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Our Careers and why ...

you started playing guitar .

I've played in some cover bands as dio,whitesnake,bon jovi,europe and journey.
Today I'm playing only in dream theater cover and working on my instrumental album wich will be released next year.
Music brought me some really amazing friends.Music brought me brothers.

Most of people started playing guitar because they had a friend who had a band or something,some because of chicks and stuff.I started cause one day going to school with my crap and small mono walkman,for the very first time I heard that amazing sound of a distorted guitar.I'm not shure but I think it was Scorpions-Still Lovin You.I was like WTF is that ???!!!
What an amazing sound !!!
Since that day I couldn't stop playing guitar.I like classical music but I can't listen to it for more than 15 minutes cause there are no guitars LOL

Come on guys open up the book of your musical journeys and let's break the ice of the internet.
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Re: Our Careers and why ...

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Re: Our Careers and why ...

As a young lad growing up in the 70's, I was enamored with KISS. Fire breathing, blood spewing demons were right up my alley. So they brought me over to Rock and Roll. Then the 80's rolled around, and Eddie Van Halen made me want to play the electric guitar. It was then that I discovered Randy Rhoads, and he made me want to learn to actually play the damn thing.

I had actually wanted to get into motocross. I had saved my cash for a new bike, and had even test driven the bike I wanted. But back then, banks were only open until noon on Saturdays. So I had to wait until Monday to go pay for the bike. Saturday night, my older brother got in a wreck on a moped while drinking, and banged himself up pretty good. That was the end of any dreams of motocross. Mom was having none of it after that.

So I took my cash and went and bought a Marshall stack with which to blast my putrid guitar skills. I was the only 16 year old in town with a full Marshall stack!

By 17, I had got into drugs and chasing skirts. The problem with chasing skirts is that sometimes you catch one. By 19 I was married with child.

I never completely put the guitar down, but it sure took a backseat for a long time.

About 4 years ago, the same bug that bit me at 15 was back. It's been growing ever since.

I've actually started practicing on a regular basis as opposed to just playing along with some tunes. I've developed some discipline, and have seen my skills increase. Learning new stuff comes significantly easier than it used to. These days I'm playing about 15 hours a week.

I've also got a decent job to help fund some GAS, and have done so this year (much to my wife's chagrin). So for me, I'm back where I should have been around 19, skill wise, and just having a freaking blast with it. A few of my buddies traveled much the same path, and we're getting together on a semi-regular basis. The wives all swear it's a mid-life crisis. But since my penis still works, and I have all my hair, I'm not buying it

If you actually read all of that, you have my sincere apologies.

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Re: Our Careers and why ...

That's cool Geoff!
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Re: Our Careers and why ...

My dad has always been into rock, so it's been ingrained in my head since day one. When I was three, I knew all of SRVs songs by heart and knew the lyrics to Alice in Chain's "Rooster."

My dad used to play a lot, but he stopped playing for a while (mainly to raise me I guess). But for a sixth grade graduation present, I got my first electric guitar (PRS SE) back in 2004 (I'm a junior now).

Since then, I've had some unfortunate experiences. My "best" friend from kindergarten betrayed me just to form another band without including me a few years ago. And given the fact that there are few musicians at my school who like hard rock (odd, I know), I'm left without many people to play with. Of course, now this once "best" friend is getting to play at parties with all the girls, etc..., and I'll admit, I'm bitter about the situation. He has sold out to playing cheesy jam band music (which he used to tell me he hates; I know deep down he likes much of the same music I do) just to play and "be cool" though. But the whole situation just drives me to practice that much more. Not to mention that playing is my ultimate passion.

Anyways, I'm blessed with some very nice gear, and it looks as if things are getting better on the band front. Through some guys in the "know" around Memphis music, I've met some people whom I think I might be able to form something with. You can't force these things though, so I can only hope for the best.
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Re: Our Careers and why ...

Thanks waylay it's really cool reading about people's lifes.
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Re: Our Careers and why ...

