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JS vs. JEM

Whats your opinion on the Satriani Models? How are they in comparison to the jems?As I'm looking for a serious Shred guitar, those two seem to be the best arround.
Also, would you consider the Jem 7v as the best jem model?
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JS vs. JEM

The best JEM model depends on your wood/pickup/neck/bridge preferences. *The differences between JS and JEM:

# of frets
Headstock (tilt vs. no tilt)
Bridge (in some cases)

Really your personal preferences on this one.

(Just wait for Rich to get in here lol)
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JS vs. JEM

Personally, I prefer JEMs, although they are both absolutely superior guitars.
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JS vs. JEM

I prefer Jems myself as well. *I dont care for the necks on the JS models as much, and I just like the style of Jems. *If you are interested in a mad shredder......check into the 7DBK. *The thin and fast super wizard neck delivers!
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JS vs. JEM

The best thing to do is to play both the JEM and the JS, side-by-side, and decide which model best suits your style and what you are looking for. Because they are very different guitars, this may be the only way to find the answer to your question.

And yes, the 7VWH is currently the high end JEM.

Good luck and happy hunting!
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JS vs. JEM

I've had a JS-1000, which was GREAT. I now have a Jem7VWH, which is STELLAR. In a month I'll have finished my 7vwh Custom, which should be going of the scale. ... :biggrin:

There is only one problem. You are not me. So go to your local guitar toko and give'm all a try.
Quality-wise, there is no diffrence, you cant go wrong on either. Feel and preference is up to you.
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JS vs. JEM

I bought a JS10th Chromeboy some time ago. It's a great guitar, no doubt, but since I bought my 7VWH I've bene playing the JS less and less. The JS might be a great guitar, but the JEMs are just outstanding.
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JS vs. JEM

I have owned both a JS1000 and a Jem7vwh and I have to say if your looking for a good shed guitar the Jem is the way to go if you are only looking at these two guitars. The Satriani of course does a good job of it but its a little more traditional in feel and sound. The Jem I think covers all the bases very well it can get traditional sounds and it can be a shred machine. Both guitars are great but from what you said your looking for I would say the Jem is the way to go. But that's just my opinion
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JS vs. JEM

a good rule of thumb:

Don't expect completely objective opinions when posting a comparison question on a forum dedicated to one half of it. *That's like going to the Dream Theater fan site and asking Dream Theater or Fate's Warning? * With that said, I too prefer JEM's over JS guitars. *
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JS vs. JEM

Personally, I prefer the Jems. Both are quality guitars, and I've played many of each. The Jems suit my taste and style better. I recommend that you play both through rigs that are similar to your own, and choose for yourself. If I had to recommend one guitar, the choice is crystal clear... 7VWH!!! *--rvj
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JS vs. JEM

is the next question gonna be: who is the better shredder, vai or
getting back to the post, I like the feel of the Js body/neck better
but the neck pickup tone of the Jem is great that the Js can't quite
get. Like the others say, down to personal taste.
If you can afford both, then get both
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JS vs. JEM

Well I use to own 13 JEMS and 3 UV's and now own 7 JS guitars. Both models shred without a doubt. The JS has more tone options though because of the coil split and hi-pass filter (which by the way is amazing when you turn down the volume it keeps it clean and sparkly on tube amps). Now these are things that can be moded on a JEM so I would not base my opinion soley on them. Majority of JEM guitars have PAF's in them so you SHOULD feel at hom with the tone of the neck pickup in the JS since it is a PAF unless of course you are looking at a DBK, VWH, JEM10, JEM90, or BSB.

I played JEMs for a long time but when I got my first JS guitar it was just incredible. The body just "conforms" to you and with the neck being a little "thicker" the harmonics are a bit more rich in tone (luthier fact: the thicker the neck, the better the harmonics) Thats why Eddie gets those insane harmonics . Plus if you get the multi radius fret board you get the lower action (yes my fellow JEM fanatics it can get even lower!!) lol

I always thought Rich was nuts but turns out he was right!! (At least for me). When it all comes down to it though, just sit down with your amp gear and a JEM and JS and play em' both. Make sure you listen to the tone because things like action and intonation can be adjusted if its not "just right".

Hope this little ramble helped in some way!! Happy hunting,

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JS vs. JEM

I'm another one who sits in the "both" camp. I've got JS and JEM guitars and really wouldn't like to have to say which is best. :idunno:

If it really did come down to it, the "only one guitar" thing, I would go for the JEM, for 2 reasons. Firstly the extra 2 frets in case I ever needed them, and the availability of the AANJ again just in case.

Having said that I've currently got more JSs than JEMs but play each kind about as often as the other. Ironically at the moment my main players are both RGs :rotf:
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JS vs. JEM

IMHO, if you can afford only one guitar right now, get the 7VWH. You'll love it! You can always get a JS later.

I personally have a 77FP and 7VWH and am still considering a JS1000 (probably a BTB). Reason? I love the JS's rounder and lighter body - it's a very comfortable guitar to gig with! Much better than a Jem, if you ask me! And I love the JS neck. I normally don't like thick necks very much and the JS neck is quite a bit thicker than the 7V's, but the JS neck is GREAT. I actually prefer it over the Jem neck.

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JS vs. JEM

Shredder meaning lots of distortion and agressive feedback and harmonics? JEM, definately.

The JS has a more versatile, smoother tone.

Then there's the 7V which has totally different woods.

I'd say the JEM for the shredder unless you're really looking for a unique tone.
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coil split , fret board , jem neck , neck pickup , neck pickup tone , shred machine , super wizard neck , tube amp , tube amps

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