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is it wrong to own a JEM.... - so soon?

I've only been playing guitar *for 6 months on a Yamaha Pacifica.
All I know so far are most open chords, barre forms of E, Em, E7, A, Am and A7. *Pentatonic (not sure which one) and major scales.
I've tried an Ibanez RG550EX, and I can already feel it is a better guitar. *

My theory is, if I'm going to get another guitar it might
as well be a good one and last me for a few years. *
Thus I plan to get a JEM7 soon. *But is it morally wrong to be playing a JEM as a beginner? *I hear all the veterans say they started on crappy guitars and worked their way up slowly to the better gear. * I know getting good gear won't make me better, but playing a better guitar just feels so much more right!

I am sure the Yamaha can last me a while, but after playing a better guitar (RG, assuming the JEM will be even better) I am wondering, is this just a bad case of GAS (gear aquisition syndrome!), or should I go ahead and get the JEM?
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is it wrong to own a JEM....

Crappy guitars will get you started and determine your ambition to play. If you keep playing on crap then you *really* want to play!! But once you pick up something that plays like silk, there's no going back, you'll be spoiled for life.
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is it wrong to own a JEM....

I'd first like to say that the guitar does not make the player... but on the other hand, having good equipment can inspire one to practice/play more often. It's also important to note that learning on crappy guitars will not make you successful either

I've been playing for about 18 years of and on (a couple of years semi-professionally) and I started off with strat copies mostly.. some were very cheaply made ones. I recently decided to invest in a really good guitar after playing my last crappy guitar (the RG350DX... crappy because of the trem). The first time I picked my VWH, I just could not put it down... and I still can't keep my hands off my VWH... it's been months now. I've also noticed that my technique has improved... not because I'm playing a better guitar.. but because I'm playing a lot more. So, my point is that having a good guitar can inspire or motivate you to play a lot more often (which is always a good thing).

BTW I own a Pacifica myself and have to say that besides the cheap pickups, it's a nice guitar.. I still think that it's got a nice neck shaping. I have to admit that I've gotten a bad case of GAS recently too... but that's another story. * *:biggrin:
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is it wrong to own a JEM....

I was standing around admiring the Martin acoustics at the local music emporium a few years back, and I sorta half-sighed to a friend of mine who works there, "Someday, maybe I'll be worthy of a guitar like that..." and he slaps me up-side the head and says, "Don't be an idiot - life's too short! If you like it and can afford it, buy it!" And so I did...
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is it wrong to own a JEM....

Quote: from dacmo on 7:22 pm on April 27, 2001
I'd first like to say that the guitar does not make the player... but on the other hand, having good equipment can inspire one to practice/play more often...So, my point is that having a good guitar can inspire or motivate you to play a lot more often (which is always a good thing).
I'll second all of that. *My first guitar was a 'Dean Z. Signature' with a white plastic fretboard. *I was a keyboard player at the time, looking to improve my left hand and to get some rhythm guitar chops to write some songs. *I put .013s on it and the brigde was lurched all the way forward. *i had no idea there was anything wrong with that at the time. *I had the ambition to play and i just did excercises all the time on it to improve my left hand and my right/left coordination.

about 2 years later i put my hands on my first 'real' guitar, which was an RG-550 (which i had until 2 days ago - thanks Simon!). *What a difference! *It just felt so good in my hands I couldn't stop playing it.

I think that playing an awful guitar for a couple of years definitely made me a much better player once I got to a better instrument - if you learn to walk wearing heavy shoes, you'll no doubt be a great runner in sneakers.
My one regret is not getting a teacher in those early years - i'm completely self-taught on guitar and while i can hold my own as a player, I find myself very limited and doing certain things the 'wrong' way, thus inhibiting my growth without restructuring my whole playing style.

and now my opinion on your question: *
You're still a beginner - there's no need to go all out on a $1000+ guitar. *If your Pacifica (which i think plays very nicely, from the ones i've played) play well and if you're not uncomfortable and it's not falling apart, it'll do you fine until you find the 'right' guitar. *
When you feel that you've outgrown it, go to the store and play a bunch of different guitars - different brands and models. *decide what feels good in your hands. *you'll know it when it happens - and don't rush. *One of the biggest pitfalls of GAS is buying something that you're not totally happy with because you don't want to leave the store empty handed and have 'wasted' a trip. *

just my .02
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is it wrong to own a JEM....

