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post #1 of 23 (permalink) Old 05-16-2002, 12:41 AM Thread Starter
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Crossing over to the dark side?

Nope, I don't care about the new Star Wars movie, I'm thinking of getting a Fender Strat. It definately wouldn't replace my JEM, or my JEM custom. But I think it'd be nice to have a guitar that's better suited to playing blues and clean stuff. No matter how hard I try, I just can't get that Eric Johnson clean tone with my RG. My JEM has a beautiful sparkling clean tone, but it's not the same either. It's much more umm... for lack of a better word- sophisticated. The JEM's clean tone always has a lot of mids and drive. I guess I'm just thinking about getting a lower output warm-sounding strat. has the 50's Stratocaster for $499. I like them a lot. Opinions?
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post #2 of 23 (permalink) Old 05-16-2002, 04:34 AM
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If you want the Strat sound, I think G&L makes a more consistant product than Fender. Before you get a Fender, I think you should try to find a G&L to at least try out. That is, unless you have your heart set on a Fender guitar. The Legacy is their Strat model and every one I've ever played has just completely kicked a$$ on most Fenders I've played. I'm not sure what a Legacy goes for now, but it is definately a guitar you can use your whole life. I love the Fender Strat that I own, but it took me about six months of playing every one I could find to get one that I really liked. Since then I've played several G&L guitars and every one of them I would have purchased before my Strat.

Just my own personal experience, for what it's worth.

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For strat vibe, I would highly recommend considering a Carvin Bolt. For the bucks, I doubt there exists a better strat copy.
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post #4 of 23 (permalink) Old 05-16-2002, 09:23 AM
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I had a Classic 60s in burst with Fat 50 pups...very nice guitar for the money. I found the neck a bit on the chunkey side, but the 50s may be smaller since it's supposed to be a V contour. Definitely check Ebay and the classifieds for good used deal.

Kent's right...G&L quality is incredible, but it will most likely cost you more than a Fender Classic series. I had a G&L ASAT (tele)...I found that it (and other G&Ls I've played) sounded a bit fatter than Fenders. There still seems to be something about a Fender that is unique.

Other options might be an MIJ Fender, used Tokia or Fernandez, etc.

Another idea is to put together a Warmoth...I have the parts for an ash tele waiting to get an oil finish. Good quality stuff.

PS- Go ahead and cross over...but keep a foot in the "light!"
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Once you start down the dark path, forever will it dominate your destiny!!!

If you like the Ibanez look and feel, but want a more Strat-esque sound, you could try finding one of the old RT series. They're routed for H-S-H, but you could just add a new scratchplate for S-S-S for an authentic stratty vibe. Their replacement, the RX series had the EX body shape but also a 22 fret neck for even more stratiness.
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post #6 of 23 (permalink) Old 05-16-2002, 09:55 AM Thread Starter
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I've actually considered just buying some 50/62 Fender Single Coil's and dropping them in a new pickguard and putting it on my RG450. I'm not sure it would sound right though. Different scale length and all.
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post #7 of 23 (permalink) Old 05-16-2002, 11:58 AM
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I understand your quest for tone. I happen to love Strat (-style) guitars. Kent is right on the money. You cannot buy a better "Strat" than a G&L. I've had many Fenders and many G&Ls. I currently have zero Fenders and eight G&Ls.

Don't listen to the people who tell you nothing sounds like a Fender. Pure bullcrap. They're simply spellbound by good marketing. Leo Fender created G&L to evolve the Strat and Tele and he did it.

The Fender you're looking at is okay but for about the same money you can pick up a mint used Legacy. The differences? Better pickups and electronics, one of the best vibrato bridges on the market, the PTB tone control system, a much better feeling neck, twice as good quality. I can go on but you get the picture.

If you have any G&L related questions just give me a shout.

By the way, not to put down Carvin but the Bolt is not in the same league.

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post #8 of 23 (permalink) Old 05-16-2002, 12:08 PM
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Ive two 1976 fender single pickups om my RG 560 and sound awesome. The difference wit an strat is minimal. Try that after buying a new one.
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Hey Jem7VWH,

I forgot to mention, if you do look into G&Ls at all - check out the Legacy Special as well. This is a very underrated guitar. It has 3 single-coil-sized dual-blade humbuckers. Setting the volume, treble, and bass controls properly you can get very nice chimey Strat sounds. But you also have the flexibility of getting nice thick hunbucker sounds. Plus the pickups are silent of course. A sweet guitar and one of my favorite G&L models.

I recently bought a regular Legacy that has the Power Blade in the bridge position and the standard alnico single coils in the middle and neck. I love this guitar!

