Re: OH NO!! Not again:O(

What sort work do you do? Why don't you make the move to Canberra, Australia (where I'm from). The Government have been looking abroad to fill people shortages to different industries here. We don't get blizzards either in Winter , plus we are close to the coast and snow.
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Re: OH NO!! Not again:O(

Oh Jim that really SUCKS!!! I'd buy ya a beer, or two, or three...four?...whatever it takes.

At least you can get unemployment and take some time to think out next steps. Remember the #1 rule..DO NOT SELL YOUR GUITARS!!!

I know you'll get another job though. Hang in there soldier.
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Re: OH NO!! Not again:O(

Sorry Man,

You'll bounce back.
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Re: OH NO!! Not again:O(

Sorry Jim, that's too much too soon. Twice in 5 months now...jeez. It might be time to consider relocating if there aren't many jobs in Colorado.
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Re: OH NO!! Not again:O(

Sorry to hear that Jim, two layoffs? Ouch

Hope you find a more stable one real soon - they seem to be fleeting now (my dad and a bunch of people at his last job were the victims of a similar cutback). Another one will turn up.
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Re: OH NO!! Not again:O(

Theres allways alot of people out of jobs at this time because noone wants to fire someone over christmas.
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Re: OH NO!! Not again:O(

sorry to hear (again).

but you'll land on your feet sooner than later. in the meantime gets some much needed rest & relaxation and consider moving to the east coast ...glen
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Re: OH NO!! Not again:O(

Damn, sorry to hear that, Jim. I hope you find work soon.....more guitars in your future, right?
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