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Just interested in brief stories of how everyone got their first Jem or decided they wanted a Jem.

I had always been a huge fan of the DLR/Vai albums and decided last year to splash out on a DY just as I was rediscovering the music that got me playing guitar in the first place.

Strats, Teles, Gretschs were my axes of choice but now my DY gets all the love.
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Hmm.. I smell nostalgia in this thread... I love it!

I bought my first JEM (7VWH) two years ago and my first universe (UVMC) 4 months ago.

I played on my old, hot pink Fender HM '88 from '93 till 2005. Always with gigs, teaching, to school with it, everything. I saved up to 1000 guilders (about $ 500,-) to get it and i got it fairly cheap because of the grunge wave at the time.

Since that time i loved playing the guitar and especially watching and listening to the guitar greats like Vai, Satriani, Jason Becker, Greg Howe, Paul Gilbert, Yngwie and great 80's rock/metal bands.

I helped my dad during the summer of 2001 to get his house totally fixed and we made the agreement that i got a new guitar in exchange of helping him for 8 weeks rebuilding the house and do a complete make-over and getting the house ready for sale. The local guitarshop had a used JEM BSB that i played and absolutely loved.
My dad and his girlfriend parted, sold the house and because of some financial troubles my dad got in, he never could give me the guitar.
A year later i got my masters and got a full time job. When i got a bonus from my boss in 2005, i remembered my desire for a new guitar and ordered a new JEM 7VWH.
A few weeks later i got her and was absolutely stunned. Sadly, i never play my Fender anymore, unless i want to do some Yngwie runs

I love my Ibanez and is my most prized posession in my life. Luckily i have a beautifull wife that understands my hobby and supports and encourages my passion to play and compose on the most beautifull instrument ever build: The Ibanez Jem so i can play it every day

Cheers, Sam
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I listened to Vai heavily in high school. I only had a cheapo Hondo flying V made out of plywood. So I joined the Marines in '91, and got sent to Japan in mid '92. Then Sex and Religion came out and I started seeing all the ads for the "brand new" VWH. After a while I started hitting Tokyo and found where all the guitar stores were. I looked around in a few shops and finally found one, a sparkling new '93. I bought it and it was my only guitar for quite a few years. In fact, prior to this year it was the only electric guitar I owned. My collection grew a little this year after finding Jemsite
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Well pretty much played Charvels, but seen Steve Vai's Jem in the magazine, one day went to small music story not in my area, and low and behold was a RB jem on the wall, which I played, and fell in love with. Told him to hold it for me drove home got one of marshal cabinets from my stack and went back and traded for it plus a few bucks... Was well worth its.

I later I got my FP and traded my 2 charvels for it plus a few bucks. My PCM I ordered at 2 music stores and waited 3 months till one arrived paid full price ;0
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I knew I wanted a jem from the moment I saw vai play! and i always thought "I HAVE TO HAVE THAT!!!"

But I didnt really "Buy My Jem", at the start of LAST YEAR, I purchased a LTD EC-1000 and a cheapo jackson V, well after a short while I sold those and bought a 1527, after a short while traded that with someone on here for a JEM7DBK, then yet again, traded that....this time for a UV777BK and yup...again! traded that for a VWH thanks to a generous person on here

so yeah From a LTD To A JEM

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I've been around awhile....I was completely sucked in by the initial Ibanez hype about the unvailing of the Jem. I bought one when they first came out. It was tough back then, having to wait for the magazines to tell you the story or hear it at the local shop. I still remember the first one I ever saw in a store was a Rootbeer.
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I wanted a Jem for ever but it was always out of reach for me.. I lusted at it for years, easy 12-14, anyways I stumbled upon a mint 1987 FP for $800 and bought it.. Then I found out, ummm I didnt like it. LOL

All those years of putting it on a pedestal, and it just didnt live up to the expectations I had for it..

I think someone on here now owns it, they rescued her.
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Well, lemme think.....

