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Where I've been...

Hey everybody!! Just wanted to start a little thread and let you all know why I have not been on patrol lately. I left Kuwait on September 8th for good with the wife and baby Sophia. 53 days of vacation on my way to Camp LeJeune NC. Well, spent a week in Amsterdam and then headed to North Carolina in search of a house to buy. We found a house to buy, made an offer, they accepted. We did the home inspection and all was going well so we went down to Peru to visit the wife's family while they finished up the paperwork. After being there for about a week and a half we get an email from our agent. Something happened in the house (after we were gone) and a water faucet in the upstairs laundry room was left running for a few days. Of course all the ceilings downstairs were collapsed, carpets all soaked, etc etc etc. You can imagine we were quite heartbroken. This was going to be the first home we ever bought. So our agent tells us that the seller intends to fix it for 500 - 1000 dollars and the seller still expects us to take the house. Of course we told her that we didn't feel that would be enough to return the house to the condition it was in when we made our offer. With an 11 month old daughter and a history of upper respiratory problems in the family there was no way we were taking a house with water damage that they intended to just slap some new sheetrock up and paint it. So, they of course immediately threatened to sue. Long story short, we were advised by our lawyers and the bank that we can't buy another house until the seller signs our termination of contract or sells the house to someone else. They are rufusing to sign our termination of contract, refuse to send me a termination with their terms and have relisted the house as fully active and are going to sue us for damages after the house sells. So, that meant we had to leave our baby in Peru with the Grandparents because we have no place to move into. We finally found a rental and we are moving into that next week and will get Sophia back here soon.

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Re: Where I've been...

I'll post some pictures of the damage here soon, just don't have the time to pull them out of hotmail and put them in photobucket and all that while using hotel wifi. We have lived in hotels for all but 1 1/2 weeks of the last 7. As you can imagine it is quite expensive. I did manage to snag a mercedes CLS-500 with all the money we saved in Kuwait. Wifey is picking up her Range Rover today. It is really nice to be finally getting back to work and getting some semblance of normality and routine back in our lives. Also went and voted yesterday, and I am proud of that but ashamed to say it is the first time I have ever voted. On a side note, most of the other countries I have visited, it is illegal for the military to vote due to conflict of interest (Kuwait and Peru both for starters) so that is kind of weird. I'll post a whole mess of pics once we get settled. Just wanted to give everyone an update.
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Re: Where I've been...

Good to hear from you man and sorry to hear about your house troubles and all. As always thank you for your service to our country. *S*
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Re: Where I've been...

just because you offered and they accepted doesn't mean they should be able to sue you, houses can fall out of escrow all the time, it is not the same house you wanted to buy, what you should do is offer to hire your own contractor and have him do the work for how ever much it cost to do it right then the seller can incur those cost one the home. But hey if you don't want it any more you don't want it right?
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Re: Where I've been...

Obviously contracts were signed and your lawyer can't find an out clause. They can't even replace the carpet for $1000 so you know the job won't be done right. If everything isn't completely dry before they cover it it'll be a black mold incubator.

Aren't you glad to be back in the US, dealing with Americans now?

Sorry about the mess dude, you sure don't deserve it.
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Re: Where I've been...

Thanks Cos. Yeah, we are pretty upset about the house, but I tend to have a guardian angel over me and so does the wife, so we figure this is happening for a reason. We were just not meant to be in that house so no worries. I don't think the housing market is getting any better in the next year so it's not like we are missing out on a great deal. And that is likely why the seller is being such a douche and immediately went with the 'we'll sue' option. Bring it on. I can't imagine anyone would look at the pictures we got and would agree to move into it after 500 - 1000 dollars of repairs. On a side note, we also told them to just not touch it until we got back and we would see in person how bad it was. They basically said 'screw you', had it fixed while we were gone, and said it doesn't matter if we like it or not we still have to take it. Wrong answer. Even if I lose a lawsuit, there is no price I could ever put on my daughter's health so they can do whatever they want, we are not taking that house. Pretty much every lawyer and real estate person we talked to said they aren't going to sue and they are just trying to scare us into taking it. Apparently they have no idea who they are dealing with. My being bullied ended somewhere around the 9th grade
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Re: Where I've been...

@Rich and mrjak, yeah, there is a clause in the contract that says if the house is "Materially damaged prior to closing, buyer has the right to refuse the home." So my lawyer said that is really a gold key out as long as a judge looking at the pictures agrees that the home was materially damaged.

And yeah, there is a mold and water damage specialist here whom I called and the said it would likely cost 5-8 thousand to do it right. Of course they already fixed all the damage before we even returned. They were not going to give us the chance to present them with a 5-8 thousand dollar estimate when they can have the local handyman do it for a grand. They just dried the carpets out with a fan by the way. Everything they have done has been very calculated through all of this. The seller is some asian guy who doesn't even live in the state so I am assuming he just bought a bunch of homes as investments and now that the market has tanked he is trying to unload them as quickly as possible.

Honestly, I feel for the seller in the sense that he wasn't even in the state when this happened, so he is getting very screwed too. But the way they have been trying to stiff arm me just made me put the brakes on right away.
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Re: Where I've been...

Sorry to hear all the bad stuff!!

Hope the holiday was good though

What week were you in Amsterdam!!!! We surely can't have missed each other AGAIN!!
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Re: Where I've been...

Glad to see you back! Man, that is a bummer about the house. I looked at quite a few places in the Durham area, and there are some really nice houses to be had for a good price. Good luck with your search!
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Re: Where I've been...

are you stationed at LeJeune cause my brother was there while he was in the corps was an amtrak mechanic.
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Re: Where I've been...

Im sorry to hear about the house and hope you resolve it. Im just glad to hear your home and well, Your the only guy I knew who was in kuwait, I know I dont really know you but you were kinda the guys we see on TV stupid and childish as that sounds. Anyway glad to hear you back home and doing good. I hope you get your nipper back soon too Gilky. HAGO
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Re: Where I've been...

Yeah, they would have little chance of winning any lawsuit against you since the house you signed the contract for and the house as it is now are two different things.

And there is no way that $500-$1000 would fix the damage that you refer to. That only proves that they are having some half-rate hack do the work. If an upstairs faucet did the damage, not only would the sheet rock from the ceilings need replacing, but very likely also the floor from the room the faucet was in. And they would need to strip out the wet sheet rock and let the framing underneath totally dry and/or clean it of any mold or the water from the framing would just transfer to the new sheet rock and it's mold city all over again - although without the visible water damage on the sheet rock. Not to mention that some hack isn't going to investigate and replace any adjoining sheetrock that doesn't show visible signs of mold because these hacks (and the existing owners) just want to patch things that you can see. Forget that there is rot and mold galore behind what they patched.
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Re: Where I've been...

welcome back kev
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Re: Where I've been...

yeah welcome back.
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Re: Where I've been...

Originally Posted by GilkyBear View Post
We finally found a rental and we are moving into that next week and will get Sophia back here soon.
Welcome back, Kev....Godspeed and I hope you are reunited with your Sophia soon!
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