I don't think it's "wrong" to own a JEM after only 6 months of playing. But I do think that what Rich said is right. If you can be motivated playing through crappy gear, bad sound and lots of cracks and noises, so you really love playing and having a good guitar is a good investment.

But 6 months is a really short period of time and in my opinion, the person doesn't know even if he/she will be playing in the next year (of course most people THINK they will, but certainly only a few will be). So, before spending a lot of money in high-end gear, I'd wait a little. So you can notice what way you're going (I mean, what style do you really like to play, what are your objectives about playing guitar -- will you be a professional or it's just a hobby, and other stuff like this) and if this way is good reason to spend a lot of money in guitar equipment.
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is it wrong to own a JEM....

Look at it this way, there's a ton of "collectors" out there that don't even play guitar that have Jems, or UV's, or Les Paul's, or whatever. They just sit in a glass box never to be touched. *I say buy what you like. *If you enjoy guitar, then play what you wanna play, simple as that man!
Good luck
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is it wrong to own a JEM....

I say it's your guitar, but whatever you want man! I know there can be a lot of bad sentiment especially for a beginner who owns a killer piece of gear.

I've got that first guitar was a Gibson Les Paul JEEZ!. I got a lot of crap from people too
:shoot: **posuer!*

But what's most important is your passion for the instrument and the art, it doesn't matter what guitar you play, but I really do agree with Rich, GOOD gear does motivate you to GREAT heights....ESPECIALLY A 7VWH! :thumbsup:

Just don't forget to make weird noises with the whammy bar, stare down at your audience with the monkey grip, and a white dimarzio straplock strap! :silly:
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is it wrong to own a JEM....

Hi Darth,

I was asking myself the same question VERY recently. I've been playing for a bit less than 6 months and I already have 3 guitars: an AS-120 (semi-hollow), a Takamine EF-508C and last week-end I came home with a 7VWH...

Was I ashamed? Maybe a bit when I started "trying" them in the store while other guitarist (much better than me) where playing with axe around $500 (Can) while I was trying that $3000 7VWH, but it went away quickly playing one is SO sweet :love:

Hell we've got ONE life why waste time? If you feel a major difference and you have the money why not?

Was the guy in the store pissed-off? Yes he was, he told me he couldn't afford one. But ask yourself: are you gonna stop eating because somewhere on the planet people don't have anything to eat? I think not.

Playing a guitar is great but playing on a Jem is paradise. I prefer the neck and it plays better (yes even for me). My hands slide better (and quicker!) on it... I'm positive, I play better on it than any of my other axes.

I'm so crazy about it that I every night I have to kick myself to stop playing it and get some sleep :biggrin:

Rich is right however once you tried guitars of that quality there will be no turning back. I still play my Tak but the AS-120 isn't so appealing now!

I would say try a few before taking a decision. How will you know you don't prefer a Strat "Eric Clapton" or a Gibson SG? Or a Parker. For the price of the 7VWH there's a lot of great instruments you can get. None of them is bad its all a matter of preference.

P.S. My teacher haven't seen it yet, I want to improve before anybody see me playing on it
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is it wrong to own a JEM....

Yup! To own a JEM is a very bad thing! :biggrin:
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is it wrong to own a JEM....

I don't think it is wrong for a beginner to own a Jem, but my wife thinks it is wrong to own too many
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is it wrong to own a JEM....

It's rather bad to own a JEM after 6 months of playing because you will not be able to put it down, you will play a lot more and your technique will improve .