I didn't start at one point but was pushed forward at a few different points.
When I was 10 we were visited by a door-to-door salesman for a local music school. I was a little interested so my parents signed me up. It turned out to be a bit of a scam school that only taught you song melodies and sold you overpriced guitars. This is where I got my Pedulla. Shortly after this somewhat expensive guitar was purchased, I stopped going to this school. The guitar remained in my room where I picked at it from time to time, but left it largely ignored.
Summer of '86 or '87. I had heard Eddie Van Halen play here and there, mostly on MTV from the 1984 singles played on there frequently. Then I heard "Unchained", "Beautiful Girls", and "And The Cradle Will Rock" on a radio triple-shot and suddenly found myself a huge Van Halen fan. Ed's playing seemed like what any good rock music should sound like; loud, fun, and with a real sense of rhythm that seemed absent from others trying to imitate him. I played guitar more often but it was still more a now-and-then thing.
Fast-forward to high school. I got into Joe Satriani in 10th grade after hearing his stuff on MTV. I bought "Flying in a Blue Dream" as a new release if that says anything. The guitar became my other half when my first real girlfriend broke up with me. I realized I could pour all the crap I was feeling into the instrument and it would give back to me. It made me feel better. It gave me another voice and a true means to express myself.
I played in talent shows and what-not in high school and played out in a band after getting out of school. Lots of good times. It really is a gift to be able to entertain people. Not to be weird but it was never about getting chicks or making it big for me. Playing guitar is just part of who I am; like being near-sighted and having brown hair.
I played with the same singer and in the same band up until about 2000. We didn't play out like crazy but it was getting to be like a job and not fun. It was also me doing a lot of the organizing, booking, and general getting **** done in the band. I got tired of the band side of it so much that it made me dislike playing guitar. I called everyone in the band and told them I was done.
Not long after I stopped playing guitar. I went back to school to work on getting an engineering degree. I kept my '01 RG570 and my JS100 but they lived in cases for about 4 years.
I can tell you exactly when I started playing guitar again; October 24, 2005 when Hurricane Wilma crossed my hometown. Without power, there wasn't much to do, so I picked up the old 570 and started playing. After all those years I SUCKED! It took several months to get back into any kind of playing shape.
A buddy of mine introduced me to Kristal about that time, a free multi-track recording program. I still use it. It's not great but it gets the job done. It took a while for the idea to click but the home recording thing really allowed me to open up. I loved the fact that I could get every song I dreamed of on record; that I could make the albums I wished I could make when I started playing.
I'm still going to school but I'm also probably going to be playing out again soon too, both with a band and on my own with my own stuff.
I can't think of a better time to be a musician, honestly. Yeah, I'm sure it's great having a big record company to help promote you and you're but one of millions of "voices", but the freedom to do what you want when and how you want it is amazing! I honestly think the future of music is local. Still, to have a venue like myspace to have the world hear your music?!? If you told me such a thing would exist fifteen years ago I would have told you you were crazy! People in Bangladesh?!? Hearing my music?!? Get the f$%# out of town!!!
Still, I'm just glad I have the means to express myself. That, to me, is the best part of playing guitar.
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Re: Our Careers and why ...

Man this thread should be a stick cause I bet amazing stories will come !
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Smile Re: Our Careers and why ...

ok here igo
I come from a very poor hispanic family,we never had much but we always had music.
My Dad had an acoustic guitar and he would get with his friends and sing old spanish songs together.Dad was always protective of his guitar so i was not allowed to touch it.So at age 14 i went out and got a job at a local grocery store sacking groceries for the summer.I remember working two summers to save for an alectric guitar and a little practice amp.Once i had it, i practiced almost everyday, then came highschool and joined the highschool jazz band. Then after highschool i went to school and came out as a Audio/video engineer.
Always playing with the hope of making a living at only playing guitar.
Now i am 35, married and playing every weekend at my church and with several bands and artist.
Playing guitar has never been about making it or chicks,or money for me.
It is about the feeling you get when you play a great chord or lead. and when after the show people shake your hand and say i enjoyed that.
Playing is like breathing to me.No one can take it away from you.
To me it is a gift from the almighty himself.
Now i come full circle with the opprtunity to make a small living out of playing guitar.
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Re: Our Careers and why ...

cool Robstar !
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Re: Our Careers and why ...

Some really great stories here, thanks for sharing guys!
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Re: Our Careers and why ...

Geoff....apologies accepted good story

Wade....you learned a valuable life lesson. Even the people you least suspect can let you down. Always keep a little of you to yourself for your own sanity and remember, the grass isn't always greener on the other side. I'm confident in that you have a far brighter future than your "friend" Keep your self respect and focus on your goals.
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Re: Our Careers and why ...

Hey if you had time to read you have time to post.
Come on let us know your stories.
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Red face Re: Our Careers and why ...


From my who and what page...


I started singing in chorus in 1978, and then playing bass, around 1982. I quickly realized it was in fact the tool of ignorance. So started playing guitar shortly thereafter...Philadelphia College of Art accepted me and I lasted exactly 2 months, before leaving to pursue music. I taught a limited amount of students for a brief but enlightening time at a local music store in NJ. Right after I started working, my band MISCHIEF really took off. We were a four piece band consisting of 2 guitars, bass, and drums, and we all sang lead, with me being relegated to doing most of the work. We signed a recording deal with Enigma records in Sept 1989. Toured with National acts; Hurricane, Winger, Stryper, but there were so many others. I got endorsed by Dean Markley guitar strings in 1990. At this time you couldn't really get paid gigs, you played for essentially a piece of the door. To my knowledge we were the only band on our particular circuit that didn't have to do that. Regardless of whether ten ot a hundred people showed up we got paid. We finished the record and were in the stages of mastering it, while gearing up for an extended tour of Japan with fellow label mates, Suite Sixteen and Headliner Mass. It was around this time we started hearing how bad the label was doing, and we along with 10 or 15 other bands were really signed to try to pull them out of the toilet. While it was nice to be the kind of band that would make a company think that way, it was already too late, news came down that the label had filed bankruptcy. I carried on as the only original member left, and hired Ex-Suite Sixteen guitarist Dodgie Sans as new lead guitarsit.We became an even better band, and a much tighter touring act for some years. I worked steadily both in my band and with a few key music merchandisers, during the day. I became important in their business, and too self important to know when to quit.


