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My new JEM and UPS!!!!

My new JEM was supposed to come in the mail today... but... but they sent the wrong guitar!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Not UPSs fault, I know... But....
Another 2 weeks! AAAAGHH, it's AGONIZING
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OT for this forum, but my last UPS shipment drove me crazy... the tracking website announced it as dropped off at my doorstep about 5 hours before it showed up (???). I was calling UPS and MF frantically all day, thinking that it was delivered to the wrong address.
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Along these lines: I ordered a guitar from the USA (live in the netherlands, europe). The guitar was delivered to my door when I was not home. That evening when I got back from work, a 80 year old neighbour came struggling to me with a very big box. They left the guitar with her, she didn't even had to sign for it.

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What can I say about Brown.
They lost one of my guitars, broke another one. Lost my cell phone...

Brown Sucks!!!!
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All I can say is never have UPS deliver to your residence. They will leave The package at your door with no signature required. This has been their standard practice for the past few years.

That being said, I have everything of any value shipped to my place of business. Business deliveries do require a signature. My office is located in a large industrial park, 1 mile from the UPS terminal. I always cozy up to the drivers and allow them to partake of our free coffee, donuts and bagels, and invite them to our customer lunches and Xmas party / pig roasts. Whenever I have a shipment inbound, I let the driver know it's coming and he keeps an eye out for the package. I've never had a problem yet. *knocks on wood* Bribery will get you everywhere!

When it comes to ground service, Brown has it all over USPS and FedEx Ground. Priority mail took 10 days to deliver my Jem from St. Louis, MO to Baltimore. UPS takes 4 days, every time. The drivers that deliver for FedEx Ground are independent contractors and beat the hell out of your stuff.

I've been in the distribution business for 20 years, and I've seen lots of horror stories.

Here are my rules for shipping:

Ground - UPS all the way - They have it down to a science. USPS and the others are all trying to catch up.

Next or 2nd day air - If it's heavy, say over 50 pounds, go FedEX. They are a bit gentler on their bulky shipments. Anything lighter than 50 pounds, I use UPS Air for cost savings.

If it's worth over $100, insure it, or you'll be stuck with $100 if anything should happen.

Your mileage may vary.
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Couldn't agree more
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good post Screem
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post #8 of 18 (permalink) Old 04-23-2003, 12:57 PM
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Good call. Unfortunately, certain musical instrument retailers refuse to ship to anything other than your billing address - which is understandable. Guess I'll have to get a new credit card with my office address if this GAS continues!
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Most will bend the rules if you provide a phone number where they can reach you and verify your identity. Another way to verify would be to photocopy your drivers license on a sheet of company letterhead that lists your business address and phone number, and fax it to them.

If they still refuse, tell them you will take your order elsewhere. I do it all the time, and it works.

YOU are the customer, right?
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To satisfy a merchant account in case of a chargeback for non delivery you have to prove that it was delivered to the customer. Shipping to a work address requires a signed fax stipulating the specifics of the deal with the request to ship to said workplace. To verify the fax I always request a copy of the front on the card and the buyers drivers license to make sure the signatures match. If you don't follow the merchant account rules explicitly you'll get reamed sooner than later.
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This happened last month:

UPS claimed (on their website) that they had dropped a guitar off to my place in Miami on a Friday. Nothing was there, I had been home all day. Frantic calls, had to reach the seller to initiate a trace... Then the guitar was standing in front of my door on Tuesday afternoon when I got home!
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post #12 of 18 (permalink) Old 04-29-2003, 01:22 PM
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I'll add my horror stories to this . . .

Not all guitar related, but indulge me a bit . . .

Started over a year ago, my mother ordered a Tree Lounge for my step-father for Christmas and had it delivered to my house (actually, I ordered it so if he saw the credit card bills he wouldn't see it). UPS, of course.

Now keep in mind this is a $700, very LARGE piece of gear. It was left on my porch, as you've all had happen. But the kicker was, I was home when it was dropped, no knock, and since I didn't know it was there I didn't discover it until 6 am when I left for work the next morning.

