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UV777BK or RG2027x or 7VWH - need help deciding my first...

Hi guys!
I need some help deciding whether i should buy an RG2027x or UV777BK or 7VWH...
I still haven't make up my mind about getting 6 string or 7 string. Yesterday I tried the RG2027x and was impressed by the sound and the piezo too, but I never played a 7VWH or UV777BK before.
I felt a bit weird when playing the 7 string yesterday, that's why i'm considering to buy a Jem instead of a UV.

Will i get used to 7string after i bought it? will it take me a long time to familiarize myself with it?
which one should i get???
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UV777BK or RG2027x or 7VWH

As to how long it will take you to get used to it, that's really personal. It took me all of an hour or two. It's harder going back and forth between a 6 and a 7 then it is getting used to a 7 imo.

2027 vs UV777BK? That's 100% personal preference. I have a BK and am very pleased with it after a little luvin. I like the 2027 and would probably buy one if I didn't have a guitar on the way already. I think this choice just boils down do what you'll do with it (ie: will you really use the pickup differences?).

6 vs 7 is really up to you. I personally like having that option there. The low B is there if I want it, if not, just play it like a 6.
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UV777BK or RG2027x or 7VWH

If you are going for the 7string it might be an idea to get the 2027, especially as it looks like there aren't going to be any at all. There are tons of UV777BK's about. Although what jeffrey said is true, it's all down to preference, although it does open up interesting possibilities sound-wise...
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UV777BK or RG2027x or 7VWH

Hey, alright, good choices. *I've played all three. *I won an earlier jem, and have played extensively on the 7vwh. *If you go six string, the Jem is the way to go hands down. *I've never said that about ANY other alder instrument. *Second, some people never get used to the 7, some people never do. *I got my first 7 around '97. *To me it felt very natural. *After a while though, i kinda let it go, but *I still used it somewhat regularly though. *Then i found the 2027 and sold my RG7 and now i can ONLY play a 7. *The 2027 is the next best thing to a full handcrafted instrment in my opinion, and ive played through them all. *It's my main axe now, and i perform with it regularly. *I don't like the new Universe. *I don't like the way it feels at all. *The neck is nothing compared to the 2027 imo. *7 is the only way i play now. *Unless you really really know you are gonna stick with 7, you might not want to chance diving into it yet. *There's big aftermarket for those two, so you probably wouldnt have trouble selling if you needed. *What i would recommend is getting a six, and maybe getting, new or used, a cheap 7 to adjust on. *If it suits ya, get rid of it and go for a high end. *
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UV777BK or RG2027x or 7VWH

My most recent revelation about the 7 vs. 6 discussion is that the 7 is a lot tighter.

I use D'addario .010s on both my UV and my Jem. *I find that after playing the UV for a while and then going over to the Jem, the biggest difference for me isn't the width of the neck, it's the looseness of the whole guitar. * The low string adds a considerable amount of tension, apparently.

The UV is by no means a hard guitar to play, it's just that the Jem is so very very easy.

That's just my perspective of the week.....it could change at any moment *
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UV777BK or RG2027x or 7VWH

There was another thread that addressed some of the neck profile differences between the 2027 and the UV, don't remember where it was though. *I was in the same situation excluding the VWH choice, I was torn between the 2027 and the new UV. *The clincher to me was that I really never had any use for the piezos...I had a parker before and never really used them in that. *But in the end it was the pyramids, all that abalone and pearl, it is just a beautiful guitar...the UV is a piece of guitar history, new or old, and it sounds incredible.

Not long ago I played a 2027 and my UV back to back for comparison. *The 2027 belongs to a friend who is an excellent player, it is his main guitar. *Beautiful instrument as well. *The necks feel very different. *I prefer the UV neck, but it is what I am used to. *It is beefier and just feels better in my hands. *One thing I did notice is that his guitar felt very loose. *We concluded that it was because he uses his trem ALOT and the springs are broken in considerably. *My UV has had very little trem use and it is a bit more stiff, but with time it will loosen up. *The looseness is also greatly affected by the angle of the trem, i.e., poorly set UV or any guitar for that matter equals one that may feel more stiff than it would otherwise.

Long story short...I would go with a seven string for sure. *Between a 2027 and UV, well that is up to the way the necks feel to you, and the asthetic appeal of each instrument. *If you absolutely have to have piezos then you decision is made, and you didn't need to read any of our rantings in the first place.
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UV777BK or RG2027x or 7VWH


Youve got to ask yourself if youl use the piezo , if not or just a little is a no brainer for the UV i suppose...play a couple of 7 strings yourself to see what you think of the neck.....ive only played low end rg7's but they were pretty easy to adapt to
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UV777BK or RG2027x or 7VWH

good advice here. my thought process is below

1. choose 6 (VWH) or 7 -string first. Decide what you want, and if it will be a primary player, of if you'll be buying another axe soon.