My wife was pregnant with our second child, and we started Laughing Out Loud Candles in 1997. I had some money lying around and thought it would be a nice little diversion for her. She had put up with my alcohol and drug addiction for long enough, that anything she wanted to do was fine with me. I had no idea how big and important her work would become for us! At the same time Dodgie Sans and myself started a new band, SANS. That's right named after him, but I was still the lead singer, and main songwriter. His part was being the best guitarist ever, and just so damn good looking!! We were a five piece band consisting of 3 guitars, bass, and drums. We quickly called in a few favors and signed a development deal with Atlantic Records, and worked on redefining the bands look and sound. Drummer Max Weinberg placed a lot of faith in us and helped us to improve our situation. We played a lot, opening for Britney Fox, Stephen Pearcy, Jake E. Lee and others. We moved the band to North Jersey and changed the name toGLIMMERZ. We continued to develop the band for a possible recording deal, with Atlantic. Feeling like it might not be going anywhere, we made advances to other companies. We broke off from Atlantic, and started working with Elektra after some initial interest from them. The dream it seemed was dead, as we soon parted ways and the band broke up. I had spent 10 years with Dodgie, and we both needed a break from each other.


By 1999 I had 2 children and a wife, but thought it wise to start yet another endeavor. DEAD GUY LIVE, was a three piece band consisting of drums, guitar, and bass. My writing partner in this band was the bassist/co-lead singer Crash Evil. Crash went on to do great things, and was endorsed by Schecter Guitars. We had the support of many East Coast radio deejays, and again signed a development deal, this time with Megaforce records, a subsidiary of Atlantic. Not having enough going on I decided to start my own sound company called SOUND DECISION, this became a company dedicated to the needs of both local and national performers ranging from musical to comedic to artistic. Worked an East Coast tour with Tommy and Shelby Chong (Cheech and Chong), and Michael Winslow (Police Academy Movies). Developed a close working relationship with Derek Tailer (Overkill), Alice Cooper, Joe Lynn Turner (Rainbow), Kevin Kavanaugh (Southside Johnny and The Asbury Jukes). Worked sound and/or lighting for Breaking Benjamin, Theory Of A Deadman, and many others.


An opportunity came up to start a recording studio with a good friend and fellow songwriter who I had briefly worked with, Joe Savino. He had been scoring movies for a while and wanted to take his project studio into a bigger, and hopefully more profitable realm. I had grown tired of the soundman for hire aspect of my life. From the time I was 18 I had been gigging somewhere, just about all the time. I had never spent a Christmas Eve or Day, or New Years Eve or Day with my wife since our first daughters birth in 1992. This seemed the perfect time to settle down while still maintaining a foot in the musical world. Yin Yang Studios opened in 2001, and although I still continued to gig both as sound man and entertainer, I was leaning toward getting on the recording end of things. Producing and engineering bands took a lot out of us, and became more of a baby sitting job than anything. We mostly worked with area bands, and did some freelance work with world renowned City Lights Recording Studio. It was a wonderful time as well as an equally positive learning experience.


My last band gig was in 2001 shortly thereafter was my last gig. We were now expecting our 3rd child. Solo and freelance work along with duo and trio work with fellow and ex-band mates, was always a priority. Live performance had lent itself well to my musical growth. I ran many successful open mics, both of my own and as fill in. I decided to hang up my gigging shoes, and concentrate on our booming candle business. In 2005 we celebrated the birth of our fourth child. I continued to freelance as a session vocalist and musician. I also collaborated, worked for and with professionals, and amateurs alike in a songwriter, engineer and producer capacity through Yin Yang.


I sold my half of Yin Yang to my partner Joe, which wasn't as much as I like to make it seem. We moved our family to North Eastern Pennsylvania because NJ bites. The taxes are so high, and Real Estate is just crazy. We settled in a nice little 10 bedroom, 4 bath house in Scranton. We still run the candle company! CHECK OUT THE COOL LYNX...
Somewhere along the line I started getting interested in playing again. I had pretty much stopped writing songs, although a few did escape. In 2007 I started writing again, and really getting out there to do sessions with various buddies who own studios. I know I still have it, and if I don't I'm good enough to fake it so that no one will know...
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Re: Our Careers and why ...

what ?!
So many lines and not even 1 pic?!
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