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Thanks for the additional comments - littlegreenman in particular, you seem to be like-minded with me on this. I like the project.
I also like how the guitar sounds and feels.
I would like to find a Cosmo Edge for that price (wouldn't be right to put in a LoPro... =])

Ankhnaten - about the handrest, yes. Exactly. I played a brand new LNG and got to examine the handrest very closely. I thought it was ingenious. It also came at a time when I was more or less just beginning to get my trems floating (started off Eddie VH style, drop only...) and the rest was a brilliant solution to that.
It just goes with a LNG - if you're ever willing to part with yours, please let me know. I could give it a good home on this project LNG... =]

BTW: from what I understand, with the original Jem advertising showing the handrest on all three colours, when the patent infingement became an issue and they stopped installing them at the factory, there was another recourse that few knew about. Apparently, if an individual provided a copy of their bill-of-sale on one of these models that shipped without a handrest, they were sent one to install themselves by Ibanez, to honour their advertising...

Sadly ironic; it had to do with Kahler, and they're kaput now. No infringement left.
Where's the handrests?
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Somebody still OWNS the patent. BTW, it is probably now up, depending on the date the patent was granted.
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Forgive me guys for mentioning this guitar, but I play a couple of Jackson King V Pros, the Mustaines, and they have the Kahler APM3310 bridges on them. It got me thinking about this thread, because the APM is for American Precision Metalworks. My friend says they still hold all the patents that were associated with Kahler. I don't know if it's true, but if they still have the patent, wouldn't it be possible to get it from them? I assume it wasn't a Kahler part, so who actually made the Ibanez ones?

As far as parting with mine, it ain't likely. Not to be mean or But I just like it being complete.
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I think the patent was owned by Washburn on one of their Wonderbar systems...

Handrests are very functional and they have certain "cool factor." Ask Rob Balducci - he has at least one on one of his main guitars.

Make sure though, that if you get one you get the trem posts with the threads at the top. Otherwise you won't be able to install it.

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(Rob has 2 for sure; they're on both of his custom RGs =])
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Late running post in there, but thought I'd mention; the end result of this is, I'm getting the LNG mentioned above for US$ equivalent $415...
Not bad, I'd say.
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Re: Anyone (Rich? =]) want to comment?

Necro-resurrection post here...

BUT I believe this to be a worthy update on this fixer-upper prize.

I've owned this guitar for these several years since originally posting this thread... in that time, I replaced the Edge with a gently used specimen from LGM, got a NOS pickguard (with the newer volume placement that I prefer), NOS yellow knobs and pink switch tip (most of this from Rich =]), and there's another thread around here displaying my handrest construction starting from this project.
As it happens, 14 months later, I was alerted by wemedge of a handrest being sold by a relatively local store, a different one altogether from where I purchased the LNG. I went down, and bought it (for pretty cheap, really), though it was itself a trainwreck (finish kacked, broken spring, screw heads messed up) - but I was comfortable enough with them to affect repairs.

Anyway, about 3 weeks ago, in an awesome happenstance of timing, I got to talk directly with the previous owner of this LNG.
He gave me the scoop on the history, and what portion of the wear and tear came from him, and how much from the original owner.

I'd be curious to get Rich's take on this, to see if he's seen/heard of anything like this previously.

To abbreviate it:
This was an Ibanez employee guitar, one of approximately 12 pieces made outside of the 777-piece run (so it never did have a number/signature), and that previous employee wound up working at the chain I got it from, in a different province's branch.
He became part of a sort of network of employees who did some trading and selling of their personal instruments. This LNG and a blue Floral came to the previous owner at the same time, and both had the same group of changes mentioned (the kill switch in place of the tone knob, and the larger frets) - those changes were apparently made at the LA custom shop.
Some unfortunate circumstances forced the previous owner to have to give up those instruments (along with some others) even though he was quite fond of it - so it came to be in posession of the store chain, its first time being sold through a store.

He send me some scanned photos of it along with some of his other instruments at the time, and I can easily identify it from those, no question.

