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Jem (used) prices going up?

After a very long break from the forum (remember me guys? Kasper... posting from a different username coz my old one doesn't let me log in anymore)... i've finally ventured back in. Checking out some of the prices of used jems on the forsale pages and on Rich's ibanez rules page (btw, great site Rich... how i drool when i see what you have in your collection.. how you can bear to part with any is a question i'm sure you've been asked before many times)... i've noticed that the prices of the more collectable Jems have really gone up in the last year.... has demand really gone up that much for them since ibanez don't bring out new jems much anymore?

hmmm... with the aussie dollar going down like a lead balloon, i'm thinking i might part with my jem77gmc, and with prices being what they are, it's not surprising people are selling. though i never thought i'd see the day when Kevan would part with his 10th.... i hope you've got another in your collection :P

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Jem (used) prices going up?

Yeah! prices have went up up and away!?!?

Enjoy your return into the new Forum!

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Jem (used) prices going up?

Well I wouldn't sell my JEM10 for what Kevan's letting his go for!!!! :biggrin:
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Jem (used) prices going up?

Hey KK, long time!! I wouldn't say they've gone up much overall, certain models like MC's and 10ths were always on the rise, chromes recovered and went back up, JPM's went through the roof for a year, but it is tough to find a good JEm cheap these days, just too many people looking /buying them. Overall there's probably only been a 10-20% rise in the last year for the *HOT* JEMs. Just cause Kev's went up 80% don't let that fool ya :biggrin:
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Jem (used) prices going up?

Not again! *

This time I am on a different side of the fence.

Since the last time this topic was brought up, I have been paying close attention to the amount for which the guitars are selling. *Honestly, they seem about the same as they were within the last two years.

VBK - sold for under $700
DY - several have sold under $900
Jem10's - maintaining at about $2500
SK - $800
GMC - (under) $1000 - $1500?! *:biggrin: *he he he
VWH - maintaining their resale value at around $1100

Although, there are certain circumstances where this does not apply, as in Kev's case and in a few others.

The biggest increase has been in the FP (and JP but we're not discussing them here) market, with some as old as 1989 selling for over a grand! *Sure they discontinued them, but gosh darn, they are the longest running production Jems out there! *They certainly aren't rare! *I think these prices are hype due to Ibanez's decision to discontinue them.

As for some of the more common models selling for high prices they must have been "as new." *I personally couldn't see spending over a grand when you compromise the updated features of a VWH/BSB (etc.), unless you're collecting or if you have somethin out of the ordinary like a swirl or the original beast (LNG.)

On Rich's site I am glad to see that the LNGs are fetching a better price now. *I have always thought that the market was bad for them. (as far as maintaining or increasing in value)
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Jem (used) prices going up?

GMC's only sell for $950 when you find them before I do!! :biggrin: NICE buy, but let's be realistic, did you see RJ's ex GMC with the huge area of missing swirl and clear make $1650 2/3 weeks ago?!?! And I personally didn't like that swirl at all, where the one Kirk just got is almost as sweet as the one I just got
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Jem (used) prices going up?

Sometimes the higher prices that are paid are uninformed/uneducated guesses at what is a fair price.

You just sold a "played" GMC for $2500! WOW! *So if that is a good example of pricing on that particular model, I STOLE that GMC and RJ made out just about right.

I'm not flaming your pricing, just trying to establish a medium.
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Jem (used) prices going up?

Most times it's just 2 guys battling it out for what they want That GMC was well played, but the swirl kicked. Now Appleway has one for $4000, so maybe I'm establishing the 'middle ground'? :biggrin:
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Jem (used) prices going up?

Basically, I think that all things are only worth what someone is willing to pay for them. *If someone sells a GMC for $6000, then the next guy is going to want $6000 for his too! *It's the buyers fault that prices go to what they do, look at the Ferrari F40, here's a car that new sold for around $350000, today, due to buyers that really want one, you're hard pressed to find one for under $600000!
It's worse with collectables, but even something as common as a DY is going to be worth a million dollars if some genius decides that's what he is willing to pay.
It's just my opinion, but it seems to be the way the world works.
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Jem (used) prices going up?

Allrity then!

* I sold that GMC for $1100.00 and out of that I payed the $80 next day air charge, So I sold it for $1020 to the Guy who sold it for $1650.00. He was willing along with some others to give me $12-1300 for it but I could not charge more than I felt it was worth to me. So I sold it for $1020 plus shipping. Im just a player looking out for players.

*I think Kevan is right, the DNA brought up some prices over all. IMO it does come down to who wants to pay what for the machine they desire. *I think the DNA is not close to worth it's price tag, but that is my opinion after having a couple. The next guy may think it's worth more. So I don't believe it's a matter of who is uneducated at all. It is about personal view!

*Depends on if the buyer or seller is about, Music, Money or collecting. Which type of view means the most to them.

*I would have to say Educated consumers will pay what they alone feel something is worth to them, *instead of playing the, following other peoples views game. *

* I learned by loosing myself in the DNA Money game, (thinking the $'s would be worth it for one to me? The $'s were not even close as compared to the machine!) Im going to be holding a new Jem77FP, UV7PWH and soon a Jem777SK for less than I had into one DNA. The three do a ton more for my Music and I than one DNA. So again, it's all opinion!!!

*Peace and MUSIC!

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Jem (used) prices going up?

It's funny the way that cars, guitars and other collectable items are looked at differently than say a TV, stove or stereo. *Everyone haggles and looks for the best price. *Only a compulsive consumer will disregard price, IMHO (unless you're like Bill Gates or Donald Trump.)

My new stove is worth millions - it helps me prepare meals to feed my family, cleans itself and looks damn cool with a ceramic cook top. *But I certinaly wouldn't spend more than the last guy who bought the same oven. *

If personal worth is the case, then the whole "Romanoff" thing is skewed. *
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Jem (used) prices going up?

Around 200 years ago, a visionary named P.T. Barnum said "...There's a sucker born every minute...".

I believe that is true for both buyers and sellers.

I'll use my PMC as an example. I bought it for $800. I knew it was worth more...much more. Today, it can fetch up to $2500. But you won't pry it out of my hands for any less than $4000. Why? Because of its value to me.

And that's where the pricing on collectables takes a twist. It's all about what the buyer is willing to pay, not where the seller sets the price. If a buyer is willing to pay $4000 for a PMC, then the fair market price goes up on PMCs. Kevin's 10th is priced on what it's worth to him. He may never sell it...then again, he might, opening the door for others to sell thier 10th at inflated prices thus driving the fair market price up.

I've seen on several sites Jems, that a year ago you couldn't give away (VDY, SK, DY), selling for $1000 and more. I keep kicking myself for letting my VDY go that I paid $400.....doooggghhhttt!!!!!!!

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Jem (used) prices going up?

I know I sold My GMC for $1650 about a year and a half ago....

What I cn't *figure out is the price of the Jem 555/Jr's going up so high....

Then again there is that P.T.Barnum thing
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Jem (used) prices going up?

hi, i am from Argentina and going to los angeles on may. i am looking for 777vbk used, iŽbeen told
that there are many used guitar dealers in LA, does anybody of you guys live in there and know what chances do i have to find an used jem?
i see the prices you pay and you are very lucky.
in Argentina you pay for a jem(?)555 about $1600,
a jem 7bsb cost $3000 and a jem10th cost near $5600,
this is romanoff land!
any info will be enough
thanks a lot
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Jem (used) prices going up?

What the heck I am noticing the price increases too. I am still trying to get a used VWH and I am offering $1100 flat out everytime and getting shot down.
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