I hope this helps somewhat,
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post #10 of 23 (permalink) Old 05-16-2002, 07:39 PM
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i would recommend trying a USA hamer daytona. i've never played a G&L or carvin, but this thing is better than any usa fender strat IMHO. plus, wilkinson trem, sperzels and duncans are stock. (those duncans are the quietest single coils i've heard)
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post #11 of 23 (permalink) Old 05-16-2002, 07:51 PM Thread Starter
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Hey guys, I appreciate the comments.

In regards to the suggestions that I upgrade to a guitar that does everything a strat does, plus more: (Hamers, Carvins, and guitars with humbuckers) - I don't want a guitar that does more. I tend to think when a guitar tries to be too many things, it succeeds in none. I bought my JEM because it's an all out rock machine. The things I can play on that guitar are so much easier than on any other. But for my clean and bluesy stuff, I just want a strat. I'm sure that Hamers probably sound mostly like a Strat, but for my money, I don't want almost. I will consider G&L because I like them a lot and they stay true to the strat design (ie. 3 single coils, 22 frets, standard trem).
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post #12 of 23 (permalink) Old 05-16-2002, 08:30 PM
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Hamer no longer makes the USA Daytona...they're more focused on high-quality carved top electrics now But, the Daytonas were nice axes. I guess my philosophy is, why get a Strat COPY when you can get the real thing?

I've had at least one Strat at all times for the last 12 years. I love em! They do their own thing very well. I had as many as a dozen at one time, and have run the gamut from vintage Pre-CBS Strats to the current signature models, and everything in between. Right now, I've got what has come to be my "perfect" Strat: a Custom Shop 1960's Relic. All the feel and mojo of a vintage Strat with none of the worry about value!

You can pick up used American Standard Strats for around $500 and up these days...great values!
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post #13 of 23 (permalink) Old 05-16-2002, 09:00 PM
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I'm a little surprised at just how many people here don't own a strat already; it's the meat and potatos of the electric guitar!

Strats are great, I don't know why so many people are ragging on them all the time. They have a nice quack, they're sensitive to picking dynamics, and there's just nothing like a good strat. Granted, Fender has some of the crappiest consistency I have ever seen in a gutiar manufacturer. Go to a HUGE guitar store and try every Fender Strat they have. I guarantee you if they have 50, no more than 2 or 3 of them will feel, play, or sound roughly the same. I went strat hunting many years ago and played a lot of real crappers before I found the one for me: a 1996 Fender Strat Plus. It has matte finish hardware, mother of pearl pickguard, gold lace sensor pickups, and locking machine heads. I've never owned another guitar that's more stable tuning-wise, and I do divebombs on a non-locking trem! It was the first guitar I had that I did a lot of serious playing on and I never knew why people used humbuckers to avoid hum, because these pickups are dead silent. It plays like BUTTER and sounds amazing. I love this strat and wouldn't trade it for all the VWHs or JS10ths in the world.

There are also a lot of total **** strats. Don't play one or two and assume that they're a good representation of all the others out there. About a year and a half ago I was looking to spend about $1100 on a really nice Telecaster. I tried dozens, and ended up buying a $350 Mexican made one that had damage on the neck heel, but its tone just blew the others away. I don't get Fender, they have absolutely no manufacturing consistency whatsoever!

That being said, do NOT buy a strat without playing it first. Bad move.

Since Fender made some revisions to its American line, I can honestly say that the average American strat is a bit better quality. There's this BRIGHT blue one at the local guitar store I've been eying for a while, but money's a wee bit tight. Also, I've heard great things about Lindy Fralin pickups.. I'm itching to put them into a strat some time. If you're willing to spend more money, check out the Tom Anderson Drop Top Classic. I tried one a few months back and it absolutely blew me away.
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post #14 of 23 (permalink) Old 05-28-2002, 09:22 AM
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Be careful to play several has been said, consistency is not fender's hallmark. Plus, the least the older copies have positively tiny frets. It will be nearly unplayable compared to your Jems. You'd be better off with non-re-issue model. I also can't find an appreciable difference between the american strats and the mexican or japanese ones in feel or tone, the main difference appears to be about $400 bucks.

G&Ls are great guitars, but more expensive. I used to have a 79 strat that I loved to death, sold it to get my UV777BK and have never looked back. If I got another strat it would be a Japanese one bought off ebay or something for about $200.
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I have a Fender American Standard Hardtail, maple fingerboard, tabacco sunburst, stock except for a vintage white pearloid pickguard.

I'd always wanted a hardtail strat with a maple fingerboard. Just bone stock.

I paid about $700 for it with a case (just above cost for a true Amer Standard) from my buddy here in SA.

I like it a lot. I'm going to leave it alone and let it remain a Strat.
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