2. if piezo is MANDATORY? --> RG2027x

3. if piezo is NOT mandatory --> UV

If all the above is uncertain --> pick 'em. You should be able to adapt to a 7 within weeks, otherwise you never will. Moving between 6/7 should be almost transparent as you play both regularlyl. Good luck... glen
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UV777BK or RG2027x or 7VWH

Quote: from jemsite on 2:11 pm on Aug. 29, 2001
Moving between 6/7 should be almost transparent as you play both regularlyl. Good luck... glen
I will second that statement. *I bring both guitars on all my gigs and use the UV for broken string emergencies and "Low D" songs. *Some nights the JEM and I just aren't getting along and it's easy enough to switch right over. *You won't care about the difference.
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UV777BK or RG2027x or 7VWH

Thanks for the opinions guys!!!
I haven't make up my mind yet. btw there's something that's bothering me.
the guy in the shop told me that he can put a piezo system in the UV if i want too. actually, it doesn't cost that much, but this sounds a bit crazy to me: a piezo in a UV installed by my local guitar shop.
the piezo thing's a really a huge temptation to me. on the other hand, jem & UV's are way more beautiful than RG's IMHO
what do u guys think??
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UV777BK or RG2027x or 7VWH

The piezo installed on a UV will most likely be a different system than on the 2027, which has the Double Edge trem. *I'd guess your shop guy will put in some kind of transducer under the pickguard? *Might be interesting...does he have one he's done like that so you can see how it sounds and what the wiring config is like?
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UV777BK or RG2027x or 7VWH

ok six string sorcerer, i want to take a break and reply to this. i simply encourage you to consider this reply in in itself before taking in any/all the reactions it may receive from other members.

one thing i've seen happen around here is spec craze. this is healthy in so much as it doesn't overshadow a very important end result - music for you. i am a metaphysicist who composes and happens to use the guitar for implementing music. i do not listen to steve vai's music. i listen to frank zappa, but varese and bartok more. i don't listen to steve vai's indian influence, i listen to http://air.kode.net/music/index.html or indiafm.com.
some may need some sort of respectful comment here like "though steve vai has x,y, etc brilliant qualities" - but i'm not going to do that. it is much less relevant than a paraphrase of something vai said about the 7 . he basically said he wanted a machine that he would have to work up to. do you want your first 7 string to be the model challenging steve vai? do you have an eventide guitar processor?
no matter what others say, i would like to add for you that the uv is a difficult instrument. some will say, "that is relative" etc. so let me mention it again, the uv is a difficult instrument. the uv is more difficult than the 2027.
also, prepare to wear a toolbelt for the tech aspects are both art and science and no matter what you get from the net it can't be enough. unless you buy from ibanez rules and specify how you want it setup.
the uv777pbk has a rosewood body - very porous and fuzzy. the neck is huge - i don't know the specs, i know i have both the uv and 2027 and the uv's neck is huge in comparision thru playing. the uv is effects hungry, the more you add, the more it lives. this was a deciding factor in my getting a uv, i wanted to generate very clean relatively transparent tones, kind of like in much recording (e.g. phillip glass' new stuff where he recorded players' parts individually and then honed them in pro tools). lots of freedom But shifts responsibility over to (pricey) processing.
i suppose you know about the tremelo systems on these models. are you a bender? if so be prepared to work to come up thru the ranks to bend (fluidly) as you can on a strat with these. the incentive being the result is actually much more powerful. i've spent more time on bending fluidity with the uv than anything else. bends are easier on the 2027 but can be less shredding though warm/chunky. i imagine bends are easier on the hard tail 2027 (i think they have those).
what is your picking style? if your hand rests on the tremolo while picking you're in luck. if not, count on extra work. do you play alot of pockets are you an extreme register switcher? i don't mean fluid arpeggio work, i mean extreme discontinuous switches because witht the uv making point contact, finger to note in the latter case can lead to push pull about the fretwire which oscillates the tremelo. just enough to where picking away from the hand resting on tremelo position likely takes more work. so expect your left hand to literally feel and look different while playing a uv. some just say 'it's a slower guitar'. the strings on the 2027 'Feel' and 'Seem' closer to each other - making pt pt contact easier.
if you do alot of legato work plan on effects. many use delays - do you want delay? if you listen to vai's demo of the carvin legacy, what's the first thing he does? taps into just a little delay. so this might not eek him 6, 7, or whatever, will it you?
for me the fretwire seems more scotch tapeish, much more so than the 2027.
the uv's fretwire 'feels' higher than the 2027, much higher. i believe the 2027 has a more planar neck long term than the uv. also, the binding on the uv does Not mean plays like a les paul neck. *the payoff with the uv being that when you nail it you NAIL it and i think this is an important impact difference. so shredding with the uv is literally shredding. but for a 7 newbie, you may be woodchucking thru concrete.
imo (of course) to do this with the 2027 this is one of the uses of the piezos, a sort of stickiness.
the 2027 has a Mahogany body. this is so important.
no the 2027 doesn't have pretty pyramids but the one little inlay it does have is does so much. in fact if you really look at the uv it almost looks like a toy (not saying it is a toy by any means) - this is not true with the 2027. for a beginning 7 string user, the uv could very well be a real disaster for you. somewhat like you at the playboy mansion without having even so much dressed for the occasion nor having any money.
i believe the uv has the superior feel for tremelo bar work.
for some there are real nice step by step packages on how to go about things. i don't think these dinky little packages do well out on the fringe. if you want a guitar that looks really fascinating (from a distance) parked in the driveway these little diet plans are great. then someone says 'just play them for yourself and decide' and are of course no different. so it's important to just immerse to the point of 'i can't be thoughtful about this' where time is just a word you have forgotten. if you make mistakes so what - what kind of music do people in the 'culture of complaint' make anyway?

