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Spoiled by my Jems... - has anyone else been "turned off" ol

I'm sitting around the house today being too sick to go into work but not sick enough to be unable to play (quietly :-) guitar, and I realize I have pulled the trusty Strat and Tele out for a stretch in a couple months. So I drag them out from under the bed and plug in the Strat and start to play...

...and it just doesn't feel right *I mean, sure it's strung with .010s (vs. .009s on my Ibanez guitars), and it sounds great! and it looks as good as it always has (CAR... yum! ), but it doesn't play smoothly enough, it's too much work, the neck's too chunky and...

it's not a Jem

I try the Tele and it's the same thing... only twangier

Now I'm not going to run out and sell these guitars - I'm far too fond of them for that, and I own other guitars that I love despite some playability issues (my Ovation Breadwinner, for example), but I was somewhat taken back by the huge difference in the playability stakes between my Jems, JPM, Universe & USRG10 and these old faves... Anyone else had similar revelations?
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Spoiled by my Jems...

Most guitars that sit under beds end up with a layer of corrosion of the frets which is tough to see, but you instantly feel the 'drag' on the strings. Could be this is all it is and the frets need a polish. But maybe you've just turned more Ibanez than before
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Spoiled by my Jems...

I cant really say since all the guitars I've ever bought were pointy headstock guitars.
I live and breathe those puppies.

Although an N4 might be a nice change.
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Spoiled by my Jems...

I hear ya. *I have a 74 strat and 57 (reissue) LP that usually collect dust on my guitar stand tree. *My Jem is always in its own personal stand - plugged in. *When I grab my Strat or LP to give a run, I can't get used to it. *I enjoy the sounds of the other guitars but can't stand to play them for long periods of time. *I do believe this is because you become accustomed to playing your Jem more. *They're so versatile and just feel good.

When I go back to playing the Jem after playing the other guitars, I get addicted to the Jem. *Can't put it down.

Just my thoughts.

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Spoiled by my Jems...

Iím gonnaí come from the other side on this discussion. I love my UV and every Ibanez I have played, but my Epiphone Les Paul is way easier for me to play. It has a big baseball bat neck on it. Maybe thatís why my large hands like it. My UV neck is so thin it feels like my left thumb is touching the palm of my hand when I play.

I never play my other guitars any more because there are a multitude of other features that I prefer on my UV. Ease of playing is not one of them for me.

Iím weird,

bob :lame:
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Spoiled by my Jems...

I agree with both of you! *My Strats don't get nearly as much use as the Jems. *They probably need the most steel wool. *There are those occasions where the tune requires a Strat, and as I learned a long time ago-you can't buy or use something and expect it to sound or perform like something else-regardless of how good it's supposed to be. *But, I love all of my guitars equally-none of them are going anywhere.
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Spoiled by my Jems...

I know what ya mean.....first guitar I ever owned was a Gibson Les Paul Standard...1980 Model....bought it brand new when I was a kid....this is the guitar that I cut my teeth on....couldn't even IMAGINE how many hours I spent playing this thing....if you said, "Les Pauls suck," we would have been fighting. *As I got older I decided I needed a whammy bar....Brad Gillis was doing some cool things....so I looked into it....and all of a sudden Eddie was sponsering these Kramer things....and they were the only ones with Floyd Roses...so I went down and checked one out....LOVED IT...instantly....next thing ya know....I'm a Kramer nut....Les Paul just became fire wood (not literally I'm not stupid)....but if you said, "Kramer's suck," we were fighting. *Well we all know what happened to Kramer....and all of a sudden up comes Ibanez with the Jem series...hmmm....interesting.....I bought one....Oops....my Kramers haven't seen the light of day in years. *It was sorta like this:

Les Paul = Cadillac
Kramer = Corvette
Jem = Lamborghini

And I drive the ****
out of my Lamborghinis.....the rest of them sit in the garage!
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Spoiled by my Jems...

Yup yup. *It's kinda sad. *When I go to guitar stores, I usually end up plugging in a guitar I already own (a JEM or RG) and playing on that. *It's completely taken the fun out of going guitar shopping when I always end up realizing that I like MINE better than any other one at the store. *It's reassuring, but it's less fun on a boring Saturday. *I used to love to go to GC and play all sorts of different guitars, noticing how many were better than my EX-350, but no more. *Now I play my Dad's PRS and taunt him. * I can't tell you how nasty that PRS neck is. *He doesn't care. *All that matter is that it has pretty "quilted maple"
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post #9 of 20 (permalink) Old 02-07-2001, 07:42 PM
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Location: TN
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Spoiled by my Jems...

I know what you guys mean....to me Jems/UVs are the "old favorites".
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Location: Newcastle-upon-Tyne, UK
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Spoiled by my Jems...

Well, I must just be weird, then. I got rid of my JEM after a month, and I still play my Strats all the time. Perhaps I need a good beating.
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Spoiled by my Jems...

I don't know... I love those baseball bat necks... my Tom Anderson and my Wolfgang are my favorite necks... although I do have a liking for those JEM ones too...
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Spoiled by my Jems...

Its nice to have an old strat around for tuning down and stuff like that though. :biggrin:
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post #13 of 20 (permalink) Old 02-08-2001, 02:34 AM
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Spoiled by my Jems...

Hey Bob, what model Epi Les Paul do you have? I've got the birdseye maple standard which I've decked out with Duncan Pearly Gates pups. I love that guitar! But, I haven't opened the case in months. My main stage axe is a Jackson Soloist (custom shop) that I put EMGs in. My backup is my Jem777DY. Now I have a UV777BK which will replace them both hopefully when I get used to it!
*I also traded a killer Fender Jeff Beck strat (Midnight Purple) for my DY, and it was the best trade I ever made! The DY is my all time favorite of any guitar I've ever owned. It plays way better than my Floral.
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Spoiled by my Jems...

I guess the thing for me is, my main guitar is a JEM7VWH, my backup is a RG, and the guitar I learned on was an EX-350, so there's no going back for me. *Nothing feels as good in comparison.
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Spoiled by my Jems...

I wouldn't say I've been spoiled by Jems but I've definatly been spoiled by Ibanez. I've owned quite a few other brands but they always end up trade bait. The only ones I've felt like keeping for the long term have been Ibanez. I do like 'em...
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