He kept the handrest deliberately, attaching it to another Ibanez (I believe he told me it was one of the American Masters that he had)...
But, it seems circumstances continued to force him to reduce his collection, and he wound up taking that instrument to a different store than the LNG.
Apparently the store took special interest in the handrest on it (even though it was used/abused), and parted it from the guitar before selling it.
... and, amazingly, that's the VERY SAME ONE that I bought and put back onto it some years back... I'd always had a thought that, although in very different areas of this region of the province, maybe it might have been the one... it was notable because it's one of the earliest versions, the flat-top type...
And sure enough, it's in the pictures he scanned and sent to me.
... and we compared notes and he confirmed that the spring had been busted on it and it was dinged up, hence his willingness to leave it on the instrument he traded/sold to that store.

He was saddened to have had to give that instrument up at the time, but was glad to know that it hadn't gone too far from him... and hadn't been parted out or anything of that sort (one of his worries).
I sent him a picture of it with the changes/'restoration' work I've done to it... he was quite happy about that.

Anyway, that's the story.
Rich, feel free to comment, I'd be curious to know of any other similar things.
This all being the case, this LNG's history is quite interesting in its own way, and freakishly coincidental with the handrest aspect of it.
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Re: Anyone (Rich? =]) want to comment?


[Sorry, just realized it was in caps, but I'm not retyping it ]

Now they can buy whole guitars at employee prices of course, but there would have been no "extra" employee LNG's built, and I have never seen any flat top handrests used on the LNG's, only as spares, which fits this scenario of course.
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Re: Anyone (Rich? =]) want to comment?

Parts guitars...
Makes a good deal of sense.
There's some interesting greetings and such marked onto the neck and body, hidden in the joints and under the original pickguard which the previous owner told me have been there since it was built, apparently.

I've seen several pictures of LNGs with flat-top handrests on them - I was collecting pictures to try to use process of elimination to figure out which one of the 777 I have (yes, that was going to be a looooooong process... a project now ended =])
I'll see if I can identify any by #...

#10 has a flattop by the look.
#12 - definitely a flatty
#32 - definitely, I have an awesome shot of that one.
#44 also...
#46 also... and those are your photos of that one, I recognize the 'film strip' style.
#50 also...
#60 also - your pictures of that one, too
#97 also.
#135 too.
#150 too.
Hmm... #334 does, too...
And #343... it goes on, more than I even remembered.

I'm not trying to push a point - I'm getting a kick out of reexamining these pictures I have... and find it interesting that I DO have pictures of some of the numbers in between these, and those have peak-tops...

Interesting results.

Thanks for the insights, Rich.
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Re: Anyone (Rich? =]) want to comment?

You're absolutely tright. I haven't looked at those pics, or had the guitars in so long, I forgot. I had it in my head they didn't but they obviously do.

Alternate possibility is there were a few show samples made. Thre one shown in Nashville was not signed, it was just a sample. There would have been several for all the major shows around the world. Those would have lots of Japanese written in the right places.
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Re: Anyone (Rich? =]) want to comment?

Interesting - show samples.

But, unfortunately, the writing hidden away isn't Japanese, unless "YUK FU" is some type of Japanese version of pig-latin =]

The other bits are greetings hidden on the body, written in English, in the shallow pocket for the neck overhang, and on the underside of the neck overhang itself.

The parts also carry the proper factory stamping in the pocket/on the neck heel.

Too bad the serial numbers don't tell much about these instruments...
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Re: Anyone (Rich? =]) want to comment?

I'd be betting on parts guitars then.
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Re: Anyone (Rich? =]) want to comment?

.....for 540 bucks just buy it. Cheaper than a 550 and you actually like the guitar -don't worry about value if YOU like the way it plays and sounds.
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Re: Anyone (Rich? =]) want to comment?

I hate to be the one to say it BUT....

This thread is useless without pics! Before and after shots?
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Re: Anyone (Rich? =]) want to comment?

Oh, I did buy it, almost 7 years ago... just after I got this thread going originally =]
I consider it one of my prizes... a gem of a Jem, if I may say so.
Looked like hell, and still does to a certain extent, but the refreshed parts and such really help...

Pictures - excellent. When I first got it, I brought it outside and took pics (35mm, but got a CD of digital images to go along with it)... so, I'll get something set up somewhere for hosting, and show some before and after shots.
That'll be later today or tomorrow, but it's an excellent suggestion... I'm all about picture-taking.
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