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is this forum overmoderated ??

this is where i get banned ....

we are warned this site is very heavily moderated ..... and i know if i dont like it then dont come here, but there are times in my opinion when threads are closed without anyone giving any sort of opinion or feedback, because one of the mods has decided that either 1. My guitar ( which is a 555 and suffers from guitar snobbery on here, but that is another matter ) is not worthy, or 2. what i am asking has been done before.

maybe someone has something new to add to such things as " can i fit an Lo Pro into a 555 " or " can anyone give me tips on setup " or whatever, without mods, throwing there obvious weight around. What ever happened to the personal touch ??

i am expecting to either get this thread, locked, removed, moved, or a barrage of snotty answers.

we shall see.
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Is this forum heavily moderated? Yep. Absolutely.

Over moderated? I guess that's a matter of personal preference and opinion.

[moderator hat off]
Personally, i think one of the great things about Jemsite is that over the years the forums (fora?) have accumulated a vast knowledge base about Ibanez and other guitars, tech/setup issues, artists, etc. That knowledge bank is available to everyone via the search function. (Yeah, the search could stand to be a bit better, but it works... most of the time.)

Part of the moderators' role is to try and keep the signal-to-noise ratio very high. When there's a question that has been asked many times before, wouldn't you rather have all the answers collected in one place? I know i would.

[moderator hat on]
Moderating takes time and effort. It's not something we do because we like to power-trip or we get off on being hard-asses. We're passionate about the community that has developed here and want to keep the quality of discussion very high, so it doesn't degenerate into the boring drivel and same-old-same of so many other forum sites.

But that's just me.

I'm sure Glen will be along with the Official Jemsite Response™ soon.

Oh, and by the way... i can't recall a user ever being banned for having an opinion. (Except for maybe Kevan.)
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thanx for you cander Darren..
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In my opinion, threads that get locked or deleted have deserved it. They were either repeats of other threads or were clearly not relevant. I think the moderators have done a great job. Without them this forum would be full of un-organized/un-relevant info.

If you asked the question "Can i fit a Lo Pro on to a 555?" or " Can anyone give me tips on setup?" you would get an honest strait forward answer. It wouldn't get deleted, unless it was posted in the wrong area. Even then the moderators would just move it for you. Except the setup question. There is a whole area dedicated to that subject. So that may get deleted.

If this site wasn't heavily moderated I probably wouldn't come here. The main reason I do is because it is very organized with hardly any repeated threads. Thanks to all moderators!

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sometimes I think that yes it is (I have seen those 555 and trs threads locked a tad too frequently), but on the other hand, over-moderated is better than under-moderated (just look at!), and I thank the moderators for doing the excellent work they've been doing, and for keeping this place the great resource that it is.
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I am so glad this forum is moderated so much. If it wasn't I'm sure it would crash and burn real quick. The moderators supply order and make discussions so much better. You don't see all the stupid fights and needless posts and what not. I love this forum!!!!
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Remember that the forum is moderated for everybody's sake, not just the new people. Senior members don't often have time to answer the same question each week to a new person. However, that doesn't mean the question doesn't deserve an answer. That's why the Mods are quick to close the thread and point the questioner to the existing thread.

My only gripe is when threads are moderated heavily during disputes where one participant argues a "fact" that another argues is an opinion. This has been observed numerous times during threads that postulate about production totals, relative worth, quality controls, endorsee power and the list grows. I think generally everyone is allowed their opinion (even if they call it a fact) but they are often denied that by a Mod who seeks to enforce his own opinion as fact.

The idea that anybody would ever be banned from this community for disagreeing with a "fact" seems pretty sad to me. But I digress..

