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Posts: 10 it right for me?

Hi, I was playing a newer JEM the other day, the new blue one, and I really liked it, I mean, literally loved it, it was perfect for my hand, felt so damn good, and the action was PERFECT. Anyway, I've always wanted a JEM7VWH every since I found out that it was Steve Vai's signature model. And it looks amazing to boot. But here's the deal, I need a new guitar, and the one's I was looking at were a Jackson SL-2, the american made one, really damn nice BTW, that JEM7VWH, and a Gibson Les Paul, I probably won't go for the Les Paul for now. The music I play is black metal, very similar to Opeth, lots of chording, fast chording, things like that, but I twist it up a bit, I do shred soloing and lots of sweep picking, which the Jackson and the JEM are suited for. But the thing is, I just want to know if the JEM would be able to keep up with the Jackson as far as rhythm stuff goes, that's the only thing that bothers me. Also, I currently play an Ibanez S470, it's one of the ones before they used the squiggly lines for fret markers, and the trem pissed me off so much that I had it blocked, even my guitar tech who's been doing guitar work for 25+ years had trouble getting it in tune and to stay in tune. Is the trem on the JEM easier in comparison to get in tune and stay there? I think that's it for now. Laterz /,,/

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The VSBL (the blue one) and the VWH are basically the same guitar with some minor cosmetic changes. They should sound the same. If you liked the VSBL you played, you'll like the VWH most likely. Your S-series most likely had a Lo-TRS which is far inferior to the Lo-Pro of the JEM series. You will not be disappointed in it.
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Yes, but will it be able to keep up with a Jackson SL-2 Soloist? That's my real question, because I can go two different routes, I can get the American made neck-thru Jackson SL-2 for $1,600, or I can get the Ibanez JEM7VWH for $1,600, it's not a matter of which one costs less or anything (same price), but a matter of how well it holds up in my style of playing. Laterz /,,/

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You have to try it out by yourself dude, i personally prefer the VWH but thats only my $ 0.02. Play them both and then decide.
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If a lot of your stuff is heavy rhythm, you might have my kind of problem with the single coil on Jems. My rhythm style (palm muted fast chugging like Metallica/Megadeth/Slayer) makes my pick always hit right where the single coil is. I'm giving the JEM7VWH another play on Friday when I'm going to Guitar Center and Chuck Levin's WMC. Guitar Center gets a lot of **** around here (and everywhere basically) but they have some HUGE sale and I just might have to check out the price on a VWH there. But I'll probably post what I play there and how I liked the stuff.

By the way, Jackson's and Ibanez's are 2 of my fav guitar companies. Can't go wrong with em. My other fav is Ernie Ball/Music Man. I have a trans blue Axis and I just love it to deth.
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You can always lower the single-coil to level with the pickguard. And even disconnect it and re-wire if you want.
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It's not that, I really don't want to sound like I'm bragging here but, I'm a VERY precise player, I'm as accurate and clean picking as Petrucci or Malmsteen, I spent all of my time developing speed and accuracy when I learned how to shred and sweep pick. I'm very good at what I do, hitting the pickups is not a problem for me, I always only pick with the pointed edge of the pick and just barely go below the string, very very precise picking. But that's me. I have no broblems with hitting anything besides the strings. It's just a matter of can it handle heavy ****, like Metallica mixed in with Pantera mixed in with Opeth? Basically heavy ass riffing lots of moving around, harmonics, shredding, sweep picking, things like that. I know how the Jackson performs for this style, and to me, I honestly would have to say that the SL-2 and the JEM are pretty much the same, as far as quality and application goes. But there could always be that one thing that the Jackson could do but the JEM couldn't, and vice versa. They are the same price where I'm at, so I just need to know which you guys think would be a better buy. I know it's up to me in the end, but I like to have a heads up before I spend lots of cash. Laterz /,,/

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Have you looked at a DBK?
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You'd probably have to compare them side-by-side. Pickups will play a major factor in your decision as well.

Off the top of my head, i would intuitively say that if it's a really heavy, tight rhythm sound you're after, the neck-thru Jackson will have more solid bottom end. Bolt-on guitars like the JEMs have a more open, snappy sound to them.
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demon, check out the RG3120. It's got a mahogany body with a flame maple top, maple neck with a rosewood board. The ToneZone bridge p/u and the mahogany body will get as heavy a rhythm as you want. You'll find more info at the next forum down the list.

PS: Rich always has a few for sale at the swirlie banner on the top of the page^.
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If you are going to buy a Jem for sure, You can probably buy one from ebay or somewhere else online for a lot less than Guitar center. Granted you won't see the guitar you buy until you get it, you could save yourself some money... I bought a 7DBK and a Jem7VWH for $300 and $400 off, respectively, both brand new, dead mint condition without playing them first, and both are perfect guitars.
I thought I saw something about always hitting the single coil pickup... If I'm wrong I apologize... I'm at work and it's almost 3:00 am. But just lower the pickup if it's a problem... I hardly every use mine.
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Another Opeth fan! Cool! Anyway:

The trem:
Years of a buse of lo-pro edges (as found on the jem) have shown me that this trem system is king. It is just so smooth and does stay in tune (no, really, it's excellent)

The guitar:
I bought my Jem for the neck. It is ridiculously playable, and I think more so than the jacksons I have tried, but that's just me. Pickup wise I'd say that that evolutions aren't really to my taste, but that's because I think they're not dirty enough, very clinical pickups. On the other hand, evolutions are good for practicing, as they make everything nice and clear

In all, the jem will be able to take the abuse so the choice I think is down to personal preference.

Good luck!
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And if all else fails, go on feel, get a used one for cheap, and swap out the pickups to your choice.
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Well, then it's settled, I went to Guitar Center in Austin, Texas yesterday, played a JEM7VWH, and for some reason I feel that I should get this before getting the Jackson Soloist. Even though it's not a "metal guitar" I think I have proved that otherwise. I could handle everything I threw at it, and sometimes a little easier to play the things I play, than on the Jackson. Jackson's have that thicker neck with the paint on the back of the neck anyway, not a problem, just the JEM is a faster playing neck, I like that. Now here's the deal. I get this thing, I was thinking I would end up picking one up from Ibanez Rules or on eBay or even the classified ads on here for JEMs. When I get it I will definitely change at least the bridge hummer, but to what? On my S470 that I have, I changed the axis2 to a DiMarzio Steve's Special, high output, very clear, pretty well balanced, but I would like something with a little more clarity. Someone was telling me about Seymour Duncan Pickups, but I know nothing of them, I'm more of a DiMarzio guy. So can anyone here suggest anything pretty much like the Steve's Special, but a little heavier, either brand would be fine, just something that would work well with the neck hummer and the alder body. Remember, heavy and clear. Thanks for all the comments BTW. Laterz /,,/

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I'm assuming you're anti-EMG. But figured I'd throw it out there.

As for DiMarzio, I have a Super Distortion, and it's great for rhythm tones, very very cool. Great for anything from Kiss, to Metallica, to nu-metal. Lead, it's a little bit much on the treble side, but if you have a separate channel for lead on your amp, you can compensate a bit.
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