Back in '89 i was really into the Vai/Satch/Malmsteen guitar thing. Really liked the JEM's i'd seen in magazines but wasn't bombarded with all the advertising in the pre-internet days Anyway, i found a guitar in a shop i fell in love with, a black Kramer Stagemaster Deluxe I (arch-top) and HAD to have it, so i bought her. Not long after i went to one of the guitar shops in London and saw an FP in the flesh Pics didn't do it justice, my jaw hit the floor. So i tried it (quietly due to my very limited ability at the time) and thought beautiful,amazing,stunning etc etc..... BUT, as i'd only recently bought an expensive guitar i couldn't afford another. (if i'd seen the JEM first i'd probably got that, but i have no regrets.My Kramer is still with me and we have great memories together ). anyway, then came marriage, step-children and zero spare cash After separating in the late '90's i was into other things music wise (much more metal) but over the last couple of years i've been right back into Satch/Vai/Gilbert, and figured i should try and get a new dream guitar.I love the vwh's, and started to look around shops early this year,and was thinking JEM or JS, coz i love both.Anyway, got to try a vwh and was CONVINCED I HAD TO HAVE ONE within 3 seconds of playing it I went to my local shop and they had a dbk,which was nice but not quite as nice. I just mentioned to the guy (who i sorta know a little bit) who saw to me and said "what i really want is one of the white ones". He was looking up prices of what they could do one for but would have to get it in,when another assistant overheard and said "some-one is bringing one in tomorrow in a part exchange" So i left my number and they called me next day to come and look and as soon as i saw her a lifelong love affair was born. Oh heart melted,my knees went weak,i was nervous and excited.She was AMAZING. She's a 2000 with ebony and lo-pro,but i didn't know all the details coz i didn't find jemsite 'til just after.For a (then) 6 year old guitar she was unbelievable There were no signs of ANY human contact,not the slightest polish mark,scratchs from picking, anything.So she came home with me that very day after arranging finance coz i didn't have the cash and i couldn't risk losing her
So, i got my JEM not coz Steve plays them but because i totally love the guitars. I one day hope to get my FP one day, but will never get rid of my vwh baby.
Sorry for the long story, but you can't cut corners when it comes to JEMS
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My older brother always listened to music in our house - he has a massive CD collection. He wanted to play guitar badly. No way in the world would my parents buy a guitar it was too expensive - not that we were that poor, it was just as a kid you never tend to stick to a hobby long enough to master it and guitars were still a reasonably expensive item to blow money on.

My Grandfather died - he had two guitars one of which was an old Cimar/Ibanez acoustic (MIJ). My brother cut his chops on that and I had to listen to that crap every day - then he got good. For some unknown reason I was listening to 'rap' music of all things at the time and wasn't in to rock and roll brother bought "Passion and Warfare".

I saw the Universe inside the cassette cover with all the cool colours etc I was in love. And when my brother told me that Steve Vai was the best guitar player in the world and naturally the best guitar player plays the best guitars.

My brother got a job so he bought an RG550 (smart man)(still has it too - wine red/maple neck).

So I got the Cimar and learnt how to play guitar and for 7 - 8 years I slaved away on that now old guitar, got a job......and stopped.

I was overseas in Thailand with work and having a chat to a guy I was working with about home and music and it turns out he played the drums. I suddenly missed music. I was making some decent coin and I made a commitment that I was going to buy the guitar that I always wanted and resume playing.

When I got home I walked into the Guitar Fatory at Parammatta and they had a Jem7VWH and I walked out with it straight away - apparently thet had stopped making swirls and I new that my chops weren't up to the standard of playing a 7 string yet.

I now have 16 guitars (mostly RG's and Jems) numerous amps/effects/protools set up drum kits and the list goes on. However I do still have my grandfathers Cimar/Ibanez and it sits pride of place amongst my quiver to always remind me of where I and my brother cut our chops.

So there you go - how to make a short story long.......

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Dont have one, briefly had one but I had to sell it. I doubt I will replace it, I'm just here for the people.
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Originally Posted by Chimp View Post
Just interested in brief stories of how everyone got their first Jem or decided they wanted a Jem.
I got into Ibanez guitars from being a Vai fan back in the mid 80's and his work with Zappa. I think I walked into a guitar shop and there they were... the LNG, DY and SK 777's, plus original RG550's in DY and RFR, and an assortment of other models such as S series, Power, the whole lot. I was knocked out. I fell in love with the JEM's, but was only ever able to afford a 550 in Road Flare. Still haven't owned a JEM yet, I pretty much settled on being an RG man, but I'd like to own a few someday.
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Every since I saw a picture of a a JEM on the front of my local guitar center ive always wanted one. But my guitarcenter didnt carry any Jems until about a year later. i finally tried one. I recalled hearing that they made a guitar with LEDS in it and a mirror top but didnt have a lot of good sources. About a year ago i was into bands like Children of Bodom and Pantera. I wanted so badly an Alexi Laiho sig. guitar. but it was like 3000 plus shipping from Japan. I totally forgot about the Jem.

