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Virgin requires help - Jem questions - oops, turned out to b

Sorry for the blatant attempt to get you to read this, but I AM a first time buyer of a Jem, so the title is not too untrue!!! ;o)

I've been playing for many years now, though not so seriously over the last 3 years due to having a job(), and have now decided, after playing a friends 7VWH, that a Jem it has be! *So, I have a couple questions if you don't mind ... ...

************************************************** *
Firstly, I'm can't really afford a 7VWH, so I'm deciding to go for the 7DBK. *The only problem is that there isn't a shop near that has one and was therefore wondering what others thought of this guitar, e.g. compared with the 7VWH, does it play the same, etc?

I'm not bothered about NOT having scalloped frets at the top and I've played an RGsomething with the Breed PUs and I thought that they had a pretty cool sound. I personally think that the Evos are a bit toppy, but did sound unreally sweet in the neck/single coil position in my amp/effects set-up. *I use the Legacy amp, Digitech RP6 fx (using Legacy drive channel of course) and I've just switched to 10-38 Dean Markley strings. *I've always had problems, with all 6 of my amps & fx settings, with an awful lack of bass clarity, but these strings are simply wonderful and have really improved my sound. So much so, that I'm actually happy for the first time in about 6years!

************************************************** *
Secondly, where do you other Brits recommend buying from, e.g. where is it cheapest, import from U.S.A, U.K shops to recommend, that sort of thing.

I do like to buy stuff locally, it's always good to build up a rapport with more like minded chaps, but we do seem to pay a hell of a lot of cash for anything sold in the U.K., so I was wondering if anyone had imported one from the U.S.A. *Plus, one of my best mates from school moved out to Canada and has said that the general set-up guitars over there is far superior to ours over here. *BS or real?

Anyway, I appologise for taking up so much of peoples time with this, but any help is greatly appreciated!!!

Paul Thorp
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Virgin requires help

I don't own a JEM7DBK as (and there's a whole series of posts by me on the subject ) I really don't get on well with a textured finish.

But apart from the neck being a wizard neck , like the RGs and the DNA as it happens, which is thinner than that found on the VWH, I'm happy to say the DBK plays just like any other JEM.

As far as where to buy from there are a couple of options. Firstly I'd phone round any old few UK stores and get a price quote over here so you know how much you're looking at paying. As far as where I would recommend getting one from I personally have 2 places I'd go.

The first is the closest AND the furthest away it's that little swirly box in the top right hand corner of the screen. Rich Harris' Ibanez Rules ship all over the world and Rich will gladly give you a quote including shipping to the UK.

Be aware that you'll have to pay import duty and VAT on a guitar entering the UK from overseas. When I last shipped one in from the States it was 3.7% import duty and 17.5% VAT cumulative on the total value of the guitar plus shipping.

If I was to buy one from the UK I'd get it from Machinehead in Hitchin. I personally have found them to be quite high priced but the service is excellent both before and after the sale and they nearly always have all the little extras like matching cliplock straps etc. in stock. I also personally really like their setups, whether they're as good as those in Canada, I have no idea

N.B. Those are my recommendations of where to get that guitar from, not *necessarily those of JEMsite
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Virgin requires help

The neck profile is so much different between the VWH and the DBK that I think you would find them very different even though they both should play excellent.

I think you can still get hold of brand new 77FP's and BSB's as well and these might be worth comparing with too.

Then again we have the second hand market and then you have a really wide assortment of JEMs to choose from.
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Virgin requires help

I've have a DBK as wel as a 7V and they are completely diffrent guitars. Main diffrences are wood (Basswood vs alder),
Neck (Ultra Wizzard vs Jem) and Pickups (Breed vs Evo's).
Ofcourse they look totally diffrent..
But the DBK is really a great axe. It's very light compared with a 7V. I'm not a fan of that Ultra Wizzard neck, tho.
It's just a matter of personal taste, I guess. Regarding costs, I suppose if you add taxes and all, it won't make a lot of diffrence. Regarding setup, well. Ibanez which are new from the factory are generally set up like crap. Fortunaly you've just found the Jemsite, and with a bit of reading on the Tech section, you'll learn to do it your self, the way you want it.
To conclude, if you like Jems, you probably can't go wrong with any of them (except the 555)
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Virgin requires help

Great advice here. I can only add that if $$$ is a factor (it usually is), then the DBK is in no way a lesser guitar than the VWH. It is just different as explained above. I've owned 3 VWHs and a DBK which was my main player for a few months. The DBK had a nice feel unique to itself, coupled with the Breeds makes it a nice axe... especially if you dig black guitars. Search the forum for MANY more DBK comments & reviews. Good luck... glen
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Virgin requires help

Sorry to stray from the topic for a moment, but I have to ask... .10-.38?!?! *What in the world? ...Are you sure your bass is clear now? *Seems like it would be almost non-existant with that low of a guage in the bass... Don't most people that use .09's have a .36 for the fifth string?
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Virgin requires help

I'd have a look around, if you liked the neck on the vwh, then go for a Jem with the same neck profile. There is a noticable difference between teh neck on my BSB (which I assume is a jem profile) and a wizard.

