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when you first bought a JEM....

This is sort of stupid but I'm just interested...how good/old/long you've been playing for when you first bought a jem? Which jem was it?

I was going to get a jem a few months ago but I ended up getting rg 570 coz I felt like I wasn't good enough for a jem vwh. I know it's hard to judge good and bad with words but i have major low self-esteem (pisses me off but I can't do anything about it. )
I'm 18 and i've been playing for 3-4 years.
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It doesnt really matter how long you have been playing really.
It all depends on how much per day you play...and whether you are a fast learner.

Different people learn at different speeds...and some people just have natural talent !!

And this might sound corny but it doesnt really matter how good or bad you are, as long as you are having fun.

And as for the question about the JEM.....well.....it really depends on your financial situation etc...

If someone has only been playing 2 years, and wants a JEM, good luck to them.
I say, if you want a JEM, go get a JEM!

You dont have to be good to play a JEM!
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I bought my first JEM in '93. It was a 7VWH. I sucked. Ten years later, and I'm on my 4th JEM7VWH. I still suck. However, my walls are much prettier with all of the cool guitars on them.

The instrument itself isn't really relevant, nor is age. Steve Vai would still be Steve Vai even on a crappy $50 Hondo. It's more a matter of practicing, commitment and the #1 ingredient: having fun.

(Of course, having the cash to drop on a JEM is obviously a factor as well )
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post #4 of 47 (permalink) Old 06-24-2003, 10:35 AM
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I got my first jem on december the 20th 2001 at 4:37pm It was a happy day for me as id been saving for it for nearly 2 years . I would say i was an intermediate standard then, not great by and stretch of the imagination, im not now really either!

Im now 18 and i would honestly say my playing improved as a result of having such a quality instrument


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Location: London, Essex, UK
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Yeh thats the other thing - with such a good instrument as a JEM....your playing is bound to improve.

Mainly because you wont be able to stop playing it and it is an all round better instrument.
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I still dont own a Jem but i shall one day,but it has to be the right model :-)

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Location: Deurne, the Netherlands
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I had been playing for almost 4 years in 98 when I bought my 7VWH...my second (90HAM) in may 99...my UV in 2000...
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It's hard to look back at my playing and realize how or when I got better. I know this though, the music I play now was not possible for my when I bought my JEM7VWH in 1999 and I had been playing since 1989. It's only been 4 years, but my playing has definately changed a lot then. When I bought that guitar I had never been able to play a single Vai song. Last night at practice we played Ladies Night in Buffalo, Juice, Big Trouble, Hina, and some old VH stuff.

I'd say I was better than 90% of the folks in your local guitar center, but the 10% who were better than me were lightyears better. There seems to be such a huge difference between players like Vai and Eric Johnson and the best player in guitar center etc. I'm slowly (hopefully) bridging the gap between being good and being exceptional.

You know what the biggest difference was? About a year after I bought my JEM, something clicked and I started hearing songs, not just riffs and solos. My record collection expanded with more Sinatra, Connick Jr, and Ellington, and my playing changed a lot for the better. I don't know if that comes with age, or years of practice or what, but I'd attribute that to my improvement more than owning any particular guitar.
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post #9 of 47 (permalink) Old 06-24-2003, 12:26 PM
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Location: St. Augustine Beach, Fl
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JEMs didn't exist when I started playing. I've been at it now for 22 yrs and I got my first JEM last year...a DBK. I did have some RG's earlier on, though.
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Ive been playin about 8.5 years now and I bought my first Jem about 2 years ago. I decided on the DBK because it fit my style a more than other Jems that I was seeing at the time. Im an ok player at best......but I wouldnt say im great. You dont have to be a guitar god to play a Jem. Just get what you like man :-)
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I got my first Jem, an FP, in '88. I had been playing about 13 years by then. The word had been out that a Vai guitar was coming out, but the Sam Ash guys (anyway) denied all knowledge of it. When the LNG Jem came out, it was the MOST amazing guitar I'd ever seen. When I saw the price, about 1550! , I couldn't believe that either. I started saving, the LNGs disappeared, the FP came out and I got one. Still got it.

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Location: Grimsby, UK
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I got my jem7vsbl last august, after i'd only been playing for 7 months and no i'm not a natural i was obviously crap (still am!) and i'm not rich either (22yrs old with crap job) it took me a good while to save and had to sell some things but having a good guitar does inspire me to play and although i'm totally shat the most important thing is i enjoy it the only down side is i'm addicted and now have a very bad case of GAS!!!
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I've been playing for 14 years and got my first JEM (an '88 777DY) 10 days ago. I've had an amazingly hard time keeping my hands off it since!

If you can afford the JEM, or any other quality guitar, I say go for it. Don't let anyone (yourself included) tell you that you're "not good enough" to own a particular instrument. Ability is temporal ... you might not be Joe Satriani right now, but with some dedication and practice, you're only going to get better.

In my opinion, there are two ways to approach buying an instrument. The first is to think of it as a tool, and nothing more. There are utility-grade tools that get the job done, and then there are extremely precise tools that allow skilled craftsmen to perform wonders due to their impeccable tolerances and design. In that regard, you buy what you can afford and the old adage "you get what you pay for" rings true.

The second approach is that the instrument should inspire you to find a new level of ability and creativity. A budget instrument is going to get the job done and make you relatively happy, while the "dream" instrument just implores you to play and try things that you would ordinarily never have even conceived. Where you might tire of an ordinary instrument and abandon it for the teevee or a Snickers bar, the other fills you with such guitar lust that you continue to play and practice long and hard through the night, skipping meals and entire weeks' worth of sleep ... after all, what is the use of sleep when your dream is in your hands?

There are instruments out there that will inspire you to do incredible things. Will the JEM do this for you? That's something only you can decide. Go play one in a store and see if it speaks to you. Play EVERYTHING. Even the ugly guitar that looks like the Charlie Brown Christmas tree. You never know.

When you find the guitar whose sound is your own voice coming from the speaker, you've found the right one. Regardless of what it says on the headstock.

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post #14 of 47 (permalink) Old 06-24-2003, 04:39 PM
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Location: London, England
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Got my 7VSBL on the 18th of may, just over a month now... feels longer.

I have been playing for 3.5 years now, and would say I'm an intermediate player, but improving swiftly. Since september I have felt my playing increase tenfold. I started taking the music AS course, have an amazing teacher (theory, composition) and a good guitar coach, who has inspired me into different playing styles.
The music I listen to has changed a lot, moving towards areas such as instrumental, world music, trance, dance, everything I can get my hands on. When people ask me what I listen to now I have a great problem answering! I usually reply, anything that's good, and anything with interesting guitar playing.

Getting my JEM, (and not to mention talking on JEMSITE, using the internet, and talking to the guy I bought my guitar from) has inspired me to practice more, and given me more things to practice.
There has been a downfall to my huge increase in playing... my piano playing has suffered, but I'm looking to improve that aswell.

God what an essay.
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It's really hard to tell out here, but is was my 7th Ibanez that was my first JEM . I still own the previous 6 as well off course, and got my 8th last week, a JPM P3 Anyway, I'm 23 in a week and my first JEM was a 91 BFP, I got it second hand on 8 Februari this year. I saw the add on the inet and just jumped on it... I didn't really mind that is was a definite player at that time since I was going to get the guitar I was looking for for like 10 years (about the time I started playing...). I am working to get it in its original condition, but there's just one thing: I'm planning to get the inlays into abalone , that's just killer on a maple board
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