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How does the JEM7VWH sound through a Dual Rect ? Muddy?

Hi guys,

I'm sure there are quite a few guys here who happen to own both a DR and a JEM. I'm contemplating on getting a new JEM7VWH which I sold a couple of years back..really regret letting that one go...but I'm just wondering how it would sound thru a DR? The best bet would be to just play one thru a DR but the problem is my local dealer doesn't have any JEMs at the moment and its hard to locate one over here. I've had experience with JEMs..I know roughly how they sound..but I'm just concern over the fact that they might just sound muddy or undefined thru a DR, considering its such a mid rangey amp and the Evos are more or less mid range heavy too. I've never used the JEM on a boogie, used to play it mostly thru a marshall and the Legacy. Its my bet that a more scooped pup like a Steve special might just even things out and get a better mix thru the what do you guys think? And any experience to share, particularly the JEM n DR set up?

Appreciate it!
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The Dual Rectifier is midrangey? I didn't find that at all.
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Oh well, I'm just referring specifically to the channel 2 vintage mode..I know there are a lot of bashers out there against the DR, all abt it being fuzzy and all crappy becos of the 'nu metal' fad...oh each his own I guess
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Never found that problem, nor met a for your question, it's actually quite the opposite. The Recto's tend to need a little more mids pushed up due to the Evolution pickups in the Jem7V. It's kinda a scooped out pickup that doesn't give alot of mids. To me anywayz... So I usually bump the mids on all channels if the Jem7V is used.
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I found the Raw and Vintage modes to be nice and beefy. The Modern mode, on the other hand, i did find to be a bit harsh when the gain is really cranked up, but rolling the gain back to a reasonable level smoothed it out.
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post #6 of 18 (permalink) Old 04-23-2003, 12:18 AM Thread Starter
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Posts: 118're right..I only really dig the vintage and raw modes of the DR...never was a real fan of the modern ..found it very harsh as well..but probably good for heavy rhythm sounds...

I was initially hoping to get the JEM7VSBL, heard so much abt the blowout..but its a pity they don't ship internationally..I'll have to look ard for a JEM7vwh..hope it all goes well with the DR...thanks guys
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I've only played a VWH on Modern mode in a store and it was absolutely terrible. Sounded like a mosquito mating with a dentist drill. Recoiled in terror, ripped the cord from the amp and plugged it into a Soldano preamp and VHT power amp, and all sins were forgiven.
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I found that the Modern mode really gets fuzzy/buzzy when you crank the gain past about 5. The best and heaviest rhythm sounds didn't need exceessive gain... moderate amounts of distortion and careful use of the EQ gave them tons of heaviness but still let the note articulation come through.
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And anyone playing a Mesa before hand, should automatically know going in to play one again, that a Mesa is NOT a plug-n-play amp. There's lots of knob-turning that must be done to get the sound you desire. You hear often that the best sounds usually come in unexpected settings...

The Evolution a mid-scooped pick-up? Pass that sh*t over here and let me take a hit man...
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Like Andy said, a Mesa amp is a musical instrument, not just an amp and you have to treat it as such.

Yes you can make it sound muddy, yes you can make it sound shrill and buzzy, or you can spend time investigating how the controls on a DR interact and get a fantastic rock sound.

Often boogies are designed to work at 12 o'clock, with all the controls half way. You then adjust from the midway position, rather than CRANKING EVERYTHING TO 10.

I personally like the modern channel, the gain just over halfway, treble just over halfway, mids just under halfway and bass about halfway, with the presence to suit the room and the master volume as loud as they'll let you

Personally I think the JEM7 and the Boogie Dual recto are perfect partners in crime
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I've come to find that sound-wise, the biggest thing I love about my JEM is the way it stands out. I've A/B'd that guitar with so many other's now, the last one being an ESP Viper with a Dimebucker...
I thought for sure that the Dimebucker would kill the Evolution as far as gain and balls go....nope.

