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TOP TEN!! - (This'll be fun)

Alright, this should be interesting.

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Here goes, from our home office in Boise, Idaho.

10. My cupboards are full of Mac&Cheese.
9. *When I see Tye Dye I think "wouldn't that look good on a jem?"
8. *mmmmmm swirls......
7. *I watch shows on Egyptian Pyramids and say "golly, where have I seen those before?"
6. *I scold my pets by saying "Bad Horsie!"
5. *My beer has a plain white lable.
4. *Any gas with less than 10% Ethanol is too expensive.
3. *I advocate "Hot Pink" as a manly color.
2. *Clinton got a few nice "Jems" from Monica....

And the number one reason "I know I'm addicted to Jems"........

1. *My wife says I can't have any more.....

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post #3 of 23 (permalink) Old 02-23-2001, 10:50 AM
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gee, you can't really beat THAT list. Problem is I think I have to move UP to it from where I am. *:-)
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post #4 of 23 (permalink) Old 02-23-2001, 11:03 AM
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#10-Spouse treats your Jem like a woman you have had an illicit affair with..
#9-Considering a second job to support the habit.
#8-Haven’t changed strings on your “other” guitars for a year.
#7-You have made long distance calls to Japan.
#6-You constantly pause Steve Vai videos to see which Jem he’s using.
#5-You’re part of a select group that is NOT grossed out by Steve’s blood in a guitar.
#4-You know the names of the people at the Ibanez factory.
#3-You insist on telling yourself that wearing a Jemfest-2K T-shirt to the office is a contemporary fashion statement.
#2-You have a short cut to and on the tool bar of your browser.
#1-You celebrated your second dot.
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post #5 of 23 (permalink) Old 02-23-2001, 12:03 PM
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#3 Have been through 24 Jem/UV machines, one to the next and each one inspires new inspirations with life and music. Any other Guitar I find very boring...

#2 Have cutt out all the Jem/UV's out of hundreds of Ibanez catalogs, have over 1000 pictures of them.

#1 Have over 170 Cassettes condenced from over 600 of them from 13 years of Original music material, thousands of songs ideas/emotions, and can name what Jem or UV was used on every tune within a few seconds, and all the details with that Guitar.

I think Ive been more Addicted to the music over Jem or UV machines, the Jem and Universe guitars are just one of the elements that help me get the creative Voices of the Soul out into the Airwaves.

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post #6 of 23 (permalink) Old 02-23-2001, 01:17 PM
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#10 You visit and drool over all the guitars constantly everyday at any free time...I did that once
#9 Substituting *****
for jems/uvs
#8 You have a matching everything for your jem, strap, amp covering, shirt, strings, whatever.
#7 You can name all the dates of production.
#6 Production totals come instantly off your mind.
#5 You play your guitar in your toilet.
#4 You belong to a group called "Jemaholics Anonymous"
#3 You're proud of belonging to such a group
#2 You think of "Monkey Grip" and "Lion's Claw" everytime you watch the discovery channel.

#You actually believe and admit to all the reasons we have and are going to list!


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post #7 of 23 (permalink) Old 02-23-2001, 01:38 PM
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Location: Burlington, NJ, USA
Posts: 367

In no particular order:

- You made this list in the first place
- Favorite drink, Root Beer
- Car must be a GMC, doesn't matter which one
- Gone to Loch Ness just to see if it really is that color
- You know you have other guitars, you just can't remember where they are.
- Been to the desert on a Bad Horsie with no name, to see if it really is that color
- You've convinced yourself that sk really is quite a nice color
- You've considered getting curtains in that FP fabric
- 99% of ebay searches are for 'ibanez'
- Other 1% are for 'vai'
- You think 'Damn, I'm stylin' in this Jemfest 2k shirt'
- You think UV protection is a guitar case
- You think Gemologists are the people who design new Jems

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post #8 of 23 (permalink) Old 02-23-2001, 02:06 PM
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Location: Philadelphia, PA
Posts: 373

What the hell!!