My dad and i looked on **** and i found one very cheap. too cheap if u ask me. but i didnt think it would be a scam. Ive heard recently about the Xbox 360 scandal where some guy just got a box for 500 dollars, no Xbox. Well i got my Chibanez not knowing it was a fake. i noticed many different flaws about it. Warped neck, wrong inlays, crappy bridge, etc. I hated it. I couldnt take i back. I got it from china. Its been about 7 months since meeting Steve Vai at Sam Ash before a ZPZ tour, Ive been getting better and practicing like crap to show my dad that i deserve the real thing. I finally got one and it was a BRMR. its now is the shop getting set up. I get it tommorrow. I cant WAit!!!!!!!!
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I thought Jems were pretty cool since they first came out. I was a about 17 then. Never could afford one though. The closest I ever got to any "superstrat" was a cheap Charvel Model 1. I played Strats because they were affordable and I dig 'em. Finally last year I decided I wanted a high-end guitar. I'd been watching the G3 DVD's and that's when I thought about a Jem.

I'm a stay-at-home father and I run my own business on the side. I don't pay myself but rather just bank all my income since my wife has the big bill's covered. Anyway, I decided to pay myself last year. Found Jemsite, discovered Ibanez Rules, and bought my 7vhw last August. Best guitar I've ever owned!

Needless to say I've now got Ibanez fever. I want a 20th RG550 DY, and a PGM301. I wouldn't mind a nice old Ibanez V or Destoyer either! Gotta relax...

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This is a fun thread. Here's my Jemstory. I grew up in the 80s and always loved 1H, EVH-style guitars and Jacksons. Still do, in fact. I never thought I would like a JEM, as it had several aspects that I disliked (non-rounded body edges, 24 frets, bolt-on neck, more than 1H - especially the middle pickup, pickguard, gold hardware, not Made in USA, etc.). Then, I bought Vai's Astoria DVD and was enchanted. I couldn't believe what he could do with that guitar. That was the spark, and I then started thinking about maybe getting one. I finally found a 7VWH for a decent price and bought it, thinking I could resell it if I didn't like it - and frankly, I expected that I would resell it.

I got the 7VWH and absolutely loved it (still do). It is the best-playing, most expressive instrument I've ever owned, and it is my #1. I still love Jacksons and Charvels, and I still think they have some advantages over Ibanez, but since I got that JEM, I have sold all but 2 of my non-Ibanez axes, and I am now up to 5 Ibanezes. I still can't believe it. My JEM feels like it's a part of me. I recently got a BRMR, and I have another JEM on the way right now. I have found the guitar for me.
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When I was at Berklee, I had a couple of friends who had Jems - this was of them had an SK and another had an FP. I didn't really play guitar at that point, but it was fun to try to play the SK. I only saw the FP, never touched it.

When i started becoming a more serious guitar player (after Berklee) around 1993 or so, i fell in love with and bought my first 'real' guitar, a black RG 550 (1988 i think)...Simon "CerealK" bought it from me a few years back). Eventually I replaced the pickups with an Evolution and a PAF Pro. I didn't know at the time that these were 'Vai' pickups, but i knew i loved them far more than the stock pickups.

I probably stumbled on Jemsite when i decided I wanted to get a Jem. I liked the Maple necks and I liked the vine, so the BFP was the only logical choice. I looked and waited and looked and waited for one within my price range (not very high). After a few months passed, i happened to stumble on a used UV777PBK at Scam Cash. It was comfortable to play and I got used to the 7th string just sitting there playing in the store - I bought it, with the UV1000 case, and played it at my gig that night.

Not too long later, I saw an ad on HC for "Ibenez Jem" was 'blue with some flowers on it'. $700. I emailed the guy and i must've been the first one...he called me back and said i was the first one to email him of about 100 people. i didn't let him hang up the phone.

I remember the day i got the box - Kevan came over and we opened the box - i was a little underwhelmed, actually, because the BFP looks far more striking in photos than in person...and this one was the first one i'd ever seen in person. We cleaned it up and set it up and it was love at first play.

A few weeks later i swapped out the cosmo for gold and changed the Bridge PAF for the Evo and the middle for the Virtual2. blah blah blah.

I have since owned a 7VWH that I returned the next day. I owned a 7dbk that i returned within a week. I had a BSB that i used for a few months, but I wasn't that crazy about the tone of it for my style of playing.

The Parker I got last xmas is my main player nowadays, but the Jem still fits like an old shoe and whenever i reach for it it never fails to please me.

viva le jem!

Check out this thread from the day i got my BFP! DON'T REPLY TO IT!!!!
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