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post #1 of 30 (permalink) Old 09-15-2002, 08:46 AM Thread Starter
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I used to have a JEM

Until I sent it to get the headstock refinished, the nut crack repaired, and while it was out made the BIG F**KIN MISTAKE to go "ah, well why don't you re-fret it while you're at it" Paid in advance, got it back 3 months, yes THREE MONTHS later. Bolted that puppy back on and not one stinkin fret didn't buzz - unplayable. The frets were everywhere, glue all over everything, and crap under the clearcoat on the board.

I contacted the guy who did it and he wanted me to send it back to be re-done properly. Here's a tip: DO IT RIGHT THE FIRST TIME! I am so pissed off I can't even see straight. And of course, when you give a crap about doing something someone paid for, you don't bother to check it before you ship it back and go to Europe for the summer! I'm in business. I'm not in business, I'm in business, well you get the point. What I got was "send it back to the same dope that messed it up in he first place".

No thanks - send me back my friggin money and I'll have someone who KNOWS what they're doing repair it.

Now It's been with my local guy for the last 10 weeks who is going blind trying to file the frets back, but they keep moving on him when he checks it because someone didn't seat the frets properly. Now the clear is all torn up because of the tape, the frets look so uneven.

Here's another problem - why am I the one chasing everyone to get this done? Not even a "hey did you get that straightened out yet" e-mail. I paid up front and had to chase after him to get an answer like "well I'll compensate you when I get back" - you know what, you've been back for a few weeks and I've heard nothing other than bitching about Jemsite advertising - you know what? Keep the $150 - you apparently need it more than I do. Why am I not getting any business out of Jemsite? Because you can't destroy guitars and get a good reputation doing so, and then acting like you don't care. And the guy actually responsible for this is going to build up his own business? What, the firewood business? Is he gonna charge to render guitars useless? Were did he go, the Fisher-Price school of luthery?

I'm tired of this crap, I'm tired of expecting the right thing to be done and getting the "I don't give a s**t" attitude - like it's my fault.

And here's another thing - can you re-fret a guitar properly with just the neck? Wouldn't you have to tweak it after, and need the rest of the guitar? And if so, wouldn't you know that?

Anyone else have this problem? ANY advice? I have a DSY JEM that I paid $735 for and have $700 into in new everything (pups, guard, hardware, knobs) which I know, I know is not smart to begin with, but if I can't get this thing playing....

I am leaning towards taking this to someone to get it completely re-fretted
- can anyone tell me why this can't be done? I am on track to have the most expensively worthless JEM ever.

What a bunch of crap. Any advice would be appreciated.

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Sorry to hear this man, check your PM again, I just replied, I have been there too, I know how it feels bro
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Its actually common if you send the neck to be refretted that they dont come back level, because whoevrer does the refrett doesnt have a body to compare height to. But the frets wobbling and the clear being all screwed up is probably not excusable.
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post #4 of 30 (permalink) Old 09-15-2002, 06:33 PM
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The truth is, you can do a perfectly acceptable fret job without a body, you simply have either a "slave" body, ie, a 2x4 that the neck bolts to with some strings, or you do it like I do, use a neck jig to hold the neck in proper alignment. When I did the chrome vine DBK neck, I had to refret obviously, well, Patrick wanted the frets shaped differently, something that normally the body would be wanted for, but, I jigged it, and from what he told me, the fret job was perfect, I never had a body for that. Just careful measuring, take some time, and make damn sure the frets are seated!!!!!!!!!

The sad part here is that, if he started filing without having the frets seated and tight, he screwed up as bad as the first guy, because they will never be level now. They have to be seated and tight first.
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post #5 of 30 (permalink) Old 09-16-2002, 10:16 AM
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I'm right there with ya.

I sent in a guitar to the same source for some routing, a refinish, and rewiring. Over 8 months later, I got back a gutiar with good routing, a poor but passable refinish, and completely non-functional electronics.

Much like you, I had no inclination to send this guitar back to the guy who did this to it in the first place, to wait who knows how long for what now seems wil be assuredly unsatisfactory results. I never even asked for that option, which is why I never posted about it here..seemed unfair to bash someone without giving them the chance to fix the problem. To me, it's pretty obvious when you send a guitar back to someone with completely non-functional electronics without really mentioning it just what kind of impression that's going to make. Not the best way to promote your new busines.

I'd suggest going with a total refret. If the frest weren't seated properly the first time, they're only going to get worse with time. Put the bad experience behind you and get it done right, and at least you'll be able to enjoy your guitar again.
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It's a sad story ... I very feel bad for you... I was about to give my jem to a tech and now I'm afraid to do it. (I know there is some good repair shops but...).
Tomorow is a new day!

We are with you!

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Thanks guys! I always feel like I kill my own posts, so it's nice to hear something! I am leaving now to pick it up and take it an hour away to yet another guy in Utica, New York so he can (hopefully) just refret the thing properly.

I just want it back & playable and didn't think that was alot to ask from a so-called professional.

Lesson learned and I know more about fret work than ever.

Jeremy, thanks for your help and response also! You don't need another headache from someone else's crappy work.

Will advise when done.