I fully support the regulation that keeps this a civil, family friendly, music oriented site. As long as knowledge, love of music, and general appreciation for well-made Ibanez guitars is here, I'll be here
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I like the way the forum is moderated. From what I've seen on another music forums, things go fast from 'Metallica Rulez and Korn Suks' to 'Your mother is a ...'.
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noone's been banned for ANYTHING except breaking the RULES/FAQ
There's plenty of 555 info, but you gotta use the SEARCH engine after reading thru the archived topics. Continue the existing topics as needed. People get annoyed at repeated questions that are asked/answered over and over and over ...glen
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I, too, and probably almost everyone here, is (are?) fans of this site largely because of the moderators. Like the guy before me said, it could easily just be another "Korn-sux" or band fan site, and that would be a mess. I also don't come here looking for the latest place to see Jenna Jameson, unless she's on a And I have been on the recieving end once of a smack on the nose from a few of the people here. But, I was being a moron when I got it. This is one of the most wonderful sites online for people who love guitars in general. Not just Jems. And this site has links to pretty much any answer I ever needed. So, my addition to this thread would be to encourage people to not only use the search function, but to check out the banners at the top of the page for some answers. The Ibanez Rules site has an impossibly detailed page on maintaining your trem, and it opened my eyes to causes of problems I was having with some older trems. Overmoderrated...not at all. I think they just put out fires before they start... There's just alot of little pyros out there that like the site too...
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I love this site and I have to take my hat off to rich, darren, and glenn for teaching me so much and always correcting me when Im wrong. If not for this site my guitars would play and sound like pooh. The 555 threads are getting locked for a simple reason and its not snobby. The 555 is simply inferior to the Jems. The lo pro on a 555 question is the single most asked question on this site almost guaranteed.
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Originally Posted by sniperfrommars1
The 555 threads are getting locked for a simple reason and its not snobby. The 555 is simply inferior to the Jems. .
laffin .... thanx sniper, a first class example of guitar snobbery !! inferior to THE Jem, the last time i looked my 555 said JEM on it wether you like it or not

first off, let me thank everyone for contributing to this thread, second, let me thank the mods for putting thier own valuable time and effort in here, it IS much appreciated , and thanx for your answers
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Originally Posted by athlon
Originally Posted by sniperfrommars1
The 555 threads are getting locked for a simple reason and its not snobby. The 555 is simply inferior to the Jems. .
laffin .... thanx sniper, a first class example of guitar snobbery !! inferior to THE Jem, the last time i looked my 555 said JEM on it wether you like it or not
I agree, that's just snobbery. Whether the 555 is better or worse than any other JEM's shouldn't matter and I don't believe that any 555-threads are being closed because of this.
Right now I have a Telecaster thread going and if any threads should be closed because of snobbery, it should be that one, right? Well, it isn't. Probably because the Jemsite audience is pretty open minded.
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I've only been here about 4-5 months (1 lurking and 4 participating ) and I've seen the "Cain I drop a lo-pro into a 555?" question asked at least 20 times.

That's why there shuold be a FAQ about that.

On the other hand I've only seen one thread being locked without a link/explanation given.
So to recap, the mods don't lock threads out of snobery or power-trips, they do it because it's been discussed before, and most of the time they will provide a link to where it was discussed or tell you to use the search.

As far as guitar snobery is concerned.
The 555 is a good guitar in it's own right, it just isn't a Jem7. Most people frown upon Mexican Strats, PRS Santana SE, Parker 38, Epiphone LP and other guitars like that, because they are lacking the quality and the consistency of their more expensive similar looking models.
Not to mention that the only reason there are guitars like the ones I listed is so the company can make more money.
Just imagine Antonio Stradivari 300 years ago going
"I know my violins are the best, but they are very expensive. Only the good and successful musicians are prepared to buy one and this way I am missing on the more lucrative market of the bedroom wanabees. I can't posibly make enough violins or make them cheap enough for everyone, not to mention that my name will suffer if I start selling substandard violins......................... I know. I'll send my blueprints to Korea and get them to make substandard (by his standard) instruments, put Stradivari Jr. on it and sell them at half the price to mine. We'll make a fortune."
I can't, can you???

I personally love the fact that this site is kept the way it is and once again I want to thank the moderators and Glen for doing a great job.
Thank You.
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This is a rare forum that actually is consistantly civil, extremely helpful, and has a very, very strong sense of community. Whatever formula makes that happen is working and I wouldn't want to futz with it. Saying that, I'd say the mods must be doing a great job.

I wouldn't be quick to call overmoderation on them. I lurked for quite awhile before posting, and even now I read much more than I post. Over time there are a lot of repeated threads, sometimes it seems they're by people who make an account just to ask a question, frequently a question answered many times over in the past. I think that the moderators keep things together well, and I'm sometimes amazed they're as polite as they are about closing the same threads over and over again.
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