I'd check out the prices across england, then compare them to ishibashi (after import costs and shipping have been added, just slap 20% on the price, and ishi will tell you how much shipping is) and rich harris' site, you never know, you kight be able to buy a VWH that way! Have a good look.

Rose morris(london) still have BSB's on sale(where i got mine), if that's your kind of thing (very sweet guitar), so that might be worth looking into.

Tell us how it goes!

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Virgin requires help

I'm wondering with all the taxes you have to pay (I thought it was bad in Canada to bring in a guitar) *if there is a VWH there at a store, would there be much difference in cost between buying that one, and importing a DBK? *I really don't know, so I'm just asking. *
If you like the JEM profile on the neck though, the DBK is nothing like it as stated before. *I would look to the used market for an old JEM777DY, or VBK or something. *I've seen these go for around $600 - $800, then you are getting a jem that feels like a jem. *I am not personally a fan of anything about the DBK's, but it's just personal taste. *
Anyway, good luck, and welcome to the forum
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Virgin requires help

I agree with Jono on Machinehead for Ibanez they are quite good but you will pay full price.

I endorse Rich having bought something from him myself. Keep a regular check on his site for the latest jems in.

Rose-Morris and Rokas both in Denmark Street in London have some Ibanez guitars. *As James said new ones in R-M and 2nd hand in Rokas.

As for jems in the UK I would keep an eye on Guitarist magazine, Total guitar for shop ads and the classifieds.
I would also look into and sound-on-sound classified adverts
Of course there is

Just to give you some idea
there is an FP in Loot for 750
I know a guy selling a DBK (with case) with plastic still on the trem cover etc. for 950
and there is a jem777vbk on ebay for 510

I have imported two guitars from the US this year (both second hand) and I have previously bought a jem and a UV in the US and flown them over myself.

as for set up...
Jemsite has an excellent guide to setting up your own guitar but if you really cant be bothered to do it then pop down to Chandler guitars in Kew (Surrey) and get them to do it.


ps email me if you want any more info (e.g. the guys number) on the DBK

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Virgin requires help


Sorry ... I DO mean 10-38, they are the Dean Markley F150's NickelSteel Electric Signiture Series.

************************************************** *

I was waiting for someone to ask this ... as I've had many strange looks when I told my friends what I was doing!

I've always had trouble getting a "tight" bass tone to my sound and has really troubled me since I started playing 7yrs ago. *I've had many different amps and fx units in my time, but no matter what I tried I simply couldn't get the tone that I wanted. *Many people suggested different pickups, but I'm really happy with the ones that I've got ... really ballsy and very powerful Seymours. *My set-up has always been great for mid and high notes, but just a bit wool-ly and muffed on the lower riffing stuff.

So I started playing around with different gauges, mixing a set of 8, 9 & 10s and finally I came up with the weird guage that suited my sound. *After a bit of research, it turns out that Blues Saraceno also uses the gauge that I do and he had some custom from Dean Markley - unfortunately these guys split, but DM carried on with the 10-38 gauge. *I've finally managed to find some that now supplies me, but this has been a real tricky task. *Also one other thing that helps with keeping a descent low-end is that I prefer to tune to Eb instead of E ... ... just blame Nuno and Slash for this!

Everyone that I'll told has said the same as you said, but when ever I plug the guitar in, throw on some volume, I see nothing but astonished looks and then large smiles, which is nice. *

Of course this is not going to work for everyone, but it just suits me, my guitar and my style of playing!

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Virgin requires help

Just a quick note this time ...

Thanks to all you guys for your comments, it's great to find a community that is so pleasant and helpful - but stills rocks, after all that what it's about isn't it!

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Virgin requires help

Well, I own a DBK, and I love it....period. *I think it's a great guitar, the looks really do it for me, but so do most JEMs, no matter how "fugly" they may be....:biggrin:....but I'd be a liar if I said I wouldn't prefer a VWH....I played my first VWH about two months ago, and there was no turning back....possibly, in my eyes, the greatest guitar ever produced...everything about it was perfect to me....but I do love my DBK, so really, I don't think you can go wrong...
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Virgin requires help

Three other places you might want to consider.
Percy Prior in High Wycombe. Last time I went in there they had a 90HAM and a DBK. They also have had DNA's in the past.
There is a small shop in Thatcham run by a great guy. He had a DNA, a BSB and a VDY. Don't remember the name of the place though.
Lastly there is a shop in Poole (I think) that has the new Jem's. This is where my friend got his VWH.
It's always worth checking the web auction sites. There was a VBK on there a couple of days ago. It had NO reserve and the bid was at 250 when I looked.

Good luck with your search.
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Virgin requires help

btw that vbk is now 510
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Virgin requires help

Still a bargain.
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blues saraceno , cliplock strap , cliplock straps , dean markley , ibanez guitars , scalloped frets

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