Even the friend who owns the Viper had to admit, (and he really doesn't like the JEM...), "Yeah man, I can't call your guitar a p*ssy guitar anymore, because it can beat mine up..."

Playing that thing through a Mesa man...more balls than a breeding zone for elephants! The over-tones and mid-spike of the Evolution's just add so much to the amp. In a world of No-Mid-Metal, it's a great contrast.
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As far as I'm concerned I never dial the gain higher than 7 or 8, in fact at 8, its already starting to fuzz. And yes, its never a plug n play amp, I've realised that after the first few weeks that i started using mesas.
Actually, my concern abt the muddiness, its just a worry that with the heavy mid range tone of the Evos, the notes dun come out as defined and articulate when you are doing chords, esp on the Modern channel. I've once used a JEM7VWH with a triaxis/poweramp combo, and I couldn't get that definition I wanted. But definitely, the guitar really sings.

If anyone's familar with Dream Theater's Awake album, that's probably the kind of sound I'm aiming for in terms of rhythm. Lots of balls n chunk, yet the notes are still pretty defined. I know JP used Air Nortons and SS on his guitar then. However, I must say that I would prefer a slightly thicker mid range for the solo sound, that's where I think the Evos will be helpful. I guess its difficult to have everything
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I use a jem7vwh and a triaxis/poweramp combo.I get plenty of definition at higher gain settings.As someone stated,mesa amps are like another musical instrument,you really need to spend some time tweaking.
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Re: How does the JEM7VWH sound through a Dual Rect ? Muddy?

Ops !
5 and half year old post ,but still very actual to me .
My Mesa Combo Dual Rect Road King II is now almost two months old .

First couple of weeks was really panic ,I was desperate !

Jem 7wvh sound was like a sh..t through Mesa , and I want to kill my self spending money on such a crappy amp. Fuzz,buzz,muddy ,no definition , too much dynamics ,you name it .
It was million miles away from Vai ,Satriani sound ,I was desperate .
More,before that I bought and bring back even more worse amp-Express...

Then I sit down and play with knobs,different modes ,channels,tubes ....
Amazing ,new world starts to opened for me.
Then I retube it with JJ high gain tubes ,and found my holy grail tone .

Don't take me wrong ,now,I like my sound better than Vai's sound ,because Mesa gives me more possibilities ,it is endless Ocean of different beautiful tones from raw rock /blues to heaviest metal riffs one can make.

I am using ONLY Satchurator ,with tone zero,gain zero and volume on half.
I bought and bring back Boss GE7 ,I don't need it , and its noisy .
I don't use anymore my old Boss CS1 , I did try bunch of pedals,I don't need it anymore.

With Satchurator , I have endless sustain if I want ,and beautifull feedbacks on command . :-)

And yes,Mesa is musical instrument ,not a plug and play plastic toy.

So,I'll never sell my Mesa , 7VWH simply shine through it ,and can make every sound I want, I mean,really almost everything ! Neck pickup,single one,bridge one -are three different worlds,three different sounds , endless combination altogether with amp possibilities.

On the end, I can say I am finaly happy with my sound(but still to work on it for a many years..) and Jem and Mesa are two full blood, musical instruments ,making amazing combination I'll never let it go.
On the end ,I am too old to that anyway ,but it was really pleasure to find out brand new World of sounds.

It was my 2 c ,maybe will help o someone ,especially new Mesa/Jem combination owners ...:-)

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Re: How does the JEM7VWH sound through a Dual Rect ? Muddy?

A dual rec is a muddy amp to begin with. When you combine it with a fuller-sounding guitar like a 7VWH, any heavy riffing getts easily muddied. Because I do a lot of recording on professional equipment, I use an Engl Fireball which has a similar tone but a much tighter, more responsive low end.
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air norton , air nortons , amp combo , dual rectifier , dual recto , evolution pickups , mesa amps , power amp

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