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Weightlifting Issues

Alright so I think I've hit a plateau in my weight lifting. I can't seem to build bigger muscles nor increase my strength. This is what my schedule looks like. Of course, I eat 5 small meals a day with a protein shake after workouts.


-Chest, biceps, triceps

-Cardio [HIIT for 20 minutes on a stationary bike], abs/obliques

-Shoulders, back

-Legs, abs/obliques

-Cardio, abs/obliques


Basically just wondering if you have any tips. I usually do 3 x 10s of each exercise. 3 different exercises per body part. And I max out each set.

I'm also not sure how to continue doing cardio without burning any of my muscle away, so tips on how to preserve it is greatly appreciated.
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Re: Weightlifting Issues

Sounds like you are pretty dedicated!!

Good man

Try changing up your routine. Muscle confusion is the key

Also....make sure you're getting enough rest so your broken down muscle tissue can heal all the way. I've made MUCH better gains by not lifting as often! I think that is a mistake a lot of people make is that they just lift too often!

I know it sounds backward, but it's true
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Re: Weightlifting Issues

It is generally advised that you should alternate weights. After a long time of going through the same drill will not work after some point because your muscles and your body get accustomed into it. It's like, every person walks and lifts small weights in their daily tasks but none of them grow good muscles without further exercises right?

Lift a bit less than you normally do for 2-3 weeks then go back to normal, and after 1-2 weeks increase the amount you lift slightly. Trick your body, don't let it get in a routine.

Cardio won't burn your muscle away. If you are overweight you might want to increase the time you spend for cardio but if not, 20-30 minutes of cardio will help you about stamina. You might try interval cardio workout as well...

Hope these help.
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Re: Weightlifting Issues

I used to be quite into weightlifting, not so much anymore but I'm sure things are pretty much the same.

The first think I'll say is that the body absorbs proetein better in the morning so you may want to switch to having your protein shake with breakfast.

The other thing is that you need to make sure you're getting a LOT of sleep, I think I read somewhere that basically when Jay Cutler is training, he eats, lifts and sleeps (and tans )and that's it.

Works for him, it could work for you.

I'd also say that you should REALLY mix up your routine to get your muscle memory confused and make yourself start packing on the muscle again. (and maybe rest wednesday too!)
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Re: Weightlifting Issues

Your mix of excercises is all wrong - i'd divide it like this
chest, triceps, shoulders
biceps, back, abs
Legs, cardio

Excercising 5 out of 7 days is too much unless youre a prefessional athlete. The rest period is when your body actually builds muscle. 3 should be plenty, 4 max. I got pretty big in my youth (sprinting) and rarely hit the gym more than 2/3 times a week.

Reduce reps and increase weight. 10 reps is fine for beginner - intermediate, but it means the weight your lifting is pretty light if you can still do ten in the third set.

Forget about protein shakes, just eat well and lots. Build size and strength first, and worry about leanness and definition after. You certainly dont need to be hitting your abs 3 times a week.
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Re: Weightlifting Issues

I work out 4 times a week.
Have been for the last 2 years or so. But only for the last year properly dedicated. I'm lucky in the respect that my cousin is a body builder, so he has all the tips and advice I need. I am not into it to get "big" as such though, just a nicer size, and more toning and general fitness. I am 6'4, and thats the reason I took it up really, to put on some meat.

But my cousin is near 18st, and he's huge. He eats everything going, no matter what it really is. And as people have already said, he sleeps.....ALOT. He makes sure he gets 10hours everyday.

What I would recommend as a tip though, is heavier weights, but for fewer reps. If you want to get BIG, and pack on muscle, then you want to be doing 6 reps max really.

And the main key is variation. Mix things up alot more. Heavier weights, then lighter weights. Different exercises and lifts too.

And my no.1 tip is to mix-up your cardio as well. Dont just do HIIT on the bike. Play some football one week, or skipping, or a jog.
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Re: Weightlifting Issues

Great thread, also considering the fact that I've grown into excercising a lot these last two years. I've got a question or two of my own.
What I'm into these days is maintaining my stamina (as long as the weather is still gloomy and random, I jog whenever I can) and building muscles - biceps and shoulders mainly, while maintaining my pex and triceps. As the year progresses I want to increase my stamina as well as building muscles. My current programme looks like this:
Every other day - 200 dumbbell lifts per arm (50x4), 40 (10x4) sideways dumbbell lifts. Cram in a jog if the weather allows it. (I've maxed out the dumbbells, I can't go heavier, only lighter :/)
In the days between - triceps, pex and stomach, or rest.
As the weather lightens up, I'm thinking about increasing the jogs to 4-6 times per week, while maintaining the biceps and deltoids-workout to every other day.
Advice to optimise results? Food, excercise, equipment, methodics?
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Re: Weightlifting Issues

Get on the 'roids
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Re: Weightlifting Issues

I was into the whole bodybuilding thing and am slooooowly getting myself back into it.