Also note that I had gone out at around 7 PM for food, no package that late so it had to have come some time around 8 PM!

I went to UPS personally and complained about this, and was told that it's standard policy. I was also told that I could request that if no one is home to recieve a package in the future they would give the driver instructions to bring the package back to the wearhouse where I could pick it up personally. I asked if this could be arranged as a standing order for my address, not on a delivery by delivery basis and was told I just had to fill out the forms, and yes, all packages would be returned to the wearhouse if no one is home to sign for them. It's a standard, "signature required" arrangement.

So I filled out the forms.

Next package from UPS was just some computer software, small package. Again I was home, had the front window open, saw the truck pull up and as I was getting up and walking to the door, watched in horror as the driver stopped short of my front porch steps and THREW the box on my porch. Landed with a thud and dented the corner. By the time I got moving again after the shock and got to the door he was already in his truck and gone.

I filed a formal complaint about that one, to no avail. The driver denied it, of course, and said that no one was home.

Next package, I was home, Mom was visiting, had two friends from out of town staying with me and another friend just happened to stop by, so 5 people at home . . . again, my nice new UV1000C was left on my porch, with the LIE that no one was home. No knock on the door, nothing.

Last package I was home again, saw the truck pull up and decided to watch and see what he did. He walked up to the porch, tapped on those little pads they have and left the box on the porch. I rushed out of the house just as he turned and said, "Hi, care to tell me what you're doing?"

"I'm leaving your package."

"You are aware that I have a standing 'signature required' for this address, aren't you? It should be in your little computer."

"No sir, doesn't say that here."

"Okay, forget that for now, you didn't even knock, I'm HOME as you can see."

"I rung the bell."

"WHAT BELL!?" There hasn't been a bell on this house since I moved in!" I looked at the front of the house, all around, "Show me what f**k'n bell you rung!"

"Sir, if you're going to get abusive I'm just going to leave."

"SIR, if you DID YOU JOB CORRECTLY I wouldn't be so upset."

He didn't like that and just left. Again I went to UPS and filed a formal complaint, that I'm sure nothing is going to come of.

Sorry about the long post, but this is something I've been stressing over for a long time.

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post #13 of 18 (permalink) Old 04-30-2003, 06:00 AM
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I guess it's a case of the faster they can drop off a package the faster they can get to their next delivery ? Having to put the item back in their van means they have to find a place for it in their van, then cart it all the way back to their pickup point. That would make anyone go "postal" after a while.

USA postal system seems to be a problematic in it's entire opperation. The prices are appalling and the service is pretty much the same, in my experience.

Australia has a very good system in comparison. If you have a delivery of any type and there is no-one around to sign for it, or collect it they automatically take it back to the depot. This goes for couriers and not just Australia Post. (If they can bend it and stuff it in your letterbox though they will)

iFinishLast11 I hope you get your axe soon dude !

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The first time I ordered something from the States I had to pay extra for customs and for delivery to some independent delivery guy, even after I had already paid P&P with my creditcard.
It seems that the Dutch Mail Company (KPN) gets most of the packages nowadays. Most independent contractors have proven to be too unreliable I guess, and you can't be dependent on crappy delivery if you want to give good service. Or maybe it's one of my higher senses that I always pick out companies with a decent mail policy...
But it's really relaxing to have your regular mailman drive his little mailvan to your gate, ALWAYS asking for the signature.
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post #15 of 18 (permalink) Old 04-30-2003, 02:59 PM
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Actually the USPS is great, if you aren't home they will always bring it back, unless you sign a form that allows them to drop it on your porch.

We're talking about United Parcel Service (UPS) not the United States Postal Service (USPS). Confusing, isn't it? :P

This is an indipendant, corporate owned delivery service, not the government run service, though they are subject to the same laws governing postal/package handling they make their own policies within those laws.

It's been almost a month since my last complaint and I've recieved no notice one way or another.

It may be time to contact the BBB and file a complaint with them.

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