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Sorry to hear about your ordeal, that sucks! Unfortunately, now you're going to have to spend extra money just to get it playable again. Did I read this right, there's two of you that had had a bad experience with this particular tech? Who is he, and where is this guy located? Report him to the BBB and check out the possibility of small claims court.
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post #9 of 30 (permalink) Old 09-17-2002, 03:57 PM Thread Starter
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Extra money seems to be the key term with my ordeal. It was $150 to the original perpetrator (a Jemsite advertiser in the upper LEFT box), my guy who I took it away from before he had all the frets filed to nothing and paid him $75 just for trying, and took it to a 3rd guy an hour away yesterday who says he'll pull these, level the board and sand the lacquer off the fret board (yep, LACQUER!) which was all peeled off from the tape the 2nd guy used. What a friggin mess. The guy who has it now wants $250 to do the job and says he'll have it done this Friday if he doesn't find anything else messed up with it.

If I'm any good at math, the fret cost for this thing is now $475.


Money back from the first guy doesn't look good.
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post #10 of 30 (permalink) Old 09-17-2002, 11:13 PM
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Ouch! That sure is a costly fret job. It seems these days that you just can't trust anybody. If you're in the guitar repair business... you should be able to work on guitars. Or is this too much to ask? The level of incompetence must be at an all time high. It seems that everywhere you go, there's always some idiot that does'nt know how to do his job. What really makes me mad is when those same idiots screw up, and you actually complain, they look at you like it's your fault. WTF!!!

Good Luck.
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post #11 of 30 (permalink) Old 09-18-2002, 08:29 AM
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Mark DY,
I've been following this thread and I'm sorry your going through this crap!
But what seems worse is the possibility that someone else will go through the same thing you did because we did not IDENTIFY the businesses that screwed you. I don't know about the rest of you guys but it really bothers me that a unnamed advertiser on Jemsite may be the culprit here. I know that Jemsite cannot police everyone (and shouldn't have to) but if a company (individual) has a track record of inferior/poor work, etc. we should document it so some other member doesn't get hosed

Jemsite is such a cool place with tons of great/honest people and I think that (at least for me) the natural reaction to an advertiser on Jemsite is "hey, they must be cool too and do great work". I mean we all know LMG and IbanezRules rocks - we know and trust these guys. BUT, we don't know everyone. What do you guys think? I'd sure like to know who screwed you....
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post #12 of 30 (permalink) Old 09-18-2002, 09:28 AM
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hear hear.
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this very disturbing and disappointing

Mark - please check your PM... glen
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post #14 of 30 (permalink) Old 09-18-2002, 02:02 PM
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I'm sorry to hear about the whole ordeal. What sucks is that you have to pay some MORE money to get the job done. What sucks for me, is that I feel for all of you that ask for mod corrections/fixes. What I mean is I feel terrible asking for payment AFTER you already paid for the job to begin with. BUT, I do have to charge for the fixes. I don't charge as much because usually, I can not make ALL the necessary fixes.....too far gone sometimes....but I do what I can.

I've been asked to do refretting jobs and I ALWAYS refer them to LGM. Why? He is simply the best I know of and I can not do better....(yet ). If I CAN'T do something, I will be up front about it and I always speak the truth. I have been delayed, mostly from the amount of work I take on, BUT I guarantee my work, and I would HATE to have a thread started about me like this.

Oops...this became a little plug for me....

I will not knock others work, but I will praise others and I have YET to see unacceptable work from LGM.
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post #15 of 30 (permalink) Old 09-18-2002, 05:39 PM Thread Starter
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Well I can say that after 5 months of this crap - I finally drove the thing an hour & a half away to a guy in New Hartford New York, Monday at about 3 PM (5PM if my boss is seeing this). He called me this morning and said it was all set. Completely refretted with jumbos, sanded (I cryed) the fret board - it's so bright! In less than 48 hours, this guy stepped up to the plate and did what I wanted all along - new frets with a clean maple board.

I totally understand that all would want to know (and should) who made the mistake in the first place. I'm trying not to blame people for mistakes (which happen), unless I'm unfairly dealt with. Well, that doesn't work because if I bitch at all, it's a problem.

Let me put it this way:

I hope that in the near future, I can honestly report that although a mistake was made by Universal JEMs on the re-fret of my guitar, I was fairly compensated by them for the proper repair of the guitar.

Just so you know what an idiot I am, and can share the same laugh all my friends are having at my expense (pardon the pun) - the final tally on the DSY JEM refinish project from hell:

- 1990 Ibanez JEM purchased on E-Bay for $734.25
- NOS Pink dimarzio pups (the good ones) $150.00
- New Original Edge trem $179.76
- Refret (1st one) $150.00
- Neck stress crack repair $60.00
- Headstock refinish $30.00
- Set NOS green T&V knobs (the good ones) $28.00
- New Pickguard $30.00
- New cosmo in line tuners $63.00
- New cosmo pressure pads & nut bolts $24.00
- Cost of 2nd attempt to repair - fret dress $85.00
- Cost of final total refret $260.28

FINAL COST $1,794.29

Folks, do not try this at home. I'll keep you posted.
In the words of Chris Farley in Tommy Boy, "I'm retarded".
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chrome vine , dimarzio pups , ebony board , edge trem , fret board , fretboard radius , ibanez jem , neck bolts , stainless frets , stainless steel frets , steel frets , truss rod , truss rod cover , warmoth strat

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