Here's some things to keep in mind when training.

1. Make use of the 'Negative' reps ->when lowering your weight, keep consistant pressure on the weight by moving it slow.

2. Use supersets ->essentially ONE set of two exercises back to back without a break that concentrate on two different muscle groups. (eg. chest + back)

3. Use forced negative reps -> If you can only bench say 140lbs, get a spotter to help you lift 150lbs going up, but you yourself control the weight going down.

4. One of the things I like doing at the end of each and every exercise as my finishing exercise is the drop-set. This is where you do one HUGE set starting with the heaviest weight you can lift. If we take the bench press using a machine for example. Lets say your max bench is 150lbs for 4 reps, IMMEDIATELY after your 4th rep, decrease the wieght a couple of notches, say down to 130 for another 2-3 reps, then when you can't do anymore, decrease the weight again to 100lbs for another 2-3 and then maybe once more at 60lbs or so for another 2-3 reps. Essentially you have done ONE set of 10-13 reps while keeping the amount of stress on your muscles consistant. Trust me.. your very last drop set will feel just as heavy as the first.

5. Consume more protein, and I mean a lot more. If you look at the diet of pretty much any bodybuilder you'll see that the amount of protein consumed is quite high. It's recommended that you consume 1gram of protein for each pound you weigh each day. So if you weight 180lbs you should be aiming to consume 180grams of protein spread out between 4-6 meals throughout the whole day.

6. Grab a protein shake before bed. Your body does most of it's growing when you sleep and it needs the protein to rebuilding muscle tissue.

7. Avoid overdoing your cardio.

8. Creatine is your friend. Take some 20-30 minutes before your workout along with a pre-workout shake.

9. I sure as hell hope you're not looking into going the steroid route. Instead of steroids which is an anabolic pro-hormone, look into tribulus terrestris which is a testostorone booster(brings it to your natural peak).

I hope that helps. You should look into a magazine called FLEX. It's **THE** magazine when it comes to workouts.

(I think I BS'd enough now.. so I'll keep quiet so you can digest it all)
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Re: Weightlifting Issues

I should also note that maybe you should change your workout on Monday from Chest, Biceps and triceps to Chest, shoulders and tris since they work together as a group when working your chest(bench presses and most other chest workouts are compound exercises which make use of your chest, shoulders and tris).
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Re: Weightlifting Issues

1. HMB (secret weapon)

2. Creatine (mass and reduced burn)

3. L-Glutamine (muscle recovery)

Switch your routine up, eat lots of carbs, canned tuna, etc...

Don't overdo yourself. You don't need to be killing it to get big and gain strength. A very basic workout will do just fine.

There are plenty of websites and sources out there to get you in the right direction.
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Re: Weightlifting Issues

The only supplements I take are protein, multi-vitamins, and Omega 3s. Although I should seriously start taking L-Glutamine too.

I'm training for varsity hockey next year so I figured I should start early to be in tip-top shape.

Well plus I want to look good

I've read that the best kind of cardio to burn fat off is walking and low-intensity ones, but I'm not sure if it's a valid statement.

I'm not looking to become extremely buff. I just want a body that will help me with my game. I've noticed that a couple of months after lifting weights, I've had much harder hits, faster shots, and better balance so that's keeping me motivated.

But anyways... you'd advise switching the grouping I lift weights in as well as alternating weeks with light weights and longer reps with heavy weights and shorter reps?
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Re: Weightlifting Issues

Originally Posted by buddroyce View Post
7. Avoid overdoing your cardio.
Might not have been universal advice - but I'm getting in the best shape possible for my (probably) impending military service, whose results I'll get within a month. Stamina and endurance is a big part of sticking in on the primary post I've been recommended to. That being said, my goal is to get in shape to look good and feel good, apart from not being caught off guard by the service.
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Re: Weightlifting Issues

me - work on abs and triceps and biceps

do at least 10 sets of 10 times doing the workout...Everyday is that bad?
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Re: Weightlifting Issues

Anybody have a diet plan to lose the fat but still retain the muscle?
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