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I'm new here, need pickup suggestions ! - I just bought a 77


I'm new to this forum. I've just bought a Jem777VDY and it's a great player, but needs
help with pickups. The guitar's pickups have been changed from the originals. The neck
pickup is an unknown Dimarzio and the bridge is an unknown Seymour Duncan. The
single coil is still the original. I understand that this guitar came equipped with Dimarzio
PAF Pro's. Would it be a good idea to install these back into the guitar, or do you have
any suggestions. The neck pickup sounds ok, but the bridge pickup is very thin and harsh,
and just get's worse with the single/bridge mix. It is totally useless in that position.
I'm looking for a pickup that handles distortion well, but can also clean up and be dynamic
with the volume control. I use the volume all the time, for different tones and feel. The pickup
also needs to be splittable with decent results, so that I can use the single coil feature.

I'm not very familiar with Jem's.....this is my first one. I normally play Hamer USA guitars,
I have three Studio's, a Mirage, a Standard and a Californian. The Jem is my only non-Hamer
guitar. I play through Peavey amps.......a TripleXXX, 5150II, 5150, 5150 combo, Classic 100
and Classic 50 410.

Thanks in advance for any help, and the opportunity to introduce myself.

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I'm new here, need pickup suggestions !

First off, welcome to the forum! and congrats on the VDY!!!! *(never forget the Y and tell people you just got a VD though ) *

as far as pickups go, what you'll find here, is pickup choices are as subjective as what brand of underwear you have, and what you'll also find here, is a lot of us aren't wearing any pants! LOL J/K

anyway, I like the PAF PRO's, I have them in three Jems, but I also love the Evolutions, they are a very hot pickup, and I think they are very good for many tones. *Others dissagree. *I also have a guitar with an air norton, and a steve's special, I think they suck! LOL, *from what you are describing though, I think you may be interested in the Breed pickups, which, to me, suck, but lots love them. *I just think they are to sizzly. GOOD LUCK!
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I'm new here, need pickup suggestions !

Welcome to the forum

IMHO the PAF PROs are a dynamic pickup with a wide range of sounds. They are a good starting point for DiMarzio pickups. It's a matter of choosing which pickup is best suited for your needs, and test driving them. There has been ALOT of pickup discussion here, so i suggest doing a forum search for "pickup" or "dimarzio" or any other specific pickup you're looking into. Good luck... glen
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I'm new here, need pickup suggestions !

You can find out what Dimarzio pickup is in there by looking underneath the pickup and finding the 'DP' number. *Then go to DiMarzio.com and find out which it corresponds with. *it's probably the PAF. *The PAFs are great in the neck position.

It's hard to give pickup recommendations without knowing what your application is - do you need a rock guitar, a ballady guitar, an all-purpose guitar?

The middle pickups in Jems suck. *Fact of life. *There are lots of alternatives. *

I need a good all-purpose guitar since I do everything from Weddings to bar gigs - Alice in Chains to Shania Twain to Frank Sinatra. *I use an Evolution in the Bridge, a dimarzio VirtuAL 2 bridge (single) in the Middle and the stock PAF in the neck of my Jem bfp. *it's a great combination for any situation.

The only thing it doesn't do well is jazz...but neither do I.

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I'm new here, need pickup suggestions !

I've got to be the only guy who likes the middle pickup in the JEM. The middle and neck-middle positions give the JEM a lot of its versatility, it lets it play some spanky SRV-blues as well as funk.. The middle-bridge position sounds surprisingly warm and has a lot of quack as well.. ala Boston Rain Melody. Before buying my VWH I spoke with a guy who had one and used it almost exclusively for jazz. Apparently the neck position EVO works great with thick strings (11s or so) for jazz music. The only tone I wish I had (which would complete the package) would be a vintage strat kind of vibe.. But coming from a shredder type guitar with a floyd rose, that's not gonna happen. Now if there was a way to fit an EVO, sustainer, and a Lindy Fralin vintage hot all in the neck position I'd be a happy camper
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I'm new here, need pickup suggestions !


I am in a two-guitar coverband that plays mostly hard rock and metal tunes. I handle most of the rhythm
chores, and throw in a lead from time to time. I need a good, all-around pickup that handles the
grind well, yet will clean up a bit without being abrasive or harsh.

All of my other guitars are of mahogany construction, and the only basswood guitar that I have
ever owned was a Peavey Wolfgang (I loved the pickups in that guitar).

I'm not new to Ibanez guitars, though. I used to own a S540 (for a very long time) with burl
mahogany body, and a S440. I used to also own a Ibanez Artist Randy Scruggs with the vine
inlays (just like my Jem).

I'm interested in the Evolution pickups, but I have heard that these pickups sound best with a
processed sound. I'm not much into a ton of processing, preferring to plug in direct with only a few
effects. I have also heard that the Paf Pro's sound very thin and un-dynamic, so I wanted to hear
your guy's opinions. Most of the opinions I've heard, have been from people that installed these
pickups in guitars other than Jem's, and I'm not sure if you can judge pickups, without actually
trying them in the specific guitar. Let's face it......a Jem will sound much different than a Jackson
or Charvel with the same pickups.

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I'm new here, need pickup suggestions !

I'm a 'sound processor', so i can't give you an honest answer about plug 'n play...

I've heard nice things about the Seybour Duncan JB...anybody have an opinion?

Krem, I'll put my BFP clean/blues sound up against a vintage strat anyday of the week.
The main problem I have with the jem single is that the volume dropoff is too great. *If I were to make a pre-amp preset specifically for when i was using that pickup (or a combination) and pumped the sh!t outta the volume, it might be useful, but I switch back and forth a LOT and it just doesn't cut it for me. *

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I'm new here, need pickup suggestions !

I Thought everyone was starting to use Evolutions?
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I'm new here, need pickup suggestions !

Good point Kenny, the volume drop is indeed a pain. I usually use the middle positions on my Mark IV's orange channel, so rather than losing any volume I just lose some gain so it works well for me. I don't doubt your BFP is a great blues machine, I'm just a major strat lover For clean tones I like single coil pickups with relatively low output.

I have a Duncan JB in the neck position of my Les Paul and I can't say I like it. It can get muddy, not very articulate, too flubby in humbucking mode, and a little too thin when tapped. I wired up the LP so there's a pot dedicated to tapping the JB; at 0 it's fully tapped at 1 it's running in series (not tapped at all). I usually leave it at about 3 and it gets a pretty good tone there, but if I were to do it again I think I would get a Duncan Jazz Model.

I only have a PAF Pro in the neck position of my JS. It's very warm and tubey, and gets very smooth when distorted, but when it comes to clean tones I'm really a single coil kinda guy.

I love the EVOs in my VWH, they're very articulate. When you strum a chord, even with distortion, you can pick apart the separate notes. It might not work for some rythm work because of this, but I love it.
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