I'd say - go and buy a JEM if you can afford it - crappy guitar will stop you from learning - when you achieve a higher level in your playing - for example when you start playing a lot of legato, sweep and altpick 16 at 140 bmp you will not be able to achieve this on crappy guitar. It just can't be done - this is my opinion.
Anyway Pacifica is not bad guitar - I own Pacifica 821D and it's very good (you can play fast and comfortable on it too). But my 7VWH is much much better.

If I'd be able to buy a JEM when I started playing (hmm there was no JEMs at that time and when they came I couldn't afford to buy one) I would play now at least 2 times better.
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is it wrong to own a JEM....

I say that if you can afford it, go ahead and buy it.

When I first tried a desert sun yellow jem in 1989, I knew that this is the guitar that I want. I would have bought it right there if I had the money. However, I didn't have that kinda money until two weeks ago when I finally got my first jem (my second is not that far into the future).

The thing you will miss if you get a JEM after 6 months of playing is the fantastic feeling of getting one after 12 years of dreaming about it.
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is it wrong to own a JEM....


my first impulse was to yell 'Don't you buy that guitar !' at you. However I paused a few minutes to think about it.
I then realised that it was jealousy speaking. I've been playing for 11 years (or more ?) and I bought my first quality guitar (a JEM7BSB) only last week, and I must confess that I'm a bit annoyed when I see beginners play such good guitars.
But this is unrational thinking. Why should I be jealous ? Does your playing a JEM take anything from me and my playing ? Nope.

I'd say : try a great guitar, find if it feels right to you. Better, try various guitars. I'm not sure that you'd find difference between a mid-range RG and the high-end JEMs, I'd say you're just not experienced enough to feel it. And if you don't, you don't have to buy a JEM, because then it's just for the fact that it's beautiful, that it's a signature instrument, etc... These reasons are good enough, mind, you just have to ponder if you want to invest more money just for that (consult your bank account )

On the matter of the learning process, I'm of the opinion that it's better to start with a guitar a bit more difficult to play, because when you change gear, you'll actually play better. I know I could be wrong here, so don't flame me. I'm speaking of my experience. I first learnt classic guitar for about 4 years. When I got my first electric guitar, I kept on playing my classic (nylon strings) guitar too, especially playing alternate picking with the (much harder to play) nylon strings. I noticed that it helped me work the strength and precision of my right wrist. That was not necessary, though, and after a time I had to stop because then nylon string impeded my picking speed...

In conclusion, if you do buy a JEM, I won't blame or curse you, and I'll try not to be jealous. But, and this is important to me, if you buy a JEM, you'll have to earn it. Prove to yourself and to us 'experienced' players that you're not all show, and that you actually can play, and strive day after day to become a better player. I'm counting on you.

Have fun with your new guitar, whatever your choice is.

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is it wrong to own a JEM....

hey dude, what's up? *i have been playing for about 12 years now. *i started out on a cheap amp and guitar i bought from Sears. *i had that for a couple years before i upgraded to a $300 peavey and thought, oh my God, i'm spending tons 'o money!!! *hahaha. *anyway, now i have a couple of cool mint jems and ibanez RG 470's. *let me tell you, please play what feels BEST TO YOU! *

for example, i'm sure PRS guitars are really nice but so is the price tag. *i played a couple and hated them. *they aren't for me. *price means nothing ok? *i saw this old old old Gibson guitar in a store the other day when i bought my new line 6 amp for my studio. *they wanted $4400 this guitar cuz it was a collector. *had really old pickups and the neck was really thick (i hate thick necks.) *it was from the 50's or something. *i dont' know, it was old. *see dude, that's way too much money, especially since it would sound like crap if you attempted to play metallica on it. *you get my point. *my fav guitars are a couple select jems and the RG470 series. *you can get a brand new RG470 with a killer trem system for $450. *that is what feels BEST to me! *hope this helps.
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