finally, and i'm doing this from just playing the freaks not the data sheets, do you have it in what your after to maintain a 7 string, 24 fret machine? 'the extra 2-3 frets don't make a difference' and/ or 'the extra string doesn't change much' to me is not true. they make a big difference. i don't think piezos in the uv are a good idea at all. the uv fretwire has scotchy fretwire, a really nice cling overall per my feeling. the piezos in there are going to spank too hard and she'll not like this. and of course this whole notion of local shops (unless authorized dealer) doing this type of thing with the uv is ... insane.
i seriously would be frightened to by an ib from anywhere but ibanezrules.

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UV777BK or RG2027x or 7VWH

the shop guy just told me that he would make the tone knob to be the push/pull switch. nothing more than that. is it "safe" to put a piezo on a UV? that's my question, because i dont understand about that. has anybody here ever done that before??
dragon, thanks for the reply, it's more than what i need right now. i'm just an average guitarist and i dont have an eventide processor nor i'm not a metaphysicist, but i do love vai, zappa, petrucci and i listen and watch indian film/music too.
i wanted a jem/uv guitar since i listen to steve vai. i believe that having all the jems and uv is my dream which i cannot fulfill. now, since i have saved some money after a couple of years, i decide to buy a vai guitar.
the guitar that i'm going to buy MAY be the first and the last jem/uv i ever own, because i dont have the money to buy more guitar. why? cause i'm Indonesian. if you've been watching the news, u know what's happening in my country. i decide to buy it now because i'm afraid if sometime later the currency rate may drop and i may not be able to buy any guitar. i'm quite fortunate to get a scholarship to study in australia now therefore i dont think i couldnt afford to pay the shipment if i order through ibanezrules. the only option for me now is that i can get the guitar from my local guitar shop. this is the reason why i'm asking you guys in jemsite to give me opinion so that i wont regret buying my 'sacred' guitar.

other than that, i'm an average player, i'm a bender and i use the whammy bar a lot and i agree that 2-3 frets extra does make a difference. and yes, i'm a beginner 7 string user, but i'm looking forward to be a good 7 string player. thanks to dragon for putting so much thought in this matter, i believe u're a wise man.

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UV777BK or RG2027x or 7VWH

i think i may really identify with this and i recall it was a big deal at the time. so enjoy trying to help.
my vote is this:
your chances of mastering the 2027 are *better than the uv777 - if the 2027 felt like a 7, the uv777 will Feel like 7 1/2 - 8.
the 2027 has more of an inner quality - hovering over it in twilight thru the window finding the inlay at the 12th fret peering at you is very nice. the uv has the blaze (ii) but it likes effects so how much can they do for you? the uv has 10 pyramids disappearing into the fretboard along the way and is studio console black and 'silver/mirror' and it really defines itself. the 2027 doesn't gleam "this is my sacred guitar" - it is mutually understood between it and you while your playing.
kind of a really deep inner quality about the 2027.
maybe the uv is more of an industrial or.. intergalactic machine. something easy to envision kind of going thru star wars with. somewhat like one of the finest factory space fighters but that many already have, as in a fleet.
i think the 2027 is the more mystical and... kind of freaky guitar, hinduish, etc. i still think piezos in a uv777 will be too bright/metallic/spanky though in line eq could work with this. of course... you know - whichever you choose, you will probably be immensely happy with your sacred guitar. best regards and good luck.

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UV777BK or RG2027x or 7VWH

by your name alone id go with either the 7vwh or the rg2027, the 777bk isnt worth it for the money, the rg and jem7vwh are much better made guitars with better materials.

i would get the jem7vwh if you like distortion and affects more than clean, but if you like to play clean alot get the piezeo rg.

me, id get the jem7vwh NO MATTER WHAT
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beautiful guitar , double edge trem , edge trem , frank zappa , guitar shop , les paul , local guitar shop , mahogany body , piezo system , steve vai

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