10. You've got more Steve Vai DNA than Steve does
9. *You've got Rich Harris's number in speed dial memory
8. *Your redo your bathroom with a neon pink toilet, desert* yellow vanity and loch ness green tub.
7. *Your at work now reading or typing this!!
6. *You can spell and pronounce Cianciulli
5. *You know Kevan priced his JEM 10 that high because he * really doesn't want to sell it!!
4. *You pondered putting ATD Swirl Christmas Balls on your*Christmas Tree.
3. *You refer to any striped garment your woman wears as the*'multi-color' shirt or the 'swirl' undies. *(Hey honey, why don't you wear those swirl undies tonight)
2. *You know what Vegas and Orlando have in common!
1. *You'd trade Rich Harris a flawless Donnie for a beat up VDY and an ATD T-shirt.
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post #9 of 23 (permalink) Old 02-23-2001, 02:06 PM
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Location: Longmont, Colorado
Posts: 1,882

Christopher, about #5, remind me not to buy any JEMs from you, they are marked**.

**If you don't get this you haven't seen the Seinfeld where George is in a bookstore and takes a book into the bathroom with him.

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Quote: from bob oakman on 11:03 am on Feb. 23, 2001
#6-You constantly pause Steve Vai videos to see which Jem he’s using.
I constantly pause them and say "how the hell did he pull off that facial move!!!!, he must be a contorsionist"

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Here's my list:

10) *You don't notice the other guitars when you're playing it (for fear of offending it)
9) *You send it valentines day gifts.
You're typing this in computer class (Sorry Mr. Lyle! lol)
7) You feel this warm feeling inside just thinking about it.
6) You consider naming your children "Steve", "Evo", "Flo", etc.
5) You consider the funny looks flattering.
4) You give not so flattering looks to LP/Strat fans.
3) You would donate your more valuable parts to science just to get one.
2) You would make a deal with the Devil to get your hands on a JEM7*insert your name here*
1) You come to Jemsite everytime your near a computer with Internet access (again, sorry Mr. Lyle! lol) and name the guiars.

That's mine. *Hope u like it! lol
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post #12 of 23 (permalink) Old 02-23-2001, 03:11 PM Thread Starter
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Location: London, Ontario, Canada
Posts: 4,989

Oh, and add:

Will not accept any heart shaped valentines gifts of any kind without the appropriate tiny guitar hardware being added acurately and delivering in a replica (also tiny) case.

(Haven't done this one, but considering it. lol)
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There is only one thing for me.

1-10: *Monkey grips turn you on. *

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Location: Canada
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OK, I did this once but hit the goddamn reset button by accident so here we go again.
#10. You play a gig, have the whole bar blown away, chicks all over you, and you still wake up with an SK.
#9. You posted in the "what does JEM stand for" forum
#8. When you see the lucky charms commercial, you think it should be, pink SK's, Blue Florals, Yellow DY's and Purple multicolours.
#7. The family wants to go to Disneyworld this year and you agree, due to a hidden agenda.
#6. You want to be Rich, not rich (aauuuggghhhh)
#5. When you think of the worlds most precious Gems, you think, 90Ham, DNA, and 10 anniversary.
#4. You have vines all over the house, but no garden
#3. When you hear about Jem and the Holograms, you get pissed off because they all had Jackson look-a-likes.
#2. You repaint a brand new car to match a 777DY (speaking from personal experience here)

The number one way you know you're addicted to JEM's

#1. *You are in your room with Jems all along the wall, with the hottest, sexiest girl you've ever seen involved in the hottest, sexiest moment you've ever had when you utter the words, "you are the sexiest creature I've ever seen". *She is flattered, until she sees your eyes fixed on the wall.

Other possible ones,
When you hear all the colours of the rainbow, you immediatly think, ATD
You have more pictures of Jem's around than you do of all 6 of your weddings, (Jem related failures)

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post #15 of 23 (permalink) Old 02-24-2001, 10:48 AM
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Location: Philadelphia, PA
Posts: 373

Kevan and Jeremy,

ROTFLMAO (:biggrin *
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